11, Jul 2024
"Well-founded and convincing …"

Chixiao’s mouth slightly raises the cultivation of flame, not because she has the talent of flame.
Her talent is colorful, that is, she can practice a disaster technique
Majoring in flame is mainly because she likes to set fire.
Yeah, it’s just that it’s cool to just play Yamakaji …
"You have to burn you back a little."
"good amount"
Xu Le loosened the dead roots, and those roots he left on the ground didn’t take back.
Although recycling can save some psionic energy, he also has some other ideas.
And psionic things … Can calculate things?
Xu Le stepped back a few steps and kept a safe distance from Chixiao, and then watched her perform.
See red sky gently twist a prosthetic one hand made a chin move.
Then … A drop of red tears left from her chin-supporting side.
This drop of glittering and translucent red tears fell into the pool with Xu Le’s eyes.
Silence is like an ordinary drop of water.
But soon the pool changed.
Members of the gang guarding here also found the pool strange and quickly came over to watch.
"What’s the situation?"
"I don’t know. It looks like a bubble."
Gollum, Gollum …
A large amount of water vapor rises from the rolling water.
The heat flow makes it impossible for people around you to get close. You can observe this place and say to his gang guards.
"Go back and leave soon."
"Okay, you be careful."
The guards naturally saw the sky by the pool.
At this time, if you can do anything, the strength of the pool will be very strong.
Will there be an accident in the past?
With a responsible attitude, this gang member still came to Chixiao.
"It’s dangerous here. Stay away as soon as possible if you have nothing to do."
The guard’s words are clever, but it’s really conscientious to come out at this time.
"It is because of something that you meet God here, right?
Go back and tell your president that you can’t come here to do things with one eye. "
Looking at almost stick water vapor beside the red sky guards swallowed saliva.
Only then did he find out that the other party was really wearing an eye patch.
"Go, stay here, you may lose your life."
"Okay, I get it."
Sent here to guard the pool. There’s no one around.
Even if there are some big guys who are not too busy watching, they will not be able to see clearly because of the diffuse water vapor.
Hot and humid environment, ordinary people can’t stay.
Confirmed that no one was around, and it was printed.
"operation-tears in the sun"
In just a few seconds, the tears falling into the center of the pool quickly expanded and burned particles.
Evaporate a pool of water.
The short-term root of the pool can’t absorb the instantaneous eruption of such great pressure.
Amazing water vapor foaming at the mouth has retreated a lot. At this time, Xu Le could not help but continue to retreat a few steps.
"This guy ability is highlighted an exaggeration …"
After Chixiao evaporated the pool water, a bare pothole appeared in front of them.