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No one will doubt that.

The cold castellan’s eyes flashed and he quickly hesitated and asked, "Are these fairy hunters so powerful and valuable that they just watched them pass by?"
There was a silence.
Previously, the fairy king level strong man said, "Please take charge of the overall situation and pay attention to a batch of fairy hunting. Although it is powerful, it will be a disaster if you offend the duke’s house."
The cold castellan took a deep breath for a moment and then nodded, "Since this can give up."
Time flies, three days pass quickly.
At noon on the fourth day.
In the distant mountains, there are finally waves of obscure fluctuations, and the magic clouds are rolling to cover the sun, and the violent breath can be felt far away.
There are three huge magic dragon, one armored and ravenous, with a body length of thousands of feet. Each magic dragon has two huge wings, one swinging and the other rolling.
At the moment, the three-headed magic dragon is full of monks, one by one, and his face is cold and cross-legged, while he sits on his back with a sword and wears a purple robe to decorate himself.
The magic dragon was hunched over a huge iron box, which was thickly engraved with runes, and the glow seemed to seal something. Something was wrapped in heavy chains 2.
There are nearly 100 powerful monks sitting around this box. The first three are three old people with white hair and beard. Their faces and other parts of ordinary people are still mummified.
These three old people are unfathomable, like Yue Pan sitting at the faucet, their clothes are hunting and dancing, their faces are cold and they are silent.
Behind these three old people are four monks in gold robes, with gold medals on their waists, and their breath is earth and motionless.
And then there’s Brother Purple.
"Thirteen days, at most, and half a day will completely reach Yongfeng City. It’s thrilling to get here, and it’s safe," said a purple monk.
"Don’t take it lightly. It’s best not to say more if the three elders and the four golden-clad catching heads didn’t speak, or they will hear you and reprimand you." A crowd next to them said.
Otherwise, the purple monk curled his lips and said, "I haven’t even had time to pee all the way. Now I’m settled. Can’t I even say a word?"
"Although this area is already the rule of Yongfeng City, it is too late to be peaceful. There are often robbers out, so be careful to make the ship in ten thousand," said the man next to it
The purple friar sneered coldly, "It’s all right for a group of UU Hezhong to see the flag of our duke’s mansion not running away, and how dare they come to die? Hum, when such a group of garbage is drawn out, I will definitely come out and wipe them all out. They have looted a lot of treasures and coins for so many years."
"Huh!" qR1
Suddenly, a golden-clad catcher’s head and ears moved coldly.
The purple robe turned slightly and hurriedly shut up without saying anything, secretly angry.
The golden-clad catcher’s eyes flashed with golden runes, and after a short sweep in the mountains, he withdrew his eyes and said slowly, "Some bandits are coming at us."
Chapter one thousand two hundred Forbidden Area
Some monks in purple robes changed their faces slightly.
Really have not afraid dead dare to play their duke mansion idea.
In an instant, these monks in purple robes looked at each other with their eyes filled with Shaqi.
His three golden-clad catching heads are even more cold-eyed. The golden light flashing contains murder flashing. Seeing the figures flashing in the mountains ahead, a golden-clad catching head suddenly sneers at an iron sword and zooms in directly towards the party.
The sword light was chopped horizontally, and the whole mountain range was smashed to pieces, resulting in a long crack and murderous look.
All those people disappeared in an instant, and the blood fog disappeared.
"Wu Hezhong!"
The golden clothes catching head sneer at a way
The words sound just fell and suddenly, a group of people’s faces turned qi qi, and they saw the changing situation in front of them. In an instant, the whole day became black like ink flash, roaring and rumbling, and directly emerged a number of pole array flags, dense as an upside-down sea bowl, which enveloped Fiona Fang for dozens of miles.
As soon as the sea bowl was formed, several fine runes emerged and sealed the whole piece in an instant.
In this fairy king, everyone has lost their mana, and their bodies suddenly become heavy and heavy, and their bodies are as dry as rotten wood.
A group of monks in purple robes changed their faces and exclaimed. I couldn’t believe this scene.
"Damn it, my magic is gone!"
"How did this happen?"
"No, this is a large array of forbidden areas. It’s a black monty Sect!"
Soon someone to react recognized this large array shouted
A group of people were surprised and angry, and the black dragon was staggered and frightened.
The three-headed black dragon has also become anxious, and it seems that its body is greatly limited. It seems that it is difficult to fly in this large array.
Finally, the black dragon roared in the middle, and its body was directly unstable, and it came straight from the middle.
Black dragon back a group of people are horrified.
"The black dragon has also been affected!"
"Damn it, stop it!"
These people all shouted
Even those gold-clad captors roared in their hearts with horror, and a black dragon staggered and couldn’t control his body.
They are all half-step fairy kings. They are in the forbidden area. They have to use magic to watch the black dragon and their bodies fall to the side.
If this fall really falls to the ground, none of them will live and they will all be smashed to pieces.
"Black Monty Sect, do you want to fight with my Lord?"
A gold-clad catcher yelled and his eyes were red.