9, Jul 2024
Smell speech ling Youdao nodded "uncle rest assured my nephew knows"

"That’s good."
After the first round of fighting, a new round of lottery was drawn.
In the first round, 100 people were promoted, and then one person was added to draw lots for 111 people.
This time, I presided over the lottery. Lingyuan Qiling Youdao also paid him a gift before drawing a lot and then walked aside.
Just then, Ling Renxin and Ling Renyi gathered around with a look of excitement and said, "Uncle, look at the face. What is it?"
Ling Youdao ha ha a smile "good"
Finger bamboo stick gently stroke bamboo stick ban was broken.
Ling Renxin couldn’t understand "Hey?"
Ling Renyi asked, "Why didn’t Uncle write anything?"
He looked at Ling Youdao with a puzzled face and big eyes.
Smell speech LingDingXiong leaned in next to "let me see"
"Grandpa uncle didn’t write anything about this bamboo stick. Did his uncle take it wrong? Can you draw another sign? "
Ling Youdao froze for a moment before reacting with a thick smile on his face.
Ling Dingxiong took one look at the bamboo stick in his hand and immediately patted his right hand with Ling Renyi’s little head. "Silly little uncle, you didn’t write anything in this sign. It’s called a round sign."
"Wheel sign? Grandpa, what is a round sign? "
"Round-drawing means that you can advance directly to the first round without taking part in the competition."
Ling Renxin was shocked, "Hey!"
Ling Renyi said, "Is there such a sign?"
Ling Yuanqi Gao asked, "Who has drawn the wheel sign?"
There was an instant silence in the bucket, and the monks looked around to find out the lucky one who had drawn the lottery.
LingRenYi beat cried, "I I …"
Attention was attracted by this. Qi Qi stared at LingRenYi, and his heart was full of unspeakable doubts.
Little guy, where have you seen this kind of way? Two hands hold on to Ling Youdao’s skirts. The novel says, "My uncle drew it."
All a pair of so original expression, many people look at LingYouDao eyes full of envy.
Ling Yuanqi came to Ling Youdao, looked at the bamboo stick in his hand and nodded his head.
He picked up the bamboo stick and showed everyone "the second round of Lingyoudao Wheel"
Soon the first game of the second round will be a fight.
Ling Youdao took two little guys to see others fight.
After the end of the second round, 90 people successfully advanced to the third round, plus one round. A total of 91 people participated in the third round of fighting.
Ling Youdao has a bamboo stick in his hand. This is the expression that he just drew two brothers around him to see. It is even more exciting than Ling Youdao.
"Wheel sign, wheel sign, wheel sign!"
Two little guys kept chanting "spells" around Ling Youdao’s mouth.
Ling Dingxiong laughed and said, "It’s luck to draw the wheel for the second time. How can you draw the wheel again?"
Ling Renyi seriously said, "Three uncles will certainly be able to draw the round sign."
"Yes!" Ling Renxin also said
Ling Youdao went to the bamboo stick to ban the two little guys.
"Grandpa, you see, I told you, uncle will be able to draw the round sign."
"What? Another round of signing? Let me see. "
Ling Youdao hey hey smile will hand bamboo stick to Ling Dingxiong.
"It really is a round sign!"
In this round, Ling Yuanxing presided over the draw. He asked, "Who got the draw?"
With the previous experience, the two little guys were more skilled this time. Ling Renxin was tearing Ling Youdao’s clothes. Ling Renyi pointed his left hand at Ling Youdao and said, "My uncle has drawn."
The monks in the field heard that "it’s him again. Why is he so lucky?"
People’s eyes are less envious and more "jealous"
Ling Yuanxing took the bamboo stick and looked at it. "Yes, it is indeed a round sign."
Then he picked up the wheel sign and showed it to everyone to dispel their doubts.
At the end of the third round, a total of 45 people successfully advanced to the fourth round, and a total of 46 people entered the fourth round.
Because there are 46 people in the fourth round, everyone has an opponent, so it is impossible to have a round.
Ling Youdao smoked a bamboo stick, and the two little guys could not turn white, which seemed a little lost.
When he broke the bamboo stick ban, he saw that the bamboo stick read the fourth round of the 13th challenge.
"Uncle, I’ll go to Challenge 13 first."