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The higher the monk, the more afraid of death.

Like Jane Ann, it’s hard to find a monastic road, and the thorns have advanced to the stage of deification. I’m afraid only you can know.
Under such circumstances, where are they willing to fall?
Every opportunity is to seize it.
Indeed as expected if ring smell speech immediately stop.
"oh? I hope you’re not cheating, otherwise there must be a thousand ways to make you regret living in this world. "
Gou Huan’s tone was cold, and Jane could not help but make a cold war face with a flattering smile.
"The younger generation dare not! How dare the younger generation deceive the older generation! "
"good! Help me to get that artifact and then you can live. "Gou Huan ordered.
"Is the elder" Jane Ann and Feng Xuanyi looked at each other.
God knowledge induction Gou Huan shape a flash cover wrapped in two people to escape.
Outside, my brother saw two elders who were usually tall, but now they were in a mess, wrapped in a colored robe by a monk who didn’t know when it appeared. Although curious, no one dared to ask anything.
There are many eccentric monks with high strength in the fix true world. If a word violates the other side’s promotion and is chopped to death with a palm, there is no place to argue.
"This is it! Indeed as expected some strange "
Bang! Bang!
If you let go, you will throw Jane Ann to the ground, and the latter will give a wry smile at each other.
This artifact seal here is to make the hidden breath law common. Godsworn can’t find out that he didn’t think of each other and came here directly. It can be seen that God is powerful and abnormal.
Next to a few stationed brother said immediately came along.
Jane Ann heart andao a bad just want to speak to let these younger brother from listening to the color robe people have a cold hum with great displeasure.
"Hum! Hate ants! "
Even as the sound of one’s voice died away
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Those brothers have completely exploded fragments.
Jane Ann in the mind a smoke.
It’s a pity that one of the Terran elite brothers who can be stationed here is really good at his junior talent, so it’s a pity to die.
Gouhuan toward Jane Ann ordered two people at the same time with a wave of his sleeve robe.
Two people feel a loose body is banned remove mana has been restored, which makes two people a joy in my heart.
"It’s a senior!"
Jane Ann two people promised to walk forward.
Look at each other in a fixed position and then pinch them in your hand
Whoa, whoa!
Mana surges, and each dharma seal hits the ground according to a certain law.
Chapter four hundred and thirteen The Sanda
In the muffled thunder, the ground cracked and the bright light shone brightly, and a millstone-sized wheel was exposed.
But the most striking thing about this round is that it is carved with exquisite runes on the dark side. Generally, there is a sun and a curved moon on the left and right sides of the hexagram pattern.
"Nature artifact Sun Moon Wheel?" Gou Huan’s eyes lit up, followed by a sigh. "It turned out to be imitation! Yeah, but it’s not bad to be able to have a real breath. "
As he spoke, Gou Huan’s five-finger basket was caught towards the moon and the moon.
Beep, beep, beep!
A burst of explosion and a burst of thunder interweaved around it, but it was to protect the artifact and the circle was stimulated.
Gou Huan-li also ignored the big hand and pressed it directly.
Drop ten times with one strength!
Gou Huan’s true immortal body is strong, which is what these magic circles can stand?
A flash of light and shadow has caught the sun, the moon and the wheel.
However, Gou Huan’s eyes became cold when he scanned Jane again.
After both immediately a quivering.
"It is the younger generation who has just sealed the law and has not come to lift it."
"oh? Do you mean this is to blame? " Gou Huan’s tone is cold
"no! No! No! It is a misunderstanding for the younger generation to refuse this idea … Go! "
Feel the murder in Gou Huan’s eyes. Two people immediately fled to the middle of the light.
"Hum! Die! "
If the ring is cold, the hand method will definitely pinch the planting brand to stimulate.