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And there are six of them in Zifeng Mansion. Then who are these three human beings who suddenly appear?

Su Li was surprised by several people, and the three men were rapidly approaching. Suddenly, a man about thirty years old gave a rebuke and jumped up, holding a sword in his hands and beheaded him from behind the killing crocodile.
This sword is so powerful that Su Li noticed that the killing crocodile was almost beheaded by half of its body.
Su Li’s dragon rhinoceros sword can also cause such a wound, because the dragon rhinoceros sword is too sharp, but this man has an ordinary sword in his hand, which can cause such a wound, not because the sword is as sharp as this one, but because this man is powerful.
Su Li started the "peep symbol pattern"
"Name psychic level, level 6, special ability, four psychic skills, one weakness, unknown."
This man is a level 6 psychic.
Su Li’s heart moved slightly and he was busy to see the other two people coming with him.
The other two men, a man and a woman, are all around the age of 2034. The man is one meter tall and extremely powerful. He has a huge hammer in his hand. Su Li and I used to make different hammers. The hammer weighs at least dozens of pounds.
The woman is very beautiful, with two feet and long blades in her hand, wearing a lake green tight-fitting clothes, which are wet by the rain. She is very slim and looks a little fragile, but judging from the amazing speed at which she just ran, this fragility is superficial.
In Su Li’s observation of "Peeping Symbol Pattern", this man and a woman are all level 6 spiritual sources.
All the people felt the consternation, and no one expected that this dangerous head would suddenly appear, so that the three strangers with a giant hammer in their hands gave a big drink and waved the hammer to smash a violent ape.
Another ape behind him attacked him and slapped him on the back.
The man didn’t shy away from being patted on the back by the ape. Although he was shot out, he quickly turned over and gave a ha ha laugh, and suddenly leaned over and rushed away.
At this moment, Su Li found that the skin outside the man’s naked clothes suddenly changed and the rock color appeared.
"Is this skin lithogenization?" Su Li moved this man in his heart, and it just hit him with a flying ape. This man and an ape flew out at the same time.
The woman who looks a little weak can’t help shaking her head when she looks at this man and an ape falling out at the same time, revealing Nai’s appearance. It seems that she doesn’t agree with the man’s recklessness, but she doesn’t attack these monsters with a pair of short blades in her hand, but suddenly there is a lot of fog rising out of her body center.
The fog came so fast and surged out, and in an instant it enveloped all the people and the surrounding elites and leaders.
"Sister Jue’s’ fog maze’ is still good!" A male heroic voice ha ha laugh.
Su Li saw that the fog was constantly spreading around as controlled by a force, and it became more and more intense, almost opaque, but the most central area became thinner. This was called Jue’s elder sister and daughter, the young man with a giant hammer, and all the men with swords around 30 came in.
Those monsters they just killed roared around them, but they seemed trapped in this tangible and qualitative fog, but no matter how they collided, they couldn’t get in.
This "fog maze" is really magical.
"Hello, everyone, but I don’t know where they came from." The elder sister and daughter were called Jue and smiled at them with a kind look.
Ding Longyun came in and saw the girl’s eyes lit up and said, "My name is Ding Longyun. We are from Zifeng Building. What about you?"
"Zifeng Building?" This JueJie curved arch eyebrows a wrinkly gently way "is TaoBingJun purple wind building? Then why haven’t you seen him? "
The young man with a giant hammer hummed, "So you are the hands of that guy Tao Bingjun. If I had known, I wouldn’t have saved you."
Sister Jue gave him a look and said, "Come on, Mingfeng, don’t say that. That’s just a small thing. You still remember it?"
Xu Hai-shui looked at my heart and said, "The three misunderstood that we are not Tao Bingjun … Tao Bingjun has left the Zifeng Building."
I thought I didn’t lie. Tao Bingjun has now become a baseball bat, and Ding Longyun has thrown it far to the bottom of the water. It is really far from the Purple Wind Building.
The elder sister looked moved. "Is this happening?"
Young man curious way "that disgusting guy will take the initiative to leave the purple wind building? Unlikely, right? "
Su Li made a sign towards Luo Jun, and they jumped into the square hole again to continue digging.
This blood crystal beast is approaching the purple wind building. When they have no time, they have to wait here, and when they have no time, they talk slowly.
"What are you doing?" Seeing that two people suddenly jumped into the square hole, the young man immediately looked tense before holding a giant hammer in his hand, feeling that their behavior was abnormal.
Xu haishui busy way "three don’t misunderstand them is to stop the blood crystal beast"
Sister Jue said, "Blood crystal beast …"
Young man sink a way "stop blood crystal beast? What do you mean? " With a suspicious look on his face, he obviously didn’t believe them very much.
Xu Haishui saw that since they could rescue themselves, several people shouldn’t be bad people, so it wouldn’t hurt to tell them the truth. Otherwise, once there was a conflict between the two sides, it would be in trouble. Because the blood crystal beast was approaching the Zifeng Building, they delayed it when there was no root. They explained, "This looks like a floating island. It is actually called the blood crystal beast monster. It can knock down and devour buildings. It wants to stop it and destroy its blood crystal. Now we are digging a hole to find its blood crystal."
Chapter 14 Jinhui Center
Sister Jue nodded slightly and said, "Is that so?" Taking a step towards the pothole, I found that Su Li and Luo Jun were really digging towards the side, and there was no other conspiracy.
"My name is Jiang Shuijue from Jinhui Center Building. This is Ling Yi and this is Gu Mingfeng."
As she spoke, she introduced two men around her. The man who was holding a sword and was about thirty years old seemed very silent. The other young man with a huge hammer was Gu Mingfeng.
"My name is Xu Haishui." Xu Haishui saw that Jiang Shuixuan believed his words and was relieved. He was busy reporting his names.
For Jinhui Center Building, everyone except Xu Xuehui knows that it is a 36-story building about five kilometers away from Zifeng Building.
Jiang Shuijue said, "It’s strange for us to see this floating island from a distance. We tracked it all the way, but we didn’t expect to meet you when you were besieged by monsters. This’ fog maze’ can’t last long, and it will soon be scattered. Since it is to stop this blood crystal beast, we will also help you."
"Thank you, Sister Jue." Xu Haishui was busy thanking Gu Mingfeng and they called this Jiang Shuijue Sister together. He saw that Jiang Shuijue was the first of the three people.
"You’re welcome. We are all compatriots. We should help each other. Ling Yiming, be careful. The fog maze is going to break up."
"Don’t worry," Gu Mingfeng laughed and slightly swung the sledgehammer in his hand, only to see that the fog rolled around and suddenly dissipated. Those trapped monsters suddenly got out of trouble and saw the crowd suddenly screaming and attacking towards them.
"Kill-"Gu Mingfeng laughed and his skin was petrified like a statue of a stone man with a giant hammer.
Ling has never spoken from beginning to end, and his face can’t see any expression. He is holding an ordinary sword, but when he shakes it, the crystal substance suddenly appears on the surface and becomes extremely sharp, which has the effect of cutting iron like mud.
Jiang Shuijue doesn’t have the special ability of "fog maze". She is also very fast. When she saw that she was about to be photographed by a monster, she suddenly moved and flashed to the other side of the monster. It was very strange to stab the double-edged sword in her hand into the monster.
These three people are all level 6 spiritual sources, and their strength is of the earth. Pick a hand casually and it seems to be stronger than Xu Haishui and Ding Longyun. With their help, Xu Haishui, Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao will guard the monsters around the giant pit for a while.
Su Li and Luo Jun seized this opportunity and braved the rain to dig towards the square. Su Li counted the distance and dug five or six meters deep.
There are more and more monsters around, all of which are elites or even leaders. Even if there are three more 6-level spiritual sources, they still feel hard.
"Su Li, you are quick to dig. We can’t hold on-"Ding Longyun yelled and once again fired an "air missile" and hit the distance and rushed out with a leader monster.
This is a monster that has never been seen before. It has to be five or six meters tall and bust like a giant warrior in silver armor. Its body is dense and its legs are like millipedes.
In the face of the "gas missile", it didn’t dodge. It hit its body by this "gas missile". In the armor explosion, it still paddled several legs and moved towards the crowd.
Ding Longyun gasped, and his powerful "air missile" hit the silver armor monster and the other side was unscathed.