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Another day later, a great event that shocked the whole world happened in the sea. There were 49 small and medium-sized sects in the east, south, west and north, which involved various sects, such as Refiner Sect, Dragon Slayer Sect, and Cave in the Sunset. Thirty-six of these sects were destroyed, and more than ten of them actually chose to move out of the sea to repair their sight in just one day.

When this happens, no big power will sit still. All the big factions send people to find out, but the result is that every strong leader looks gloomy.
In the last few days, a white shadow traveled all over the world. He was extremely fast and could not be captured by ordinary Tianxiu.
Smiling, he came to Poseidon.
He was deeply shocked by the spectacular palace and the mysterious strength.
This person is naturally a big wave in the former sea area.
Taoist Haiwei knew that there was a guest, so he naturally ordered the elder Hai Soul to meet him.
Lu Li doesn’t think the elders of the sea spirit are too polite. Just enter the hall of the Poseidon Chamber to meet Taoist Haiwei.
Smiling, the road flyover Haiwei’s temperament is as beautiful as a fairy, and it can be regarded as a pearl in the sea area, and it is even more powerful than the current land separation.
Lu Li is also a slight ceremony to say, "I have seen Haiwei’s predecessors."
Road flyover Haiwei smiled indifferently and said, "You came here today believing that you have something to ask for, but I don’t know if I can help you this time."
Lu Li is also unambiguous. It is necessary to grasp the fingers of the right hand directly. A total of 16,453 spiritual forces are released, and each spiritual force fluctuates slightly, which makes the brilliance of these more than 10,000 spiritual forces as dazzling as extraordinary splendour.
It’s not that he shows off anything, but that this spiritual force releases an instant, and every spiritual force interweaves and combines unexpectedly to form two male figures.
The man on the left looks like an evil butcher. Naturally, he butchers the bodhi old zu. Although the man on the right is handsome and graceful, there is a sinister color hidden in his heroic eyes. Who else will it be if it is not Gan Kun?
Taoist Haiwei was not surprised and said directly, "Do you want to get news about these two people from my Poseidon residence?"
Lu Li nodded, "Yes, I want to get news from these two people and take their lives."
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Special test
Road flyover Haiwei heard this and smiled quietly. The tone of the tunnel was cool. "Ge seems to have decided to kill the bodhi old zu and his disciples. Let’s call it Poseidon. There is an unsolved case. If you can solve the mystery for Poseidon, I will help you."
Lu Li said to him, "Is it difficult to solve this unsolved puzzle even by the predecessors?"
Road flyover Haiwei nodded gently. "Yes, ten years ago, a younger brother of Poseidon Sect went out to perform a sect, and when he was in crisis, he cast a kind of occult technique. Even if the physical vitality was destroyed, he could rely on the weak yuan divine power to get back to Poseidon Sect."
Lu Li nodded at the other party’s words and continued, "When this brother returned, my elders had already noticed that he had left a relic and a last word."
Lu Li interjected at this time, "Does Haiwei’s predecessor want me to analyze this brother’s experience according to the legacy?"
Road flyover Haiwei nodded and said at the same time, "My brother had already run out of oil when he returned at that time, and the last words were also said in the middle. This brother Yuan Shen had already annihilated the message, but it was not a mistake, but it took a lot of effort and still didn’t find anything."
Speaking of this, Taoist Haiwei finally said, "If Liu Shaoxia can solve this unsolved case, it will be a big help for Poseidon. Then I will help you find out the hiding place of Kungong."
Lu Li said, "All right, then I’ll give it a try."
Later, several elders of Poseidon Sect led Taoist Lu Li Hai Wei to a slant hall, and took out a thing from a hidden room in this slant hall.
When Lu Li first saw it, it was also one leng, so the smell it gave off was so unique that Lu Li was a little surprised.
This is a stone as rough as jade, so there is no sign of carving, and at the same time, this stone looks like jade, which is another hidden mystery
"This is Shi Zhongyu?" Lu Li suddenly said
Road flyover Haiwei nodded and said at the same time, "That brother’s last words at that time were the collapse of the sea area where heaven and earth met evil twelve years later."
Lu Li smell speech eyebrows slightly wrinkled doubt way "this word is less than two years left, but although it sounds very crisis-like, I can believe that no one will believe it, but since that brother is carrying out a belief that Poseidon knows more about this scene, and his brother’s last words are not finished, he will die."
Road flyover Haiwei’s elegant smile is like a orchid blooming, which makes Lu Li be one leng andao. This road flyover Haiwei is really temperamental, but for her firm mind, she would almost be completely controlled by this woman.
Of course, it’s not that Taoist Haiwei has cultivated any charm, but that the whole person has a kind of elegant and immortal temperament. It’s just that people who cultivate immortals are very fond of my fair lady and gentleman.
Lu Li thought indifferently, "Since the road flyover Haiwei invited me to analyze this thing, it must want to join the sectarian action, so it can also be said that although the influence of Tonghai Shenzong is Pangdake, there are many enemies, and even the forces of Tianzong, the scorching sun sword Sect, the magic Haifeng and so on are not as good as those of Poseidon Zongke. If it is combined horizontally and vertically, it will be quite severe. If there is a spiritual deficiency to help each other, it is more likely that Poseidon Zongshen will succeed."
While thinking about the land, I let out the gods to find out this Shi Zhongyu, while thinking about some strange things in my memory and trying to find out the source of this thing.
There is no doubt that there must be a secret behind this thing, but the Poseidon Sect is plotting to be far away from home and does not intend to participate. He believes that Taoist Haiwei will not block the secret and tell himself that he will not help, so he can walk away conveniently.
We can reduce the time needed to find the position of Gankun Gong because of the help of Poseidon Sect, so that we can help Qianxue and others find Mu Nanfeng as soon as possible.
There are many things to do when he set foot on the middle earth again. What’s more, he still has a strong enemy to face this time. The bodhi old zu who slaughtered the corpse is not as easy to defeat as the ink died, because the ink died and was affected by the curse of anti-itself force. The real combat power should not be as good as the bodhi old zu who slaughtered the corpse.
"Road flyover Haiwei’s so-called decryption this time is actually a test for me. If I can’t see anything about this thing, the transaction will naturally fail. I can also use Poseidon Zongli to get information about the hiding place of the dry Kungong." I decided to take it seriously and don’t be careless
After all, if he is looking for words by himself, though it will take some time to find out Gan Kungong, it will certainly take a lot of time. If he comes to practice or collect materials, it is naturally better than looking for enemies.
When the enemy has too many waves, it is actually weakening itself in disguise.
Lu Li frowned slightly at Hai Wei’s population and said, "Would you please give me some for the time being, so that I can observe this Shi Zhongyu?"
Several elders heard that their faces changed slightly, but it was conceivable that this place was the temple of Poseidon, which not only had a closed law system but also was heavily forbidden. Even if this person wanted to steal this Shi Zhongyu, it was impossible. Worse still, their deputy patriarch, Road flyover Haiwei, kept outside.