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Of course, without these benefits, he would rather risk letting the scavengers escape than move the puppet array.

"Friends! Everyone is ready! "
Several people have promised.
Pay first moved the sleeve robe and offered a golden box with a wave of his hand
The box reveals rows of little people standing inside.
These little people are so lifelike that they seem to be real.
Pay attention to the method in your hand, and then mumble a grammatical idea in Neko, and shake your fingers
Whoa, whoa!
Road time these little people all flew out of the box.
Flying out in a flash, these little people immediately rose in the wind and became life-sized, with men and women. Except for their dull expressions, they were all almost the same as real people, and they were all handsome in their hands.
Pay sleeve robe with a wave of his hand spit a word.
These real puppets all jumped into the water and disappeared in a flash.
A moment later, I saw strange rhythmic fluctuations from point to point in the thousands of miles around Fiona Fang.
If the powerful people can clearly see that the number of these points is exactly ten.
Chapter five hundred and fourteen Law Increasing Power
A rhythmic tremor
A layer of fog suddenly appeared in Fiona Fang for thousands of miles, and it was foggy all over the sky in the blink of an eye.
Ji Ji Ji-
At once, the panic sounds made by the scavengers were obviously alarmed by this sudden change.
Pay a big drink and take the lead in action, and escape to the depths of the fog.
Behind him, several other monks dare not delay, followed by locking and paying attention.
Soon there were waves of distance explosions in the depths of the fog, which were obviously the sound of physical impact or mana fluctuation
Visible to the naked eye, the fog billows as if the wind were rolling the waves.
Ten Puppet Array This fog has a strong barrier to gods’ knowledge and eyesight, which is equivalent to completely blocking the surrounding Fiona Fang for thousands of miles, making those vultures panic and unable to escape for a while.
And the master Fu can clearly grasp the situation of the large array, even the grass and trees can see clearly, so his first few true fairy godsworn teamed up to attack and divide the vultures who scattered to eat rot.
More wins, less strong wins, and weaker wins are almost the result of one blow.
"Hahahaha, these vultures are simply too weak!"
"Thanks to Fu Daoyou’s powerful array, otherwise, one of these vultures will probably get hurt."
"Yes! Without these ten puppet arrays, it is simply impossible for us to annihilate carrion vultures. "
The war went smoothly and happily, and these people did not hesitate to praise them.
"Ha, ha, ha, you’re welcome! We teamed up to attack the old man. It is natural to have these ten puppet arrays. It is also good to pay.
Everyone here has a good time. No one knows that Quedako, an island outside Wan Li, is chewing a monster beast with his mouth wide open.
Suddenly Quedako’s mouth was full of blood and stopped chewing. He looked up and wondered at the direction of the fight.
The first two tentacles swing a few times very flexibly.
Quedako immediately enjoyed the comfort of flesh and blood and expressed anger.
"Terran monk! It’s the Terran Friar! Hum! It’s reckless that only a few true immortals dare to team up to hunt our warriors! Qiqi Gehasen! "
Two inferno soldiers promised to bow down and give a gift.
But seeing that these two inferno fighters look like human beings, they are all dark and have no hair, no ears and two tentacles instead.
"There are seven monks of Terran Front in that direction who are slaughtering our soldiers. Now I order you to go there at once and kill those monks!" The cold mountain in Quetta’s eyes flashed and pointed in one direction.
"It’s Lord Quedako!" The two inferno fighters promised to disappear with one figure and two streamers.
Quedako slightly zheng.
"hmm? Why do I feel a little uneasy? Is there something wrong that I don’t know? "
With a little doubt, Quedako’s first two tentacles rotated again, and after careful induction, nothing unusual was found, so he was relieved to enjoy his food for the time being.
"Kill them!"
Pay a few people to fly back and forth.
They kill quickly, but the vultures who eat carrion are not free. They are aware that they are caught in the array and then scatter and flee everywhere.
Scavenger vultures are good at flying, threatening death, and their flight speed is accelerated to the extreme.
Fu and others just killed quickly, but when they killed about two-thirds of the vultures, one-third of them were scattered and hunted again, and it took a lot of time to kill each one.
"Fu Daoyou hurriedly let you ten puppet also join after! Those two magic vultures have been killed by us, and these magic roots will not threaten your puppet Ann, "suggested the fat monk."