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Smell speech floating clouds bodhi old zu said, "you say yes, but time waits for no one. I must go back to stabilize the situation now."

The bodhi old zu floating clouds nodded and then left with the bodhi old zu floating clouds.
More than two months later, the bodhi old zu floating clouds three people met all the way, and they were also very happy and excited to see the bodhi old zu floating clouds.
"Master Bo, you finally came back."
The bodhi old zu floating clouds looked at the road and nodded "Thank you"
On one side, the bodhi old zu said, "When the master elder brother heard about the present situation of Zongmen, he couldn’t sit still, and even the realm was unstable, he hurriedly took us back."
Although Lu Yi also hoped that the clouds would be closed and stable, it was obvious that it would be best for him to come back and preside over the massive attack. He said nothing.
On the contrary, he said, "Master Bo Ziyun Zongyun closed your house after he became a deity. Although the realm is unstable, it is not comparable to that of a monk in Yuan infant."
"Not bad. What’s our first priority now?"
"What we should do first is to establish prestige and let the North Sea monks know that you are a deity."
The words sound just fell and Lu Ze next to him said, "Master Bo Fu Yun Shi Bo has fallen, and we can also design to kill Ziyun Zongyunsheng, and let him bury him with him to kill a monk in the middle of Ziyun Zongyuanying, which is enough to shock those immortals."
"Master Uncle’s nephew should first recapture Zhenxuan Island, where I live in Zongmen."
Lu Cheng looked at the bodhi old zu floating clouds and said, "Master Bo can be attacked by us first. Ziyunzong on Zhenxuan Island will definitely not give up easily. They will definitely come back to stop the forces such as Chirimen. Friars in infancy will also arrive at that time. Then Master Bo will make another move or hit or kill the demon clan of Yuntai. No one can compete with Master Bo if he can’t deify the whole North Sea."
Several people cheered when they heard the plan
They immediately took action to get to Zhenxuan Island after half a month.
After this place was occupied by Ziyunzong, Ziyunzong sent his brother to station.
In addition, several of his great immortals have also sent some younger brothers to station here. After all, the true Xuanzong Sect is a large-scale force that has completed more than 10,000 years of profound knowledge. Even if he took away a lot of things when he was evacuated, he still couldn’t take away many good things.
These things can’t be obtained in a short time. It is necessary to study them. It is necessary to break the ban and not destroy the contents. As soon as it takes a long time, several big immortals want to share a piece of it, and then they will stay in the friar’s study again.
Lu Yi came here with a group of true Xuanzong brothers who did not hide the truth. Ziyun Zongdi of Xuanshan immediately opened a large array.
With a large array of protection and cooperation, some monks in the mountains really blocked the outside when they were the first class.
Then the large array of monks sent a letter for help. When the forces behind them were thought by the players, the first reaction was shock. At this time, the true Xuanzong brother suddenly jumped out.
To tell the truth, they were puzzled and finally made up some excuses. They would never have thought that the bodhi old zu had come back after the natural disaster and the key to success was now waiting for them.
As a result, Ziyunzong, Chirimen, Xuan Yue Gate, Tingtaoge and other big forces rushed to support the monks in their infancy.
Because of the different distances from Zhenxuan Island, they came here with a first way and a second way, and they didn’t come here first, but they walked around and talked about it.
With the coming of Yuan infant monks, there are more and more true Xuanzong monks, and several other generations of Yuan infant monks have also appeared one after another. Many Yuan infant monks have stopped fighting around Zhenxuan Island.
In the face of such a situation, there are also speculations about those forces’ custom hi in infancy, and serious Xuanzong is preparing to recapture the true Xuanfeng.
They are all monks of the Zongmen family, and they know best that the significance of a Zongmen family headquarters to such forces is not true. Xuanzong’s stupid behavior was shocked.
On the contrary, I think this is an excellent opportunity, an opportunity to catch the true Xuanzong monks in the net or to hit the true Xuanzong seriously.
As a result, Ziyunzong and other major forces have drawn many monks from various places to prepare for the mysterious island from all sides.
At the same time, the true Xuanzong monks also formed the hidden monks, and they also appeared in succession to disturb several power sites.
It is difficult for the seven infant monks to be able to hit some losses of the true Xuanzong.
Finally, in the third month, the true Xuanzong brothers Ziyunzong, Chirimen, Xuan Yue Gate, Tingtaoge, Fumozong, Xianxia School and Cangfeng Yanshi confronted the true Xuandao.
In order to ensure the extermination of the true Xuanzong, these monks came to Ziyunzong, Chirimen, Xuan Yue Gate and Tingtaoge this time. There are two Yuan infant monks, Jiafu Magic Sect, Xianxia Sect and Cangfeng Yanshi, that is, eleven infant monks.
On the other hand, on the side of the true Xuanzong Sect, there is a song of five monks in infancy.
Just when they decided on Ziyunzong, suddenly a strong pressure hit eleven infant monks, and they felt hard to breathe.
Then they saw the floating clouds!
Chapter six hundred and seventeen From the major factions, the deity of compensation is revered!
At that moment of silence, the fear reached silence, and it was only after the fear was forced to be suppressed that the shock came to mind and the faces were revealed.
Ting Yun gave birth to the ancestor’s voice and trembled, "Floating … floating clouds, you actually survived the disaster!"
However, monks in Yuan’s infancy are not stupid. They know very well that people who can give themselves such great pressure will never be monks in Yuan’s infancy, and they will understand when they think of the period when people are closed and shocked.
It is estimated that not long ago, the floating clouds crossed the Armageddon and rushed back to the east to stabilize the situation, and then set such a trap for themselves and others.