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Because his screams are really harsh, just like killing a pig himself.

Since this kid entered his territory, his plague has automatically penetrated into the other person. Normally speaking, according to the contract he signed with hawthorne in that year, he won’t cause those plagues, and this guy will recover after a serious illness at most.
But since he also signed the contract, he has to find another way.
At this moment, the plague energy of the other body is like the most efficient pharmaceutical Olga medium, which bears his power and allows him to adjust the physical state of the other person at will.
Recessive genes have activated the basic biological energy furnace structure …’
Because of the different perspectives, the various structures of Hart’s body in his eyes are like a three-dimensional list, and many complicated things that should be relatively high-end are placed in front of him, but they are just like one plus one.
Therefore, he also played it at will, and Olga didn’t care what the other person felt. Anyway, he had the final explanation.
It is doubtful that after struggling in the pain of life for dozens of minutes, Hart finally waited to dream of relaxation with Olga’s completion of the transformation, which is as fortunate as the world.
He swore to God that he would be a good man and never set foot here again.
Looking at a pool of blood, like the same dead dog, he was lying silently crying. After yawning, Olga didn’t good the spirit and said, "What are you doing lying down? Get out of here! Your req has been fulfilled. "
Hearing his words, I wanted to lie down for a while. Hart’s body was immediately a trembling illusion that the pain had just struck again, and he quickly got up from the ground without her weakness.
It was at this moment that he found that his height and weight seemed to have changed a little, and his limbs became stronger, and the efficiency of physical strength circulation became faster than ever.
This made him feel happy, as if the whole world had faded away from him, and there was an illusion that the sun was shining again.
But when he saw Olga’s eyes were neither salty nor light, he immediately thought that it was his insignificant illusion.
It has never been sunny and the sun has never been brilliant!
The indenture still presses himself, making him feel tired with every breath!
Maybe this is life!
At the age of only one, he felt that life was so heavy that he was a little breathless!
Olga didn’t notice the fact that he helped others to increase their social experience, but even if he did, he would be pleased.
After all, social beating is something that everyone has to experience, and they have the right to contribute their own strength!
Looking at each other when leaving some slouches, Olga nodded with satisfaction.
According to the terms of the Abyss Contract, in the next 50 years, the other party needs to deliver to itself a sacrifice equivalent to 302 levels of Warcraft soul value. If it breaches the contract, it will need to pay its soul to Olga.
And those sacrifices are worth about 175 times as much as the strength he consumes when adjusting his opponent’s body
Moreover, even if the other party fails to meet the target amount, it is necessary to be able to make a few souls to fill Olga’s shoes, and there is also money to be made.
If it doesn’t work, there is also the other party’s own soul as a guarantee.
The other party’s current qualification should not burp and fart halfway, and it will not be called a second-class wizard when it is fifty years old, but how can a first-class wizard be a certain thing!
Soolga is not worried about anything. Anyway, it’s a big deal to recycle profits. He has been a garbage man for more than 20 years. He knows this process well.
The other party doesn’t know if they can earn, but they can’t lose.
Low-paying business is a secure batch.
He just put ten thousand usury to give the other party a certain starting capital.
When the other person matures, he cuts the other person’s meat and releases the other person’s blood.
Moreover, this is also the default type of abyss contract media law!
If you want to sign it, no one will come, and the reincarnation of the gods will be given on the spot for nothing.
If it is a modern society, the overlord clause of the contract may be solved by legal means, but the abyss contract is not something that can be intervened by outsiders. It is unreasonable and unfair. If it is signed, the overbearing clause will become truth.
This is a good tool for the weak side, and the bad news is often one step away from turning over forever, but it is a good tool for the demon middle-aged and new-generation talents like Olga, which is stable and reliable!
I don’t know that I have been labeled as "profit to be recovered". Hart feels that his heart is complicated at the moment, and he can’t tell whether he should be happy or beat his chest. The only thing that can be gratifying is that Olga did not discount the request when he completed it, and gave him enough excellent talent as promised!
Chapter 66 Ka Eun Lee’s heart
in ten years
With the gradual escalation of the war
All kinds of powerful weapons are constantly being taken out of the battlefield that is not too big by both sides. In these years, Ki has to be plowed several times a day.
90% of the soil is directly evaporated by all kinds of powerful weapons, and there is no residue left.
Lethal radiation from poisonous gas is more common here than gas. If ordinary people set foot here, they will be killed in an instant, and there will be no chance of struggle.
However, for those mechanical creations that have undergone various transformations, professional and special treatment of Warcraft, these problems are not much, and they can be said to have a slight impact.
Sitting in the inner sanctum, staring at the analysis chart, Commander Ka Eun Lee Severn hesitated.
That chart is none other than the analysis table of the specific position of the wizard commander
Point to which [alsop Star] the other commander is hiding.
This is based on the analysis of various clues revealed by spy during years of fighting.
For him, this may not make much sense, just like taking off your pants and farting.
Because in the final analysis, in this extraordinary war, being in a strategic weapon, the other side will be able to detect the mistake when it faces you, so as to stop your offensive at all costs. It is necessary to break through a series of defenses if you want to reach the other side’s headquarters!
And with that kung fu, do you know that the commander across the street is so-called everywhere, because you have penetrated other people’s defense lines …
Furthermore, being a commander hostage in this extraordinary war says one thing: the other side is very strong and super strong, and most of them can hang themselves, which is not strong and can easily break through weaknesses!
Otherwise, no one can stand the command of a weak chicken.
But for Ka Eun Lee Severn, there’s really another choice besides playing hardball!
That is a unique means of their writing and the deepest card they hide-they can often play an unexpected role in destroying each other from the enemy.
It’s not impossible to be the commander of this battlefield all these years. The other party should be a member of the Wizarding Council, the highest organization in the wizarding world. If this operation can be successful, it will win the world war in one fell swoop …’
Now the biggest problem is the other strength? Can you resist the force of Ka Eun Lee’s heart …’
After some thought, he was hesitant and cautious. He sent a message to Severn, Ka Eun Lee, calling the members of the Psionic Council to request it.
In this way, although you will get less credit after success, you can also get less mistakes after failure …
The next day, after carefully listening to his report, many members of parliament were divided into two camps. One side believed that this was a good opportunity, and the secret weapon of his own text would not disappoint himself and others. The other side believed that the information was not enough and should not be so hasty, so that Ka Eun Lee’s heart should be tested more.
Looking at this situation, the three people sitting in the first row frowned slightly and lost in thought.
Soon after, they asked, "Is there any way to force the commander to make a rough estimate of his strength level?"
Commander Ka Eun Lee was somewhat hesitant and replied, "It’s hard to say that the highest position is equivalent to the fact that we special weapon want to get their exact data by conventional means …"
"Right …"
Nodded his head, the man asked the Supreme Councillor, and the other two Supreme Councillors looked at each other.
After some eye contact, he said, "In that case, let’s vote."
Members Yu nodded in agreement to this.
before long
The voting result came out, which made the party [Ka Eun Lee’s heart] occupy an absolute advantage.
In the face of this result, the commander breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time, he was slightly worried, because the consenters occupied the success, which means that 10% of the members have absolute confidence in their own secret weapons
Will such complacency cause chaos one day?’
He didn’t say this sentence, but his heart still couldn’t help but be wary.