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He is a creature born in the center of the earth.

This creature vulture is the other body form.
Everything in the world can show the most perfect meaning only if it doesn’t hide the most quality. White shows its statue, which is the real strength of Qing Ling Griffin who is better than Dao Dao Dao Xiu.
It’s another beautiful spirit singing. In the sky, the vulture flapped and rolled the cloud of fire, like an eagle flapping its food and flying down to the Yanbailou.
Yan Bailou looked at the bird figure with dignity, and drew a fire mark in the sky. He could clearly feel that at this moment, the vulture god bird repair was on a par with him.
But he was injured.
He doesn’t know what it’s like if he is entangled in this geocentric Yan.
He didn’t want to come, because the tentacles of death had reached him.
But he is still in good health.
Yan Bailou, the Lord of Yan State, has never fought alone.
Before Luoling, Yan Lingwei was his right-hand man, and few people with malicious intentions could get close to the hundred meters in front of him, even if Luoling didn’t, he wouldn’t be alone.
He is the master of the Yan state. Whether he can see or not, there must be several strong escorts to follow around, even if he doesn’t need it. This is also the lowest configuration for the big Yan empire to respect the emperor.
For example, the White House is now surrounded by his most effective etiquette, the White House God.
A general who can guard the capital of Yan empire and be responsible for the safety of Yan royal family is certainly not an ordinary general.
What’s more, this general used to be a three-outstanding man in Luoling White and Yan Jing, and he was still one at the end.
The White House God will play a painting pole, and Fang Tianji will win.
He doesn’t expect himself to be able to repel the outrageous attack after the white incarnation of the Griffin, and he wants to be able to resist the moment and let the emperor have a moment to breathe.
He knew that even for a moment, it was enough for the strong players to play against each other, and it was life and death.
Painting pole Fang Tianji waving the White House God will stir up a shape in the whole body. air billow and air billow will spread around 10 meters, 50 meters and 100 meters and 100 meters … Breathing the control range of the White House God will be like filling a piece of Wang Yang sea water, waiting for the bird vulture that swept the sky to plunge into the sea.
This kind of sea water can’t extinguish the flaming fire in the center of the earth. In fact, the White House God is still quite self-aware and doesn’t expect that the enchantment of the vast waters can force the white back.
He created layers of resistance.
The barrier resistance of this water area weakens the speed that the Griffin can’t catch with its lightning strike.
Actually, he did it
Even though he paid a painful price and was injured by a geocentric Yan fire spewed by the vulture, he still did it.
The Yanbailou is not the kui. The strong people are admired and loved by Dayan. The incense is transported by the imperial atmosphere, and the vulture is transformed by white. After the speed is reduced by the enchantment of the vast waters, a sword appears in Yanbailou’s hands.
Whether it is white or hidden in the white building, the eyes and ears from all over the world know this sword.
The top three lists of Tianji Pavilion are mysterious magic soldiers.
Luoling’s Youlong cold gun is a magic weapon ranked 23rd in the magic list, but this sword is ranked 21st in the magic list.
When it comes to the famous sword Xue Ji, I have to say that the soul of this sword is a dragon, a cold ice and snow dragon, and the soul of Youlong cold gunner is a dragon.
However, Xue Ji’s sword spirit is a complete set of swordsmanship. In other words, anyone who holds a famous sword, Xue Ji, will get a set of famous Xuezhai swordsmanship that belongs to Xue Ji’s sword spirit! This swordsmanship can only be performed with a famous sword, Xue Ji.
Even if you used to be the master of the famous sword, even if you have learned the swordsmanship of Xuezhai, the hand of Xueji will definitely use it. Only those who hold Xueji can really exert the power of this sword.
Yanbailou is the snow master!
He hasn’t touched this sword for decades, especially the Xuezhai swordsmanship for decades.
Because this swordsmanship will make the whole Bailoumen winter come early … This is the consequence of interfering with Heaven!
He knew the consequences of moving the snow, but he did it without hesitation. No one can understand the mood of being a country, a country and an emperor at the moment.
That’s at the expense of the prosperity of the common people, the luck of one country and one season, and the color of the whole autumn, which makes all the vitality instantly freeze and condense into a white sky, and the gray is silent in exchange for his endless life when he displays his snow den alone!
Chapter 16 Since then, Tianque is the seventh
The weather in Bailoumen is very strange tonight
As usual, people wake up from their sleep, dragging their sleepy heads and haunting their dreams. I don’t know where the knife came from, and the wind and snow suddenly rolled like a volcano, so they didn’t know what was going on. The people in the White House were busy running for their lives.
Every family, whether awake or asleep, is woken up, and then the doors and windows are closed, waiting for the disaster to come or waiting for the disaster to swim by.
Well, the flaming clouds didn’t fall, let alone burn their roofs, so that the whole Bailoumen was buried in flames and the people didn’t completely get out of their panic, or they were hit by a rare heavy snow for decades again.
This snow is coming, coming, coming, strange and fierce!
The flying snow dispelled the rolling clouds of fire in the sky, and the dark and red sky fluttered from the sky and fell into the pavilions in the white building door, so the frost in the original autumn leaves really became white snow and covered the earth softly.
The sun rises in the east and the morning is coming.
The cold snow brought the wind through the doors and windows of people’s homes and swept into people’s robes. The candle was swaying and shaky.
It’s just the snow-lent swordsmanship, and the whole White Building Gate of Yan Imperial Capital is covered with heavy snow.
Enwrapped creature Griffin is also exposed to the snowstorm, and the whole body is covered with heavy snow, which is annihilation.
But it still can’t stop white determination.