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If you don’t destroy the source, the anti-drug workers in Q city will fail. Because you want the source to catch these bottom-level sales, there are not many rotten roots.

"good!" Liu Dafeng, like the second martial brother, was born as a soldier. Although he was involved in dozens of officialdom, his conscience and blood were not completely destroyed. When he heard that he was 90% sure, he was ready to gamble.
Then he and the second division drove back to the municipal public security bureau, and then the three captains of the anti-drug brigade, the criminal police brigade and the special police squadron met Liu Dafeng
Liu Dafeng, an armed police officer, has no direct command, but the anti-drug brigade, criminal police team and special police squadron are still under his jurisdiction.
"Tonight is a big operation. I personally command you three teams to work together …" Liu Dafeng arranged.
And at this time, I took the bear and the mosquito and drove directly to the waste steel plant outside the school.
My words rang before we arrived at this suburban Red Star Steel Plant.
"Hello, I’m Li Xiaoyun!"
"Little ShiShu Tian Xinrong they have left the Kailemen discos, a total of four cars, two cars and two medium-sized vans" Jiang Ruiyin came from the other end.
"Well, be careful. If the police suddenly arrest people, don’t resist and follow them!" I told Jiang Rui
"I am white!" Jiang Rui replied
Then I hung up.
"If Wang Yongyi comes later, the action tonight will be 100%," I thought to myself.
There are still 500 meters away from the old Red Star Steel Plant, so I asked the bear to park the car in an alley, and then the three of us sneaked in towards the Red Star Steel Plant.
"Zhao Tai, where are you?" I dialed Zhao Tai’s words.
Zhao Taiyin came from the words "Little Martial Uncle, I’m here in the big chimney of the steelmaking furnace"
About minutes later, the three of us joined Zhao Tai.
Buzz …
It didn’t take long for the phone to vibrate. I looked down and the number was Wang Yongyi’s words.
"Hello, I’m Li Xiaoyun!"
"Xiaoshishu Tian Xinrong’s motorcade has passed the Victory Bridge!"
It seems that everything is going well today. Some people in Tian Xinrong’s own city government are really bold enough. If he gets the news that Q is going to fight drugs, then he should stop. Who knows that he wants to make a fortune before fighting drugs?
This is called the evil of heaven, but you can live from evil and not live.
"Second martial brother, where are you?" I dialed the second teacher’s words.
"I am preparing!" They are still making preparations because of the urgency and lack of pre-arranged places.
Call people back in the middle of the night and hand out bulletproof vests and pistols. It takes time.
"Tian Xinrong has crossed the Victory Bridge, and they will arrive at Hongxing Iron and Steel Plant in 20 minutes. You are too slow to act like this." I said to the second teacher with a frown.
"Be careful when you know it!" Said the second exemptions hung up and then hurriedly walked beside Liu Dafeng and said a few words to him.
"xu feng, Wang Zhi and Liu Dasheng, the three of you are now in place. Come with me!" Liu Dafeng also knew that the situation was urgent, so he stopped waiting for everyone to arrive and pulled the three teams of police out of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.
Seven cars are ordinary cars galloping away towards the Red Star Steel Plant in the suburbs.
The second division brother of an Audi car sits with Liu Dafeng 3.
"I’m practicing boxing, and a nephew with three little brothers is hiding in the Red Star Steel Plant. If Tian Xinrong is going, don’t try to run away. Don’t worry, Director!" Two exemptions to Liu Dafeng relief way
Outside, I have always been called the distant nephew of Second Martial Brother.
This time, the police force is limited. If Tian Xinrong gets away, all previous efforts will be wasted.
If you want to catch Tian Xinrong, the standing committee member in the municipal government, you have to hurry to ask him for a Liu Dafeng to have a chance to enter the standing committee of the municipal party committee.
Although he is the director of the municipal public security bureau and the municipal law Committee, he is not the standing Committee of the municipal party Committee. This has always been Liu Dafeng’s heart disease and has entered the standing Committee, which is the real decision-making level of Q city.
"hmm!" Liu Dafeng nodded his head and closed his eyes. Now the bow doesn’t look back. It depends on whether you can catch Tian Xinrong.
Rollin Wang of Jinsha Bay Villa glared at Chen Chao.
"Where did my brother-in-law go?"
I don’t know! Chen Chao shook his head. He was in charge of watching Rollin Wang tonight.
"What can’t he get through?" I’m calling from another number, and the usual call has already been made.
I don’t know!
"Then what do you know?" Rollin Wang is a little angry.
"I don’t know anything!" Chen Chao is a random individual.
"You told me to find my brother-in-law," Rollin Wang shouted to Chen Chao.
"You can’t go out." Chen Chao asked an honest man. He didn’t know anything. There was no way to go out.
This made Rollin Wang feel like punching cotton flowers for a while, especially Chen Chao’s face seemed to be more wronged than her, and others bullied him without knowing it.
"The big bad guy just said that he would play with me for three days before the college entrance examination, but it didn’t take half an hour for people to see me dead, you big liar." Wang Rong sat on the sofa and threw a sofa pillow on the floor angrily.
"Don’t throw anything, will you?" Chen Chao picked up the pillow.
"Get out of here!" Wang Rong pointed to the stairs on the second floor.
"No, I can’t leave half a step." Chen Chao is very stubborn
"I am so angry!" Rollin Wang rang out and walked into his room. The sound was loud. Bang!
There are iron bars in the window. Chen Chao is not afraid that Rollin Wang will run away. He exhaled a foul breath in his chest and relaxed to sit on the sofa and watch.
"Little ShiShu they won’t be in danger? Bah bah … certainly not! " Chen Chao thought in his heart.
At this time, Tian Xinrong, a scrapped red star steel factory on the outskirts of Q city, is slowly pulling in.
Coal and iron ore came before there was an abandoned dock in the steel plant, and at this time, a ship quietly entered the dock and docked at the dock.
We have a good view where we are now. This is the place Zhao Tai chose during the day.
As soon as Tian Xinrong drove into the steel plant, we found his car light on the ship light, and we found it early. It was still far away, but with the arrival of Tian Xinrong, it also quietly sailed into the dock.
Chapter 64 Are outlaws
"Second Martial Brother, why haven’t you noticed that their horses are going to meet!" I dialed the second exemptions again and said to him anxiously