30, Jun 2024
After reading the vice information, he looked around. Only he was a ghost, and everyone else was gone.

Seeing the weeds around him, he couldn’t help floating in the middle and looking at them.
See weeds around, bones exposed to the wild from time to time.
There is a sinister smell in the air around him, which makes him feel like a duck to water.
I don’t know if it’s because I hesitated for a while or if I entered the vice president like the previous two times, I would be automatically dispersed.
There is no Zhu Guang and others around.
Lingqing has a faint feeling in his heart, which is probably the reason why he hesitated before everyone dispersed.
Because at that time, he saw with his own eyes that everyone else disappeared in a flash.
It’s not like the people around you disappeared one after another during the Qing Dynasty.
But now they are also looking for it. Let’s change their identity first. Besides, it’s safer to have an adult in this place.
Want to "Lingqing found a mountain place and took out the dysplasia dragon rod from the tiger skin bag and threw it in the middle.
"Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~"
The earth roared in bursts, and one after another, brown skin, black leaves, yellow flowers, and green ground evil trees came into being and automatically formed a ground evil array, swaying in the wind.
"hoo ~"
Large array just stand around the strong Yin ShaQi like attracted by magnetic mountain iron filings have flocked to.
Large array with added three points of power.
"It seems that this world is really suitable for practicing some yin and evil methods."
Lingqing sighed, "After that, this is a more powerful three-point transformation in the detective array."
As he read the original cold, his body gradually changed.
Gradually more and more enriched, and the temperament has changed from cold to masculine.
When Lingqing turned into a woman, there was a lot of ghosts around her, and her vitality suddenly fluctuated.
Clouds roll, and the center of Lingqing’s position keeps spinning like a whirlpool.
There is an inexplicable force in the center of the vortex, which gives birth to a strong sense of rejection.
When he completely completed his transformation, that force was also gestated to the extreme and ready to go
"Hum ~"
Lingbao’s banners in Lingqing’s abdomen suddenly trembled and a clear rhyme emanated from him.
As far as the farthest reaches.
The power that is ready to go suddenly stops before the charm and then slowly disappears.
At the same time, the huge palaces in the darkness over there were shaking.
Boom ~ ~
A huge skull rises in several palaces and looks around constantly.
But I didn’t find the idea of setting the mountain like a storm all over the mountain.
"Ah … bang …"
Counting ghosts and spectres, the idea of crushing and blowing up a bit of yin, something congenial, Shaqi, resentment and so on flew into the palace at the top of the mountain.
When everything calmed down, I knelt down and shivered, and the ghosts and ghosts cried in succession
"The king woke up! The king is awake! "
"Hurry up, the king wants to take a concubine and quickly choose a beauty to give to the king!"
"Ha, ha, ha, my chance is coming! Your majesty is here to wait on you! "
A female ghost stabbed her face, revealing carrion, blood and gurgling face.
Gently stroked the hands of picturesque, unreal with soft face said.
"With my body, what kind of my body does the king want?
Ah ha ha ha ~ "
"Duke, our city is full of crooked melons and cracked dates.
Don’t scare people, it’s enough to scare ghosts. I’m afraid we’ll be eaten for the king. "
"Then look for it from people!"
"If it’s small, please inform Yang Yi that all the demons let them choose some beauties to send."
Not to mention that there was a commotion in the shade, Maoshan Yuanfu Wanning Palace.
While doing the evening class, a group of Qing disciples suddenly found that the statue of Lingbao Buddha in the hall suddenly shone brightly between the eyebrows.
"This is … tao jun apparition? !”
Mao Renying, the contemporary master of Maoshanzhang Sect and the spiritual official of Huayang Cave, suddenly appeared in the hall and looked at the scene before him, and his thoughts were churning.
"Or is it that someone was born by the will of the Tao?"
Mao Renying suddenly turned to jilt big sleeves at the temple brother drink a way
"Tell Mao and Mao’s younger brothers to find out who and what caused the Taoist vision!"
"It’s teaching!"