29, Jun 2024
Coupled with the most powerful defense force of human face worms, it can be expected that even if gisela meets them, it will be a headache.

There are usually people around the mother insect who protect the insect nest. Just after upgrading to level 4, several people have been adjusted immediately.
"Leave this interface and enter the celestial world"
In a spacious operation room in the insect nest, Si Ming, the master, sat comfortably and issued an order.
The zerg master command needs an idea to be handed to all zerg fighters. Those bugs make a scream without hesitation.
That a few people face worms should take action and don’t need to send their sharp claws forward directly.
Tear a crack
A stem borer immediately fluttered and flew in succession.
Worm nests are also moving rapidly towards cracks.
High Desert Kill
Gisiah and Sur wandered back and forth.
Hag is born with strong blood and strong fighting capacity, but it is much worse in terms of array method and perception
They can sense that the female worm is missing nearby, and Gisia can vaguely guess that there may be a similar passage leading to it in the Hanazono Sakura world.
So they are not willing to give up, but continue to search here.
Suddenly the ground fluctuated and suddenly a crack was torn.
Gisiah and Sur naturally noticed this situation immediately, and with a wave of his hand, his wings and body flashed in succession.
"It’s a borer! Hey! They really hid in the Hanazono Sakura world! "
Gizia immediately gave a strange smile when she saw the borer drill out of the crack.
But then the smile came to an abrupt end and the smile solidified.
"No! These insects smell much more powerful! Maybe … the female worm has successfully advanced? "
Gisiah jumped out of the corner of his eye and came to a frightening conclusion.
The first few people who came out can ignore Gisia’s thoughts. They clearly know that these two guys are their enemies.
Zerg are powerful because they are outnumbered. The idea of group dominance is the idea of the whole swarm. Every Zerg warrior is the master and dominates the battle.
At present, the zerg master has both the memory of the demon king and the memory inherited from the moth-including the memory of being hunted by Gisia.
That a few people face worm wings vibration speed is very fast a flash has reached the front of Gisiah.
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Gizia immediately offered a steel fork to fight back. The steel fork moved very fast and instantly hit those people. The worm didn’t want to imagine a blow and destroyed the situation, but it made a sound of gold and iron.
The few face worms made a spin and continued to launch an attack from different angles.
There are two more direct points towards Sur.
"Father, help me!"
Sur’s body fat almost trembled. He could see clearly that he couldn’t even resist the attack of Gizia. What’s worse, is it him?