28, Jun 2024
If you surrender …

Rose’s gentle voice came to my ears as soon as the idea was born.
"I would like to end this chaotic era and let everyone live an ideal life without weird intrusion and Kuroshio differentiation.
Are you … willing to create such an era with me?
An era of pursuing happiness without disputes and troubles … "
The sound is getting louder and louder, and the eyes of many unstable warlocks are becoming more and more blurred
As Rose approaches, they have some confusion about what their thoughts and will are.
The gap between illusion and reality is gradually blurred, and the original fighting spirit is gradually dissipated.
This is temptation, but not lust temptation, but hope for peace to temptation.
High-level warlocks can also rely on their own strong spirit and personal will to resist this temptation.
And some warlocks who are not firm enough are already confused at this time.
Some of the most outrageous things have even given up resistance by squatting with their heads in their arms.
Mouth murmured, "I don’t want to die, I don’t want to continue to fight. What exactly did we fight …"
Such abandonment emotions gradually spread among the crowd.
The virtual weird still destroys the outside world, and the weird is constantly exploding.
Many warlocks are in a trance, which leads to increasing pressure on enchantment psionics.
Right here, right now …
Almost in the center of the Red Crescent Temple, a huge rock hand suddenly appeared underground.
This giant hand is so huge that the external level 5 giants are very small.
The warlock in the giant hand range immediately went belly-up, causing death and injury.
There was no wave around the giant hand, and the warlock fought back against the giant hand after a short trance.
A large number of disasters bombard rock giants
But these attacks have the same effect on the giant hand as hitting a granite cannon.
Hand clenched fist suddenly hit toward the top of the red crescent enchantment.
Almost the ultimate physical impact mixed with the ancient sound and how cold it can make the Red Crescent Temple unstable and split instantly.
Virtual crack zerg immediately break out and squeeze the red crescent enchantment spell psionic excitation place together.
Followed by the second punch and the third punch of the giant hand.
Knock! Knock!
Guarding the temple, the Millennium Red Crescent enchantment suddenly fell into a trance at this moment.
Maybe the enchantment root has not been destroyed, but the psionic power has been interrupted.
The Red Crescent enchantment quickly dissipates in a few seconds …
It also exposed the entire Red Crescent Temple to the extreme Kuroshio.
"Red Crescent enchantment is broken …" A young warlock’s eyes became more and more fearful.
Without the protection of the Red Crescent Enchantment, the Red Crescent Temple seems to be in a precarious state.
Moreover, the spider queen’s heart can interfere and there are all kinds of temptations. They have forgotten that they should fight.
Trance, mental state, weak will, loose body
These conditions come together, and the final result is that they are killed by weird or eaten by insects.
The Red Crescent Temple was in complete chaos.
Before the old warlock is andao bad for his brothers big scold a way
"Give me a little vibration over the nest is there finished eggs?
Can you live by giving up resistance at this time? Are you giants toys?
Do you think these deformed species are eating grass?