27, Jun 2024
That’s … so ironic.

When Russell wanted to be a good man and a hero, the monkey-faced eagle came to torture Luo Suxin and forced him to make a choice.
And when Russell abandoned morality, fame and all his old life and made up his mind to abandon his hero’s name …
He had to face the strong enemy again.
With people unilaterally expecting to be a "hero" again.
Even Luo Sugen is not a hero …
Success is also called abandonment.
This honor is always when he is most tired, rewarding him for coming out on his own.
"… it’s really unnecessary"
Hang your head Russell muttered in a low voice.
At this time, the masks that sank in the black mire floated out one by one to form a shield.
-this is the soul "intercepted" by Russell
The number is about 5% controlled by the monkey-faced eagle.
Russell put a mask on those souls hidden in the skull at the last moment of assimilation and before they merged into the "group consciousness"
Russell endowed these white and numb souls with "false appearances"
He gave them all the masks he had received so far.
So that they are no longer absorbed into "groups" but hide their own quality and wear masks in this world.
To put it simply, Russell took out the core and uninfected parts of their "data shells" infected by the monkey-faced eagle and gave them new shells-those built by Russell himself.
Each mask is like an amber.
There is a free and sober soul hidden in the capital.
And Russell didn’t command them at the moment.
They emerged spontaneously … Without communication, they flew silently and formed a fragile and thin shield.
The middle cranial wheel is still rotating, getting bigger and bigger, and constantly storing energy.
Made up of many masks, the shield looks so powerful before the glory.
The so-called mantis arm when the car-
"… sorry Lin Ling"
Russell murmured in a low voice
His voice is so pale and weak, as dry as a patient.
Just manipulating the "artifact" has exhausted his heart.
Every mask hides a single soul, and these souls are all in Russell’s apparatus.
It’s like there are dozens, hundreds and thousands of people talking to Russell seriously at the same time, and Russell can hear and understand everyone’s voice clearly.
To talk …
….. like a god.