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After a lamp of tea, the whole person was floating out of the sky, and the whole person looked a little hazy, which made the illusion of Chu Yun’s figure in the experience of the abode of fairies and immortals one leng

A white dress is spotless, and even his face has not changed. This is the performance after he left the country. I don’t know what happened to make him behave like this.
I shook my head and sighed, "Although I won this battle, I also lost."
Chu Yun incarnation said to this, "Do you really think so?"
Lu Li didn’t answer, but the ghost of the shadow moon asked in unison, "What do you say, young master?"
Lu Li replied, "I have fought for dozens of times in this immortal realm, but I am almost right. In the end, I forced my strength to exhaust this one, and finally disappeared into the shape. Although I won, I won, but I exhausted the other’s energy. If I really played against the master, this one can escape from my Du Jie realm, but I can’t escape the master’s immortal realm. I can’t even stay, but I really lost."
The other person still wants to talk more about it, but he says, "I think it’s okay to practice here for a few days?"
Chu Yun incarnate nodded and then passed, and the phantom of the shadow moon also nodded and disappeared.
With the increase of land separation, the secret of worrying fairy mansion is constantly emerging. For example, it was difficult to leave the shadow moon fairy mansion before. Now, with the land separation, some forbidden shadow moon fairy spirits can be projected to this experience, but they can be talked in the land.
"I’ll break through these days in a few days-"Lu Li slowly said, followed by sitting cross-legged.
A few days later, when Lu Li reappeared, it was already a sea vortex outside the sea area. As the outer brother of Poseidon stepped into Lu Li, several elders of Poseidon looked at each other and then stepped into it.
This spiral leads to the west sea, which is also located in the shallow sea. It is a famous Longyuan Valley in the sea that the brother of Poseidon is going to.
It’s said that the Dragon once lived in the valley of Longyuan Sea, but it was once in this world, but it was difficult to study it thousands of years ago. It’s also quite simple for the cousin of the Poseidon Sect to come to try it, and each person can slay three one-winged sea monsters.
This one-winged sea monster is said to be a variant of the aquatic animals. Its body is human with a scale wing on its back, so it is called the sea monster. Because this one-winged sea monster is also a human and a beast, it was originally called not a monster, but it is cruel and murderous, and it likes to devour flesh and blood most. No matter whether some weak sea beasts or monks are attacked and killed, they can’t escape the evil hands, so it is called the sea monster.
Sea monsters are divided into single-winged sea monsters, three-winged sea monsters and seven-winged sea monsters according to the years they have lived. If they grow to seven wings, they will have the fighting power comparable to the fairy masters and the speed in the sea is extremely fast. Even some people who are deeply refined and refined are hard to catch up with.
The gas refiner’s body speed is not too fast, but it is necessary to escape from this seven-winged sea monster with the help of magic weapons. If he appears, there will probably be monks who will suffer bad luck.
Just this time, it’s not important to stay away from each other. It’s just to hide in the dark and help several elders of Poseidon Sect to take care of his brother.
There are only one-winged sea monsters in the Longyuan Sea Valley, and there are few three-winged sea monsters in the 2000 meters. This trial crisis is not easy and will never face the danger of life and death.
Besides, there are several elders of Poseidon who secretly guard the security, which is much higher.
Several elders also have darkness, so the outer brothers of the Dragon Garden Sea Valley Poseidon Sect are scattered to find the one-winged Poseidon to fight and hone, which is also a trial of Poseidon Sect.
The whole practice of Poseidon Sect is very special, and this trial is also held irregularly. Once one of my brothers fails to pass the trial, they will be demoted and their candidate brothers will be expelled from Poseidon Sect if they fail again after the trial.
Similarly, even the younger brother will go through various trials, and once there is a big problem, he will be demoted. Unless he becomes a real brother, he will always face such trials.
It is precisely because of this constant tempering of pressure that these younger brothers can continue to grow up, but in their eyes, they have a deep understanding and touched some old things in his heart, which made him feel uncomfortable.
It feels as if it was just a test when the ancestor of Taikoomen attacked.
Chapter 15 Roadside
Release the mind wave for a full 160 times, with the frequency ranging from more than 100 times per second to 320,000 times, which almost covers the 1,500-foot-deep area of Longyuan Sea Valley, and all the movements of my brothers are under control.
The deepest part of the Longyuan Valley is about 4,000 feet. After all, it is not too deep in the shallow sea, but even at the position of 2,000 feet, these outside brothers dare not touch it easily. If the distance is too far, they are likely to encounter a siege from the sea demon.
Poseidon’s reputation in the sea area is still quite large, and many foreign enemies have been established. It is also normal to be away from home or in a spiritual height. The mind waves sweep through this sea area from time to time, and once an accident occurs, they will be able to detect it immediately.
It’s been a long time, and more than half of my disciples have finished this trial and killed the one-winged sea monster. This Longyuan Sea Valley looks calm, and even the distant land has been detected. There is nothing unusual, and I don’t know if what Taoist Haiwei said at that time was exaggerated.
Road flyover Shihaiwei felt something was wrong when she made this transaction, because it seemed that the transaction was not equal.
First of all, Poseidon’s reputation is brilliant, even though some powerful forces in the sea area are reluctant to provoke Poseidon, a Taoist who guards Poseidon’s Haiwei all the year round, is already close to the hegemony level of Jin Xian, and Poseidon’s patriarch is an absolute giant in the sea area.
This is only this time. The most important thing is that several elders of Poseidon Sect are following and guarding the disciples of Poseidon Sect. They are very tough. If you want to attack and kill the disciples of Poseidon Sect, you must pass the elders of Poseidon Sect first.
In order to achieve this goal, the number of dispatched experts is bound to be quite large, and even if it is not more than the elders of Poseidon, it is necessary to be able to escape from the elders of Poseidon. Only in this way can we attack and kill my cousin and then flee.
But the most important thing is that even if there are some talented people, it is not worth the risk of the remaining forces.
Even so, there is still no slack in the land, and the wave of thoughts keeps sweeping the force and scanning this area.
But the eyes are far away, but they are confused.
Looking at the fish swimming in the vast sea, the thoughts are like being stretched and stretched as far as the distance.
Scenes emerge in my mind, and bits and pieces in the practice of fighting emerge like silk, which makes my thoughts more messy.
"I practice the road?" Lu Li asked himself to answer, but he was still swinging.
Seeing that he practiced all kinds of methods, except reversing the Heart Sutra, killing the Heart Sutra and pointing to two avenues, all kinds of methods were in a bottleneck stage.
It is a great way to be overbearing by nine turns rather than destroying and subverting everything by polar rotation. It is absolutely impossible to trace back to the source to realize the great way.
Extreme Tai Chi is an ultimate Tao, but it is also a kind of avenue. At the same time, it is difficult to estimate which avenue is strong or weak to varying degrees.
Extrapolar repolarization is also a great way in the door, and its position is lofty and can be separated from the earth. Although it is studied deeply, it is not this way.
It’s said that there is a fierce battle in the ghost domain in the north of China, and it’s braver than the sky, but it’s finally fallen, so it’s natural to have a special physique, practice extreme skills and realize that the road is not comparable to ordinary people.
The same five-element method is also stagnant. The five-element god tactic is fair among the fairy masters, but it is much worse than the original five-element magic of Li Mu. Although the five-element borrowing technique is also very mysterious and weird, it is only aimed at absorbing the five-element life yuan to practice the road.
Tai Chi Avenue is easier to understand than the Great Tao, but the Taiji Heart Sutra requires practitioners to constantly practice hard, which is extremely time-consuming and time-consuming. At present, it is the most lacking.