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After a big splash of saliva, Xuantu can pity the turtle and not pit his face, looking forward to worrying about everyone’s reaction

Falling into the river, the master of the Five Emperors is even more * * smiling at the Xuan soil. Judging from the description of the Xuan soil, the peerless good medicine is really unusual. Maybe this dead fat pretending to be alive is just thinking about deceiving a few people to chase the imaginary two scars outside the emperor level.
Is it possible? Think of the history of those who cultivate the emperor’s level and the possibility of the strong terror, and wait for yourself just now, but I was fooled twice by this death. Do you want to come again for the third time?
Xuantu didn’t know that he was self-absorbed, adding oil to the sauce, saying that Xingqitian was an external body to repair the emperor’s level of the strong, which made Luohe and other emperor-level experts describe the precious medicine without believing it, which made the strong people more convinced that the medicine was seriously injured by themselves and would surely run away with it.
"If you are fat, hand over that medicine or die!" With an emperor level, its seven emperor level masters once again hold swords and gather strong emperor level quarrelling.
The mysterious soil face really presents a face of death and sorrow, and I beg for mercy. I told you what the medicine was robbed by those two hateful scars, but I didn’t think that I had just made up a half-truth lie with loopholes.
"all right! Stop it. "The Xuan soil is full of despair and malice, and when it is desperately trying, it sinks into stupidity. In thinking, Qing Ming shouts and stops the people from trying to make moves.
I feel that all the strong people have cast unfriendly eyes again. Qing Ming twisted his eyebrows and said, "Those two strong people with ferocious scars have confused the battlefield and easily escaped my sneak attack!"
The faint words of Qing Ming let Xuan Tu hear it, but it was like the sound of the sky. Finally, someone could testify by himself.
【 Chapter 226 The old man is talented 】
Boom A turquoise sword light flashed by, and the two rough figures ducked when sealing each other’s palms. The sword mans two ferocious scars and four eyes beads * * calmly looked at each other with a royal blue youth.
Whoo! Qing Ming opened his eyes from the memory, and his hands were suddenly and violently holding it. It is no wonder that he felt two strands of brake gas at that time, one head with two horns and one hand, and a light * * sword followed Xuan soil to describe the same.
Qing Ming’s words made Qing and Qing Dan, two imperial masters, stop and look at Qing Ming in amazement. The six imperial strong men who fell into the river were also slightly slow to persecute Xuan Tu Jian Mang.
Six people also hesitate to look at this blue expression, but they don’t like to lie to themselves. You know, just now, this green emperor can still be called a buddy with this dead fat.
"I’ve seen those two men in Xuantu. Are you sure that they are both masters of physical cultivation?" Qing Ming’s heavy eyes looked at the Xuan soil and he heard the heavy tone of the Qing Ming’s body-repairing emperor master around the Xuan soil. The faces of the two emperor masters changed greatly.
During the period when Xingqi was recuperating, Borg had sneaked into the experience area by himself twice, and gave three powerful soul beasts five Dan Qing Ming, four of them, while the two imperial masters next to him each got two.
Borg did this because he was afraid that the blood statue would be traced. If the other two imperial masters of Qing Ming knew each other and tried to chase the nebula day, it would probably cause the blood statue to pay attention.
"Well, those two scars must be imperial masters. I’ve seen them with my own eyes. I don’t know if the little scar with two horns is an external imperial master, but the big scar-faced man is definitely a Hugh." Xuan Tu saw that everyone was a little loose and quickly meditated on what he saw
"Hum!" Will the five imperial masters who fell into the river once again hand the sword to the mysterious soil with two horns be strong outside the body? This is obviously a powerful emperor-level spirit beast. Of course, the other one is also probably an emperor-level spirit beast. If I had known this mysterious land was uneasy and kind, I didn’t expect to attract myself to go and find two emperor-level spirit beasts desperately.
Qing Ming is also completely disappointed with Xuan soil. It’s good not to go out to one side and not brake. But now that we know that the two scars, let these imperial masters brake the Xuan soil to die. We can check that they are green and green, and then go to find the two scars.
Once again, I feel that the seven imperial masters have a strong sense of self-defense. I just did everything for nothing. I really want to die here. The mysterious soil has a strong resentment. By the way, everything started when I was broken by that scar face and practiced myself, and I walked step by step to the present field.
Xuan tu felt a deep hatred in his heart, and he couldn’t wait to blow the stars to pieces, eat them raw and cook them alive, and they were born unconsciously.
Xuan soil suddenly cried again, "What’s the name of that scar nebula day?"
Ding! Handed to the Xuan soil seven big sword stopped, even a master of Qing Ming’s imperial level was full of surprise, and a master of imperial level also burst out with a brake gas.
Xuan soil knew that he was alive to an emperor master and believed it. Just because Xuan soil quoted the name Nebula Day, he saw the emperor master withdraw his sword. When the emperor level was overwhelmed, he was steadfast. Xuan soil was like a poisonous snake and glanced at the emperor master.
Although I don’t know what the name Xingyuntian means, even if I die in the end, I have to pull the scar and recite these brakes. If my imperial master can’t find the treasure medicine, he will definitely find the scar and the scar is abnormal. They’d better tear off the brakes again and die with him.
From this imperial master, I know that I have to make good use of this point now to really live. The hatred in the sky is as crazy as the madness in my eyes. From time to time, I will say "Die Scar, Die Nebula Day, I will let you die a natural death …"
"Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that my old friend said that the treasure medicine may indeed have been robbed by the nebula day. Although my old friend was injured by the scar nebula day today, he will make a crazy trip today." Qing Ming swept the Xuan soil * * poison in the blink of an eye and handed it to the other seven imperial masters.
When I heard this, I felt a great passion for Qing Ming. I knelt down with Qing Ming, so it was a good platform. Seeing Qing Ming now is like seeing my parents again.
In order to cooperate with Qing Ming’s words, the mysterious soil is even more driven to foam at the mouth and the body is light and disorderly jump from time to time.
Well, the master of the five emperors who fell into the river also bowed to Qing Ming in return, knowing that Qing Ming wanted to give this fat a chance to turn back. Now this fat is no longer important. What is important is that if the emperor nebula really got that peerless good medicine, he must be beaten before he can increase his achievements.
People are aware that it is an opportunity for everyone to get together now because they are interested in the nebula temple. Of course, it is very good for Qing Ming. Isn’t this fat turtle also a master who hates the nebula day?
Caught in the middle of a mess, the strong people see Xuan soil this fat again. Although it is disgusting, I despise this fat again in my heart. I have to give a sympathetic look to myself.
In the experience area of sunset mountain range, there is a mountain forest and a deep valley. W ~ an imperial master is discussing something, and next to it, there is a fat man with long hair and a full face of dirt, foaming at the mouth and talking some crazy words like a god.
After a discussion, the six imperial masters were divided into three teams and cast a complicated look towards the fat, jumping up and flying in three directions.
Lindsey put a jade bottle in front of Xuantu. "An old friend of Xuantu sent you this Dan medicine. I hope you can cure the brain-dead injury." Qing Ming looked at Xuantu with a dignified face and nodded his head. He also rose to the ground and flew to the last direction.
Bang! Bang! Green and green light look complicated when they come. Looking at the Xuan soil and hearing the words of Qing Ming, doesn’t this show that the swearing family is stupid or that the boss can still get gratitude when he scolds others?
The two of them also rose from the ground. Whoo! It’s extremely difficult to chuckle when you leave two.
For a long time, the valley was silent again, and some bugs came out to feed as if the invaders had left.
Bang! Whoa, whoa! Three wuya was started up and flew directly to the distance. A face full of ferocious violence got up from the ground with eyes wide open. A face of * * sank and glanced around. The mouth was chanting, "The nebula will die a natural death, blue inflammation, and green ghost will die a natural death …"
Climb up fat from the ground, take a few steps, suddenly turn around again, and suddenly flash into the dark mountain forest.
More than a dozen Huang-level experts who have experienced the wind field are looking for something all over the sky! Three figures, such as Mangxing, crossed the mountain forest and found the green, pale and green people in the direction of Xingqi, scanning the deep forest constantly.
Whew! The ups and downs of trees flashed through the eyes of Qing Ming. Qing Ming was surprised by Xuantu’s kneeling today, but he was still very excited. Hey, hey, with his last few words, Xuantu is not grateful to remember himself.
Hey hey! The former Xuan Tu died, and now Xuan Tu is a poisonous snake. After calculating by himself, it will become a poisonous snake in his own hand … Qing Ming * * smiled but didn’t know that everything he did today was lost by the two faint smiles of Qing and Qing Dan, and Xuan Tu is indeed a poisonous snake now. Even he Qing Ming is the same.
Xingqi’s mind sank into the purple mansion, and the purple mansion was full of light black mind everywhere, and the purple mansion also showed a broken mark again. A deep and remote flame bingo was rapidly filled with the mind, and the purple mansion was scurrying around, while the light black mind was rounded up from all sides.
Bang! Another mental shock, another failure, quietly hiding from the scar of Star Wonder, and the face is even paler. The deep flame bingguo stream once again broke free from the shackles of its own mind and was hit by a light black mind, which shook up even more.
Hum, hum, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing.
Suppressing these guys’ minds for a long time doesn’t cost much, but every time they consume a little mind, it’s like a needle in their soul. This kind of soul pain is the reason why they are getting more and more tired.
Actually, the two can’t be fixed together, so first bind the flame to the residual sky and then deal with the ice fruit flow. Think of Xingqi’s efforts to round up the flame again. The house is still lit with four colors of light valley, but haha, people are watching the bonfire outside. The barbecue on the grill is gone
Two days haha swallowed a piece of venison again and added a mouth to see each other with a full face of oil pollution. Both of them had a smile, and they were not worried about the house star.
Hoo hoo! A breeze Xu Lai bonfire roared like being stimulated.
Bang! At a hillside more than 50 miles away from Xingqi, a bigger bonfire suddenly roared, and the flames went straight for more than a few meters, and the high fire continued to sound like a guest was coming.
While sitting by the campfire, there were nine strong men, each carrying a huge deer’s leg and gnawing at the nine strong men. It was the lurking who followed Xing Qi, and they were stunned for more than half a night and scared away by Xing Qi’s eyes.
"Sweet, sweet." The old man gulped down venison, but his mouth was full of praise. "Gaga is really sweet. It’s a man’s strength." A Han dumped his head and blew up a wine again, and some of them shouted.
The old man with a strong man deliberately shouted away to the surrounding areas for a few miles, brushing a series of rustling rings in the dense forest.
"Ha ha ha!" I heard the old man and a strong man shaking in the jungle and laughed loudly. I finally dressed up as Yaya when I was lurking, but I was fed up with the fragrance. These night souls around here are now in their own mood, right?
It’s quite unpleasant to squat in the dark forest and watch others eat meat and drink wine, but it’s a great pleasure to sit by a bonfire and swallow meat and drink wine and listen to the distance.
Shh! The old man let it stop when he was empty, but he also learned the strange things. Suddenly, his eyes looked at a dense forest that was shaking.
Brush! The old man looked at the dense forest and the leaves rang faster, but in the direction of far away.
"Ha ha ha!" A strong man was once again amused by the old man this time. After leaving Xingqi, the old man said that he saw the brake from Xingqi’s eyes at that time.
"Ha ha, old man, I’m really talented!" The old man was very proud to listen to everyone laughing and smelling the smell of wine and meat. It was all his own idea to barbecue and burn a bonfire at the end.
Whoo! The old man suddenly smiled, his eyes full of brakes, and he looked at a strong man with a piece of incense in one hand and a barbecue in the other. He thought about repeating the look of Xingqi, and when all the strong men were ready to laugh, the old man’s black jaw suddenly contracted extremely, and his hand fell to the ground, and his flesh looked behind the strong man with a face of fear.
The old man’s eyes are wide open, and behind the strong man, three main masters with quarrelling aperture are coming from the imperial palace.
【 Chapter 227 Momentum Confrontation 】
Hoo hoo! Three meteors quickly rowed towards the bonfire. Well, a strong man also felt his eyes stunned and turned to look behind him.
Green, green and pale three people roared through the dense forest and found Xingqi. Although they were fighting against the emperor’s aperture, they were also suffering from the cold wind in the middle of the night, constantly trying to sweep the mountains and forests, which made the three people very tired.
What annoys the master of Green Ghost in san huang is that he is busy looking for those two scars in the middle of the night. His ya actually has an eye on nine human beings to light a bonfire and enjoy it.
Bang bang! The strong old men are all very heart-throbbing, but they dare not escape from the three meteors in an arc. Nine has landed.
Brush! The bonfire attracted three bucket emperors, scaring the strong men who lurked in the dark to flee to the distance quickly.
Hum! With a cold hum, Qingdan raised a long sword and a huge sword awn swept straight to the forest where the shadows turned fastest. "The fugitives died!"
With the words of green light and cold ice, boom! Ah! There are still a few screams when the tree collapses and the mountain forest thunders.
Whoo! As soon as the crazy cold wind blows, the jungle becomes silent again, which is more than the strong ones. The jungle dare not move casually, and the old man’s strong heart is also cold. Most of the current ecstasy is as furious as death.
"You still want me to come out by yourself!" With that, Qing Ming went to the campfire, and a green light flashed through three large pieces of venison, which were cut and thrown into the green light, and she enjoyed herself alone.
Bang, bang! From time to time, the flaming bonfire jumped out. The fire snake, the green snake, and the emperor finally had a full meal before looking at the trembling. He looked at his three people, more than twenty strong people, and more than twenty strong people were divided into two groups. One splash was just forced out by the green sword and the other wave was just the barbecue.
With a faint smile on his face, Qing Ming went to all the strong people. "Nice, very good at enjoying this bonfire barbecue. Whose idea was it?"
Well, the green ghost smile is particularly gloomy. The strong quickly looked at the old man and nine people, while the old man and nine people looked at the old man.
The old man heaved a sigh of relief before he got scared. "My Lord, this is my idea."
"Ha-ha, the boss and grandmother will really enjoy others braving the jungle to die, but they are here to warm themselves and eat meat, and they dare not come to them to come up with this idea. This old man is really talented!" It’s hard for Qing to praise him, but the old man is quite embarrassed. He was so proud just now.
The old man fixed his gaze on it, and the strong man looked at the emperor of three fights with a face of anger and a face of pleasing.
"Ha ha, old man, now that you are so talented, I ask you what if I want to find someone quickly but don’t want to make it known?" Qing Ming finally said the main idea of coming here.