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Zhang Yang is the first time to see the statue of the Lord’s strong hand can’t help but see it.

That’s amazing!
Although the original strength is God’s main territory, neither the spirit coercion nor the strength of God’s body is weaker than the strong one in God’s King’s territory.
Zhang Yang originally thought that it should not be difficult for him to escape even if he could not compete with the strong in the respect of the main environment in case of conflict.
But Zhang Yang’s confidence has completely collapsed after seeing Lenkas’s hand.
This kind of state is not the same level, and he believes that if Lenkas is now fighting against himself, his roots will be wiped out.
Run away?
That’s impossible!
It seems that I am still not strong enough!
Work hard and be strong!
Seeing that Lunkas is surging and the terrorist power is surging, Zhang Yang has not been hit, but its confidence in pursuing the strong road has become more determined.
The chain worm was killed and the blockade around it was not eliminated immediately.
Zhang Yang can also sense the fluctuation of time law around him, that is, the residual breath of chain worms weakens, but the weakening speed is very slow
Zhang Yang feels that even if it is a few days later, no one dares to pass the wormhole here for safety reasons.
A wormhole in the virtual is to link two nodes in the virtual and then send them through another dimension or through a gap in the dimension.
Here, if the virtual stability is destroyed, the probability of failure will increase, and one mistake will be thrown into the cracks of the dimension and will not return. It can also be regarded as a narrow escape, and the wormhole will be unstable, which is the most terrible.
"Damn chain worms! Kill them and you can’t send any more here! "
Aaron Keith depressed expression turned and stepped away.
Zhang Yang knew that he must have gone to find his relatively stable virtual node to send his friar here.
Aaron Keith from here fighting has entered a white-hot state.
Swarms of borers pounced wildly and couldn’t be killed.
There is also a huge worm, which is full of energy and moves slowly, but sprays a slurry attack at a long distance.
This slurry is extremely destructive, extremely fast and covers a large area.
Zerg is really the most gregarious race. When this obese insect sprays slurry, it blocks the dense swarm in front of them, but it can hide in time.
Occasionally, there is a mistake, but the proportion of self-loss is very low
Every friar is appalled that such a chaotic battlefield can accurately sit at this point.
And this slurry caused great trouble to the monks.
It’s too difficult to hide from the overwhelming presence of borers around you.
When Zhang Yang majored in law, speed has always been a strong point. Naturally, it is easy for him to have several strong gods.
Most of the Godsworn brothers can avoid a part and the rest can fight hard.
"I want to hold on! Please help me in your temples! "
A friar with ribbed wings was hit by several slurries one after another, and his body seemed to be bathed in magma.
This monk is obviously majoring in water law. The blue field is as vast as the ocean.
However, just like the slurry, the property makes mana consumption reach an extremely horrible speed.
Seeing his breath getting weaker and weaker.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-five Kill Explosicum worm.
No one helped him at this time.
Even the monks who are close to him and still have spare capacity will not make moves.
Fighting against the Zerg has entered a white-hot state, and every moment consumes a lot of mana. Who is willing to save others and consume mana?