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It was my cousin but before he could conquer, he was dead who was killed and the master was injured at that time. It happened that he was also the one who took Li Yan in front to help heal the master. I didn’t expect that it would be good for two people in the long run.

"Li Yan is a whole junior teacher, so you can’t find him again." Jimo’s anger gradually disappeared, but there was a feeling of heartache.
Yuan Xiang walked over and held her in her arms. "The moon has told the master that you like Li Lang. If you don’t abandon the master, the master is willing to never be with Li Lang again from now on."
Jimo Yue’s face turned red. "No, I didn’t like that master Li Yan. Don’t talk nonsense."
"You can’t fool the teacher to see you grow up. You know how much you care." Yuan Xiang is also a sad face. She was afraid that saying it would hurt the moon’s heart.
Li Yan doesn’t know how long she’s been sitting outside, and it’s getting dark. It’s estimated that there will be two or three hours at least.
"Yuan Xiang even forgot his man, so he kicked me out." He was nai and wry smile. "I don’t know what Yuan Xiang and Jimo girl said in the hope of solving this misunderstanding."
Suddenly, at this time, the cabin came to Yuan Xiang’s voice, "Bad, I almost forgot Li Lang outside." Then the gate hit Yuan Xiang with his head down and a face of shame came along.
"Li Lang is my concubine."
Li Yan got up and hugged Yuan Xiang’s waist and said, "How about it doesn’t matter? Jimo girl is not angry with us. Actually, I told you earlier that this matter should be picked earlier, and the longer it takes, the worse it will be. Look, Jimo girl is killing me just now."
Yuan Xiang twisted her waist and tried to break free, but Li Yan didn’t let go. She said, "This is because my body is wrong. Although the moon has been guided, my mood is still unhappy. It is estimated that there has been a knot in my heart, but there will be a long time to come. She will slowly see Li Lang. Honestly, was it seen by the moon when we were in love in the quiet room?"
Li Yan smiled awkwardly. "I don’t know when she came. I’m busy with you. It’s still too late when I find out."
"No wonder" Yuan Xiang Jiaochen said, "My body guessed it"
"Oh, how did you guess?" Li Yan was surprised. He remembered that Yuan Xiang didn’t seem to see it.
Yuan Xiang looked behind him and found that no one whispered, "Is Li Lang white because the moon is sitting there with a pool of water stains?"
"Ha ha" Li Yan scratching his head embarrassed smile.
Yuan Xiang added, "It’s human nature that Li Lang Mo Xiao Yue Er didn’t understand this matter and reacted, but there is one thing that has to be told to Li Lang that my concubine and Yue Er just discussed. If she agrees to our mentoring, they will serve Li Lang together."
"Huh?" Li Yan’s heart jumped with a jerk and his eyes widened. "It’s not something you can just say."
Yuan Xiang said, "If you can’t, my moon has just hung up a mentoring status, and it’s not a sister. Besides, sisters also work together. Let Li Lang look for a woman outside at random. It’s better to let the moon accompany you. She has been kind to you for a long time, but the moon is a person who can’t express her feelings. It’s normal for you to ignore Li Lang. Today, while everything is going on, she has chosen a concubine and boldly persuaded you."
"What was the result?" Li Yan could not help but ask
Yuan Xiang shook his head. "I didn’t agree with the moon, which means I don’t want to rob a man with my master, but I finally forgive us for crossing the moon, and we can stay together aboveboard."
Li Yan laughed. "That’s enough. If you really want your master to go with you, I guess I have to cultivate three generations of virtues."
Yuan Xiang covered her mouth and smiled. "Li Langshi didn’t end up without a chance. The moon doesn’t hate you. This woman doesn’t hate a man. It’s not far away. Why don’t Li Lang try harder to win the moon’s heart?"
"I’d like to, but it’s a pity that we will leave in a day or two," Li Yan said.
Yuan Xiang nodded, "Yes, I have to go." He said that there was a trace of hesitation in his eyes.
Chapter five hundred and six Magic attack
I don’t know if I misunderstood the reason or if Yuan Xiang really said Jimo Month. When she saw Li Yan coming in at the moment, she looked a little strange and didn’t react much.
"Master Moon has gone back." Jimo Yue got up at this time and said that he didn’t seem to want to stay here. I don’t know if it was Li Yan.
Yuan Xiang nodded. "Well, then you should be careful. It’s too messy now. Why don’t I send Li Lang to you?"
"No disciple excused himself." Jimo Moon returned to a cold appearance, giving people a feeling of retreating three feet.
See leave yuan Xiang just a slight sigh "it seems that the moon is still in the heart, and this matter has also hit her too hard for the two of us, but it’s good to slow down and she will miss it."
"I hope so, but what shall we do if we leave Jimo girl in a couple of days and let her stay in Amen? Now Taiamen can’t be at ease. Once the monster attacks, it will be doomed. How many people can live there is still unknown. Why don’t you make a reason to let her leave Taiamen and suffer from Bojimo in the future? It’s just that she has not yet reached the realm of moving stars to protect herself, which is somewhat dwarfed, "said Li Yan.
Yuan Xiang wanted to think, "Li Lang didn’t say that my body almost forgot, so I went to tell Moon to let her go home."
"The day after that, we will leave for Japan, and I will also say goodbye to the master and senior brothers, but it will be trivial so that we can feel at ease when we leave." Li Yan said that he also intends to suggest that the two senior brothers avoid Tai Amen. Although Tai Amen looks calm, it is stormy and misty, and it may be destroyed at any time.
It’s better to leave early than to be threatened by life all the time here. I’m afraid that Bo Songyang and blind love will not leave Taiamen.
"It’s getting late in Li Lang, let’s have a rest." Suddenly Yuan Xiang smiled shyly.
Li Yan surprised way "rest again? We seem to have had a rest before. "
Yuan Xiang was embarrassed and bowed his head. "Today, I told the moon that we had solved the misunderstanding and my body was very happy … If Li Lang doesn’t want to, then forget it."
It’s rare to take the initiative once. Li Yan can’t refuse to walk, hug the thin waist and say with smile, "Let’s lay down my life to accompany you and love you today. If you can’t let me enjoy myself today, I can’t stop."
Yuan Xiang said, "My body is not afraid of Li Lang, just come."
Li Yan ha ha a smile two people embrace into the room.
However, in the early morning of the next day, the Taiamen Wall, a nine-foot-high wall, blocked the vast mountain like a moat. The Chu Yang just rose with soft sunshine and dark steel mountains reflecting cold and cold light. Every other distance, there is a godsworn’s post. This is the new rule of Taiamen. It is necessary to take turns to put your hands around this wall every 12 hours. Even a fly will be killed.
There is a monk sitting in a gazebo on the city wall. This is a monk in Nuoxingjing. If Li Yan recognizes this person again, it is Fang Lei who killed himself before.