22, Jun 2024
He has to be in the tunnel to detonate the magnetic pulse bomb, otherwise it will damage the lunar spacecraft.

The bee colony offensive is getting more and more fierce, and Brian is getting a little overwhelmed. After all, he just passed through a chase and passed out halfway, and his physical condition is not at his best.
After Brian once again narrowly evaded the attack, Zhang Tianyuan frowned and opened a time tunnel behind the spacecraft. The second attack of the bee colony went straight through the time tunnel.
And then an instant
Tunnel closure
When the bee colony just reached in, the tunnel part was cut off by Qigen, and a large number of pieces were lost for no reason, and now it looks smaller.
The bee colony doesn’t seem to have any white hair, and what part of its body has been continuously searched and even slowed down a lot.
Taking this opportunity, Brian continued to accelerate and rushed into the passage.
They all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw here.
Zhang Tianyuan asked a member of the mutual aid association next to him, "What day is it on the 4th today?"
When the man took out his cell phone and opened his face, the calendar replied, "It’s Thursday over there."
"That’s good. Think of it as a crazy Thursday for pioneers."
“? ? ?”
Pioneer planet
It is still dark red and gloomy.
The pioneers are huddled together to discuss countermeasures with each other.
It is the mutual aid association that makes them so ready.
It’s unacceptable to throw a nuclear bomb at them every 13-5 and they can’t fight back.
All the pioneers will take this opportunity to get together for the conference.
But while driving, suddenly one of them looked up and saw a familiar black hole open …
? ? ?
What is that?
Isn’t it more than a dozen earths before a new round of bombing?
All pioneers were deceived.
However, they soon discovered that it was not a nuclear bomb that emerged from the time tunnel, and there was nothing shocking. It was a mass of black loose material.
We had a face-to-face eye-to-eye communication and soon sent people to investigate and control.
Those damn earthlings don’t think they’re here as overtime trash cans, do they? !
Several pioneers wrapped in radiation protection armor quickly approached the black loose material that fell from it, and then they saw that it suddenly shook.
Surging, rolling and spinning …
By the recent several pioneers blink of an eye into a ball of blood foam!
Program restart of small bee colony department
"Find the signal and continue to execute-clear the living body!"
After discovering that Shilian didn’t disappear by itself, the bees chose to give up chasing Brian and flew into the passage.
It’s extremely fast, Brian, and even stepping on the accelerator of the spaceship can’t make up for the absolute hardware gap, and the two sides are getting closer and closer.
But it’s just what Brian wants.
He gave two people next to him a look.
Fowler and another astronaut, Ma Hui, left their seats and went to the back cabin where the magnetic pulse bomb was placed.
Fowler made a final inspection of the magnetic pulse bomb, and the astronauts informed the Mutual Aid Association.
"We are about to take action."
Ten seconds later, the two men made a K gesture to Brian.
Brian made a quick decision
Press the button of separating cabin section to throw the rear cabin into the channel.
It was in the blink of an eye that the bee colony chased the warship and turned its huge body into several black tentacles to wrap the spaceship up.
When the tunnel has been opened around them.
Astronauts and Fowler held back their feelings and pressed the bomb remote control button.
Last two seconds of countdown
In the back cabin, two people directly drilled into the tunnel next to them.
Two bombs are left and the final countdown is still going on