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If we can find some suitable equipment from these cars, it seems that it won’t be long before the ATV can gallop through the wasteland and be the most beautiful boy.

But … Do you have gasoline?
Lin Yue was jealous of the former one who sold him gasoline, and after looking for it for so long, he couldn’t find any refueling goods.
He is short of alloy and gasoline now.
"Come on, Xiaobai, let’s go back for a trip and then collect some cars." Lin Yue felt that the temperature seemed to be much lower than before. Although there was no time, he also knew that it seemed not far from dark.
Get out of here now, or it’ll get dark. It’s possible what will happen here.
I remembered that when the street met the marginal spider silk, Lin Yue was also disgusting
If all those things come out, his life will not be enough.
"Puji ~" seems to know that the master is going back to Xiaobai to lead the way. He has just had enough to eat and drink, and he has regained some spirit.
Lin Yue followed Xiaobai back to the shore. Looking into the distance, the road has become a little deep blue, and the sea can’t help but be a little excited.
If you don’t sleep when you get back, you have to get the car out!
This time, he has gained a lot, and sure enough, he has become more and more hands and feet than in the past.
From the roadside to the beach, Lin Yue thought about it and put away a square meter of asphalt pavement. Isn’t it ok to build a road in a different world?
However, when he got up and walked to the beach and looked in the direction of Gu Men, he found that it should have disappeared there!
Chapter 12 Searching, Exiting and Surrounding
Lin Yue looked at the wool in his eyes and looked at the beach again.
You’re right.
What about the door? What about our door? There’s only one wool left?
Don’t …
He tugged at the wool and ran quickly on the beach. He looked at the much clearer full moon and felt uneasy.
At the end of the wool is the pike that plunged deeply into the beach. Lin Yue picked up the pike and looked ahead.
Then there should be a secret place. There are waves lapping on the beach in the direction of Gu Men
When we got to the sea, Lin Yue did find his secret place, Gu Men, but it has left some masonry doors completely submerged in the sea.
"Poop, poop, poop!" Xiaobai warned what would happen when Lin Yue entered the sea, and Lin Yue did not continue to step forward.
There are many things in the white waves rolled up in the distance in the telescope. Their white tentacles keep dancing in the sea.
And the waves push them further to this shore!
"Come on! Xiaobai can’t stay here! "
Who knows what will happen when the tide is coming in? What the hell are those dense tentacles?
When he came here before, he did worry about the possibility of a high tide, but now that it has happened, he has no time to lament how unlucky he is.
It will be dead in an hour or two, and the sky will fall into darkness. At this moment, Lin Yue has seen the sun in the horizon to the west, and there is not much distance left from the sea level
You should never stay near the beach. The unknown thing may crawl ashore …
Running quickly to the highway, Lin Yue kept thinking.
Are you looking for a very secluded place to rest for one night? Or …
He did think of another road, but it was more difficult and difficult to walk, but it was much safer than this mysterious monster that would come out.
"poof-poof-poof-poof?" Xiaobai doesn’t know where his master is going. He has been performing his duties with his master and is constantly on the alert.
One person and one pet returned to the apartment building, but it was the same as before, and there was no difference.
Lin Yue looked at the bank.
The vault in there is really a good place
Before he entered the place sealed by the triple alloy security door, it stopped at the same time and remained unchanged for decades.
What if his inner wall alloy door is sealed again?
I’m afraid it will be quite safe inside, but when I come out early the next morning, I may encounter another scene
Street tentacles monster and monster pterodactyl corpse will definitely attract more terrible monsters out, which is certain to happen.
Even if there are hundreds of monster pterosaurs, he can’t stand it
Lin Yue shook his head.
This is the worst place. If you can’t find what he is looking for, then there is no way for him to get in there.
"poof-poof?" Xiao Bai looked at the charred monster’s body and wanted to leave here quickly, which seemed to urge Lin Yue to make a decision quickly.
Lin Yue took a deep breath and walked past the tentacles monster’s body and came to their most hidden shop in Du Ping.
They should have come from there, so maybe there’s what he’s looking for-Gu Men!