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She sat there without starting work and kept covering her left foot. It seemed that her ankle was sprained. She looked at me for a long time and said, "I came to play in the mountains with my family and got lost with my family."

I didn’t find it strange when I heard it. It’s not far from Changbai Mountain. This girl must have been separated from her family in the city. Looking at this girl dressed so fashionable and looking at herself, her roots are falling off. She and others are two people from all over the world, so I’m too lazy to mind my own business and carry a sickle to go home for lunch.
Seeing that I’m leaving, the girl’s sugar content is extremely high. She came behind me. "I’m thirsty and hungry now. Can you take me to a place to rest?"
I turned around and saw that she was looking forward to looking at me. I thought it was a bit too much to leave her a delicate girl here in this deserted place, so I said to her, "Come with me first, come to my house and ask my mother to cook you some food."
The girl’s face lit up. She got up from the ground and almost fell down. I hurried over to hold her. It seems that her left foot is really hurt.
But my help doesn’t matter, but it surprised me into a cold sweat!
This girl’s body is soft and soft, and she feels comfortable, but her mother is cold and cold without any temperature!
I put a hand on my forehead and sweated a little. I looked at her with fear. Since I was a child, I have been holding grandmothers all day, and I have been telling children strange things. I grew up listening to her ghost stories when I was a child. Maybe I met a ghost in broad daylight today?
When she saw me like this, she smiled and said, "I’m a little feverish and cold."
I touched her forehead with a brave hand, and the tentacles were as cold as ice. I said, "Sister, you have a fever, but you have chills!" "
"Well, I’m a little sick now, and I can’t walk. Please carry me to your house, and I’ll give you more money." She said, reaching into her pocket and handing me two hundred dollars.
I refused, but she still forced me to take money to eliminate the disaster. Besides, I didn’t suffer because she was so watery, so I picked her up and hurried home.
But when I carried her, I regretted it. I regretted my back. She was as light as carrying a mass of cotton!
I was so scared that my legs were a little weak that I didn’t dare to look back at her. At this time, there was no one in this lonely path, and the autumn wind burst and blew a wisp of her black hair into my mouth! The cold feeling on my back makes my heart even colder. Now I can be sure that I am definitely not a person carrying a girl!
If it’s not a person, what can it be? I dare not think about it again.
I dare not speak. I can drive me home with trembling legs. I can even hear my heart beating now. That "thing" on my back can’t tell that it’s her. A pair of slender white arms tightly hug my neck and put her head next to my ear. If I let those estrus turtles in the village see this charming situation, I won’t envy them to death, but I know best that I’m in trouble today. Because her head has been lying in my ear for a long time, I didn’t hear her breathe once.
What expression does a person have when he is extremely nervous? I didn’t have a mirror at that time, but I guess my face must be whiter than her.
Stumbling behind her back into the village, I met Liu Gengui, a small rich man in the village who belongs to his family. There are at most dozens of acres of land in the village. He is also a rich second generation in Helong Village. This young man is about my age, and he is naturally lascivious all day with the idea of playing with the little girls in the village. At this time, he saw me coming back with such a beautiful girl on his back. His little eyes are jabbering around and looking at me. How can I take care of him and keep walking home with his head down?
Liu Gengui looked at me like a lost soul, carrying a girl on my back and seeing us go far away. He stamped his foot and scolded his mother and started to talk to his wife’s grandmother sitting in the village tree.
"Sun Popo, you don’t know everything. Why can’t I meet such a beautiful girl when my family is so rich? You see how poor Yan Si’s dogs are, and why should such a watery girl come here and argue? " Liu Gengui bitterly said to Sun Po
Grandmother Sun glanced in my direction, her eyes closed slightly, and her face was not as good as usual. She sighed and said to Liu Gengui, "Listen to your mother-in-law and stay as far away from this girl as possible."
I finally came home with the girl on my back. It was no less than a long March of 25,000 miles for me. When I entered the hospital, I didn’t even know which leg to take first. After seeing the girl, I didn’t bite and hid back in the kennel.
"Aren’t you very fierce at ordinary times? Why are you so embarrassed at this time!" I glanced at the big black heart and secretly scolded the girl for not daring to look at her. First, I was scared. Second, she was too cold to freeze me.
Dad went to the city on business and hasn’t come back yet. My mother saw me bring back such a beautiful and delicate girl. My mother also said to me in some accidents, "Why didn’t the four dogs come back for dinner? Who is this girl?"
I forced out a smile and didn’t dare to tell my mother what I thought, otherwise the words angered this deadly "thing". Maybe my mother would suffer. "Mom, she is a city girl. Maybe she lost her way to Changbai Mountain and my family twisted her ankle, so I brought her back."
Mom nodded her head. She is a kind-hearted and simple peasant woman, and naturally agreed with me. She said, "Come on in, girl. You’ve just finished cooking, and then let my four dogs send you out to the mountain. It’s really dangerous for you to run here alone."
Mom said, so she went into the house and said hello to her politely. I stole a look at her. She smiled more beautifully, which made people like to see at a glance. Mom liked her very much and warmly welcomed her into the house for dinner. I knew what was going on in my heart. Now it was really bitter. I dare not say it or not.
There’s nothing delicious in the backcountry. My mother cooked potatoes and stewed beans, and steamed a pot of big steamed bread with dried radish and pickles. When she came to my mother, the girls in the city would be very delicate and could not get used to this peasant food. I didn’t expect this "girl" to eat with relish. I chatted with my mother from time to time, although it was not polite at all, but judging from her behavior, it was like a leap show for everyone.
It’s very speculative for mom to talk to her, but I just silently ate half a steamed bread with drums in my heart for more than ten minutes.
It’s already one o’clock in the afternoon after dinner. The "girl" told her mother that she wanted to go back. Mom really liked what she said and refused to let her go. She had to stay for one night. As soon as I heard it, I said to my mother, "Mom, if people want to go back, you can let them go back. Our environment is not as good as that in the city. What should they do if they are wronged?"
Mom said, "What time is this? There is not even a motorcycle in the village. It will be dark before you send her out of the mountain. What should I do if I encounter any wild animals?" Let the girl stay at home for one night first and then send her out early. "
Before I could say anything, the "girl" smiled and said, "Thank you so much, aunt. How thoughtful of you!"
I almost fainted when I heard it. It’s over. It’s really over! What if she gets up in the middle of the night and gets thirsty and sucks my blood?
I spent the whole afternoon in a daze, but the "girl" was not at home at all, and she took out her makeup box to make up her makeup. But it seems to me that no matter how beautiful she is, she is nothing like normal human beings.
In the evening, my mother arranged a room for her to sleep in, and she was very happy to go in and look at it. She was quite satisfied with the room. There was no shortage of me in the big house in rural areas. I couldn’t sleep until midnight. I got up from the kang and remembered that she gave me 200 yuan during the day. It was a bit of a gain, but when I took the 200 yuan out of my pocket, I almost lost my breath-it was really two big bills, but the denominations were all 100 million.
Chapter II Blood Bath
Looking at the two Ming coins in my hand, I want to cry. It’s two hundred-dollar bills during the day. How can it be now?
A strong sense of foreboding hangs over my mind, and my heart is about to jump out of my throat now. Isn’t that "thing" sleeping next door really human?
I go to sleep before ten o’clock every night, but tonight I can’t sleep, and I haven’t taken off my clothes. I just stare at the big clock hanging on the wall. It’s already midnight, and the "girl" who fell asleep next door doesn’t know what she is doing.
In order to give myself courage, I found my father and drank half a bottle of spirit Erguotou. I drank two gulps in one breath and soon drunk myself dizzy, not to mention that sometimes wine is really a good thing and the courage is really strong.
I’m still nervous walking around my own room. There may be a female ghost living next door in the middle of the night. The more I think about it, the more I’m afraid that it’s cool in the northeast in October, but I show up. My clothes are soaked, and the old clock pendulum is ringing on the wall, mixed with my violent heartbeat. Every second is so painful.
It’s not the way to go like this. Isn’t this waiting for death? Mom seems to like her very much, but she has no defense at all. What if she is bad for mom in the middle of the night? No, I’m desperate. Even if I let her suck my blood, I can’t let mom get hurt!
Thought of here, I quietly slipped out of the door and gently closed the door. My house is a rural standard. There is a corridor between the four and a half tile houses. I look at the closed door in front of me in the dark corridor, and my legs are trembling. His uncle doesn’t know what she is doing in the house. Is she lying on the kang and sleeping honestly or flying around the house?
It’s midnight, and it’s still early. Who knows what terrible things will happen tonight if we wait like this? I gritted my teeth and stretched out my hand to open the door.
The room was so dark that I could hear a pin drop. I stepped into the room gently and glanced at the kang. It was cloudy tonight and I couldn’t see anything without moonlight.
I turned on the light in my trembling hands and immediately clenched my fist and looked into the kang.
This look surprised me. By the dim light, I saw a bed of bedding spread flat on the kang, with a pink coat on the quilt cover. It was the one she wore during the day, and a pair of light blue jeans were neatly put aside. I looked at it for a long time and turned over my mother!
I scanned the room several times, but I didn’t find any trace of the "girl". I knew that my opponent was very dangerous and powerful, but I didn’t know where she appeared. I was about to collapse. I drank those two mouthfuls of Erguotou and flowed out of my body with cold sweat. I could run away.
Otherwise, how can I say that people are unlucky enough to drink cold water? I tried to escape but didn’t pay attention to it. I bumped into the door frame, my forehead suddenly hit a big bag, and I completely woke up.
My heart kept cursing and rubbing my forehead. I just wanted to look around for her again, but I heard the sound of splashing water in the yard. I am so familiar with it. When it is hot in summer, I will bask in a large basin of water in the yard during the day and come to take a bath at night. Listen to this water. Someone is taking a bath in the yard!
What’s the situation? Mom is a very conservative person. She will never take a bath in the courtyard if she lives in a stranger’s house today. Is it the "girl" who takes a bath? ? I was even more determined when I thought of her leaving clothes on the kang. At that time, my mind was in a mess like a pot of porridge. What a stunning picture it would be for a female ghost to take a bath in her yard in the middle of the night! I really don’t know whether to snicker or cry now.
Curiosity kills the cat: It turns out that curiosity can kill dogs. I didn’t expect what happened next. Not only did I suffer severely, but even my favorite hospital dog, Big Black, didn’t escape bad luck.
Although I was afraid in my heart, my strong curiosity drove me out of the house and came to the yard. I took a look at my house. At ordinary times, if a stranger comes to my house, it would like to pounce and tear a piece of meat, but today it is unusually tight. From the moment the girl entered the house to the present, it didn’t scream. At this time, it is honestly lying in the nest.
"Hua Hua"
It made me afraid of cracking. I took a bath and came out again. I got up the courage to look down the sound. It doesn’t matter. The gorgeous scene almost made me have a nosebleed on the spot.
Seeing a handsome and aura girl with a skinny but plump body is shaded by night, naked, holding half a gourd ladle in her hand, pouring water on her body, scrubbing the white front, white and firm behind her, but protruding and attractive, tall and exquisite, which makes people want to stop.
I was transfixed. Although I first decided that she was not a person or a dirty thing, in the face of such temptation, my graceful body and moving face, I actually had an impulse to spend my life as a ghost.
So I shouted a very nutritious sentence, "Isn’t the water cold? Why don’t I boil some hot water for you!"
After listening to what I said, she didn’t feel surprised at all, as if she knew I was peeking next to me. She turned to me and smiled and said, "Don’t look at it. Haven’t you seen enough in your previous life?" Ha ha "
I’m a little confused. When did I peek at you taking a shower in my previous life?
She laughed when she saw me nervous, scared and puzzled. "Then you will go back to the house and bring me a towel for nothing."
With that, she turned her head and walked barefoot into my big bathtub, sat in it and began to scrub her body carefully.
This is the first time I have seen a girl with glistening body. Because of the limited conditions in into the badlands, I haven’t even seen a love movie. My heart beats faster, but my fear is much less. She speaks in a whisper, which makes people feel comfortable. I did as she said without thinking, and went back to the house to find a towel.
I hurried back to the hospital with a towel, and my fear of her was much less, but at this time, the bloody scene in the hospital made my heart suddenly return to the bottom of the abyss
The shocking scene in front of me now reminds me that she is holding my "big black" in one hand and the "big black" neck in the other hand quickly, grabbing two fingers and tearing the big black throat. Poor "big black" sobbed for an instant and then died.
I exclaimed "ah" and couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me. I had a lot of feelings with "big black". I didn’t expect to be killed by her or killed alive in front of me! Before I could catch my breath, it was even more shocking. She held the big black high above her head and spilled blood in her neck. Her naked body suddenly became red with blood like snow, and the night shrouded the courtyard, making her look so enchanting and evil.
I sat down with a thump, and a cold sweat poured down. I swear I really didn’t have any evil thoughts when I faced her attractive body.
She was only satisfied when the blood of "Big Black" was exhausted. She dumped the poor "Big Black" and her spirit seemed to be better, for example. It was very satisfying to get water from the gourd ladle and wash away the blood.
"Are you a person or a ghost?" I sat hoarse and said
She walked up to me with light steps, stretched out her hand and took the towel in my hand, dried it and walked slowly to her room.
"Come in with me" She said to me without looking back when she came in.
Chapter III Skinning Female Ghost
I hesitated whether it was a blessing or a curse, but I still followed her into the house.
Seeing me shivering at the door, she put on her clothes and said to me, "Don’t be afraid to come and sit next to me."
I thought to myself, I bought a watch last year. If I’m not afraid of it, then I’m a ghost like you.
When she saw that I didn’t come, she sighed and said, "I can tell you that my name is Xiaolian and I’m not a person or a ghost."
Although I was psychologically prepared, I was scared to hear her say it herself.
"Then what exactly do you want to do at my house?" I can clearly feel my voice shaking when I say it.
"I came to see you specially, but don’t worry that I won’t hurt you if I hurt anyone."