19, Jun 2024
Chapter 397 palladium treasure chest rev!

"What can happen to the palladium treasure chest when there is something quite good in the final platinum treasure chest?"
Lin Yue has been looking forward to it more and more at the moment.
The silver treasure chest made a good start and got enough for him to make a burst of nitrocellulose to make him produce enough bombs.
The platinum treasure chest has a mainframe design and a backpack jet aircraft. The former has directly solved the mechanical problem, so that the diesel fuel sufficiency in the future will not be successfully transported to a large cold and fresh food processing plant.
At the same time, it can solve the problems of food storage and processing in one fell swoop, and even start a new era of new food development!
Lin Yue can imagine that canned food will become the most popular product in this different world in the future. This kind of durable, convenient to carry and quite good in taste will eventually become a reserve in many refuge villages when this disaster comes.
Although the backpack jet aircraft has not been tried to wear, it has made up for some shortcomings in Lin Yue, which have never benefited from it. I think it will exert more energy in other aspects in the future!
"When the platinum treasure chest is finished, what will come out of the palladium treasure chest?"
Lin Yue took a deep breath, and Xiaobai and Xiaomeng behind him were also quite curious and nervous. One of their feet was swollen, and the other was a strain on their arms and wings, but they all persisted.
In order to satisfy curiosity, these two little guys have ignored the pain.
Lin Yue took a few deep breaths again.
This is the most advanced treasure chest that has come out at present, and it can be kept because of its particularity.
What could be in it?
It can last for a while to say that Central Europe’s imperial face is white
So what will happen to the palladium treasure chest when the silver treasure chest and the platinum treasure chest are fully white?
"Ga!" "Hey!"
Xiaobai and Xiaomeng seem to have been unable to wait for a long time, and they are struggling to get up with their eyes fixed on the palladium treasure chest!
Lin Yue touched the edge of the palladium treasure chest!
"Well, let me see how powerful the palladium treasure chest is!"
Lin Yue slammed the treasure chest cover with a growl!
[You have obtained the mineral resource detector 1, AI intelligent bedroom renovation and sleeping cabin set 1, track design of short-distance rail-type express train 1]
Lin Yue? ? ?
What are all these?
Does it feel like it sounds different from everything I’ve ever heard before?
It’s more like something at another level!
Or gave him a …
Yes, that’s the feeling. It’s completely different!
Lin Yue’s heart is beating fast.
He took a deep breath and looked back at the little white fierce. They found that they were also curious about what came out, and they kept poking their necks and looking at it here.
They don’t know how shocking things are when they come out this time, or a more intuitive way to make them white!
Lin Yue quickly took out the mineral resource detector from the object.
At the same time, the two little guys couldn’t help exclaiming!
It is nearly two meters high in length and width, nearly three meters high, and its body is covered by a layer of bright silver metal, with extremely complicated pipes and lines, many displays and dashboards, a huge display screen and a fingerprint touch key.
Boy, this thing feels a little crazy …
It’s so big and definitely something that the earth never had!
So appraisal one?
[The mineral resource detector can detect the total amount and recoverable amount of minerals and the quality of mineral resources through complicated calculation for half an hour after it is stably placed near the mineral deposit.]
Wait, this means that the specific amount of mineral resources can be detected?
And if you want to, you can also measure the quality of minerals?
What kind of fairy machine is this?
Imagine that if it is said that it will be placed in the saltpeter mine, it can be measured immediately. If there is not much left, it can be prepared to withdraw all kinds of things from the front, and there is no need to arrange so many troops there.
If the quantity is enough, then increase the production quantity and increase the production efficiency to maximize the benefit, and at the same time, specify the corresponding strategy according to the specific time!
Lin Yue increasingly felt that this treasure chest was simply too European!
This first one is so strong, and the remaining two are good just by looking at the name. What will it be like?
[AI intelligent bedroom renovation and shelter interface in the unified panel of Tai Sleeping Cabin suit can transform the bedroom into AI intelligent coverage, which can realize extremely convenient operation according to the messenger’s sound and movement, and at the same time, it will be personalized according to the messenger’s needs. Equipped with Tai Sleeping Cabin, which has excellent sealing performance, equipped with oxygen to provide equipment with constant temperature and humidity, people can quickly enter deep sleep to achieve full rest function, and can be properly adjusted according to the messenger’s personal preference. At the same time, Tai Sleeping Cabin also has explosion-proof and bullet-proof functions and can hide in times of crisis]