18, Jun 2024
This ice hell is coming.

So what will happen in the next day?
Gu Qingshan has always had a bad feeling.
If there is something wrong with the grave, then arrival is not just a hell.
"There should be other hell besides ice hell," he asked.
"Nonsense, there are many hell naturally," replied the black-robed skeleton
It answered this question very happily.
Gu Qingshan’s heart sank.
He calmed down and asked, "Will there be other people coming to hell after the ice hell?"
The black-robed skeleton sneered, "There are many things in hell. I am a dead person. How can I travel through all hell at will?"
"I tell you the truth, I don’t know his hell."
Gu Qingshan had a clue in his heart.
"What the hell happened in the grave?" He asked.
The black-robed skeleton said irritably, "I can’t tell you about the dead."
"Are you? Then you wait for me to kill "Gu Qingshan Road.
The black-robed skeleton roared, "You can’t kill me!"
"I will haunt you again and again to send you to sleep" Gu Qingshan carefree way.
"You ask don’t also can discuss only the dead never say" black skeleton took a step back.
"Can’t tell me the truth …"
Gu Qingshan feel each other firmly just a thoughtfully simply change the method.
"-well, I’ll ask you what you can’t tell me the truth without asking the grave."
"Because I’ll be found as soon as I say it."
Black skull said without showing emotion.
But Gu Qingshan felt that his words suppressed that fear.
It’s afraid
"What are you afraid of? The dead won’t die. What is worth your fear … "Gu Qingshan mused.
He suddenly froze and asked, "Is this the case-if you say something about death, you may be finished?"
The black-robed skeleton quickly answered, "Whoever is completely finished and how powerful he is, if you dare, it will really and completely dissipate."
Gu Qingshan is silent
Does that sound familiar?
A picture crossed from Gu Qingshan’s mind
Bronze column
"Who are you?" Gu Qingshan asked
The huge corpse replied, "You still don’t know my name. Once I say it, you and I will be found."
Followed by another picture.
Shanvilla menqian
"I have been hiding in vain for 10 thousand years, but I can’t continue to talk about it or I may be sensed by a god," said the sword humming
Gu Qingshan thought slowly. At a certain moment, he looked at the black skull and asked, "Are you afraid of the gods?"
At Gu Qingshan, the black skeleton accidentally kept silent.
It stared at Gu Qingshan with two dark eyes and said nothing.
Not talking is a default.
Guess is right
What it doesn’t say is fear of gods.
Gu Qingshan asked inexplicably, "Isn’t the god in charge of the dead hell and responsible for resettling the dead beings?"
Black skeleton still didn’t speak, but it looked at Gu Qingshan and gave a short smile.
There is a deep sadness and irony in this smile.
Gu Qingshan understood its meaning and added, "Look at you, I guess the gods don’t do this."
Black skull blue didn’t speak.
Once again, by default
Gu Qingshan understood and pondered silently.
Death … gods …
First of all, there must be something wrong with the grave
The sub-gods are not responsible for managing all beings, but what the gods do is still unknown.
Once again, the black-robed skeleton refused to say a word for fear of the gods
Finally, the dead can be resurrected in hell and bear the pain caused by their sins.
The dead will not die again.