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It took a long time for the Nangong Xilie to have a gloomy tone. "I’m not indifferent to right and wrong, but the background of the fire law circle is great, especially the fire law circle is extremely strong, and I also have two big body double circles to travel at the same time. My Nangong family is not afraid of the fire law circle, but I don’t want to make enemies with the whole six law circles. So today, this marriage must be completed. Although the fire law circle is uncertain, our little wan is indeed a rare good woman. After she gets the little wan, she will definitely cherish it."

No one thought that this would make the Nangong family decide together that it was a small marriage.
Several elders of the Nangong family still want to persuade, but they are told to say more with a wave of their hands by Nangong Xilie.
After all, the family has family rules, and the Nangong family rules are the words of the master. Only the master can make suggestions, but only the master has the final decision.
At this time, the little wan in the corner of the boudoir in the backyard of Nangong’s home became a crybaby. This female horse who looks a little weak in the science of uniting metaphysics is going to be sixteen years old, but it is the first time to cry so sadly.
"Elder brother, I don’t want to that what fire’ male double major more don’t want to marry her, you come and save me out-elder brother where are you? Thousands of snow, soft rain and-Brother Lu, who will help me out! "
Small wan tears have been pounding the boudoir wooden door is can’t afford to lift any waves.
It turns out that her repair has been sealed, and this boudoir has also been banned layer by layer. She fled categorically.
Quite so, Xiao Wan was completely put under house arrest and was not allowed to go out to avoid any changes.
The Nangong destroyed the Nangong Feiyu and conspired to save Xiao Wan, but the Nangong family guards on duty found that the two sides had a big fight. In the end, although the two of them won, they were badly injured by the elders who came to the Nangong family and severely punished them. Therefore, today they were hit by the Nangong Xilie again for a long time without getting up.
See a lot of people in the front desk are unhappy with the Nangong Xilie, and then try to ease the angry atmosphere. "The Nangong is asking you to go to Huolin Gong’s residence and invite him here to marry and double-cultivate. You don’t have to say that Xiaowan can marry Huolin Gong and it hasn’t humiliated her-"
People dare to refute the words of the Nangong householder, so the command generally represents the will of the entire Nangong family.
"Bullshit!" A cold fierce sound is impressively shocked the place someone!
Chapter V Unexpected Changes
This folded drink not only shocked everyone in the Nangong family, but also awakened the Nangong to destroy the Nangong Feiyu.
When they heard the words of Nangong Xilie, they all knew how to speak like a mountain. It was also the habit of two people pleading before, which made Nangong Xilie call the elders of Nangong family to discuss this matter today. Otherwise, Xiaowan would have fallen into the hands of the fire Lord.
They didn’t choose to assassinate Huolin Gong because, as Nangong Xilie said, Huolin Gong is now surrounded by a man, body double, and body double Xiu, both of whom are extremely powerful. The Nangong Feiyu will not be stupid enough to assassinate directly, but first send some cronies to test, and the results are all killed by the Huolin Gong body double.
So they calculate that if the fire’ Gong Zun body double joined forces, I am afraid that two people are not enough to kill each other, plus two people have old injuries. One is to rescue Xiao Wan and then escape. Unexpectedly, the failure not only strengthened the guards of Xiao Wan several times, but also aggravated the injuries of the two people.
There are more than two people in the fire, even if the Nangong destroyed the Nangong Feiyu desperately, there is less than 40% certainty, which is even lower. This is still the Qingzhou boundary where two people called all the people to launch a sneak attack, which is in line with the right time, right place and the result.
With such a low chance of winning, even if they want to take risks, they will not try this method first
So today, they still have a glimmer of hope. After all, the speech influence of many elders in Nangong family is not bad.
Who would have thought that the power of the fire dharma circle was so great that the Nangong Xilie compromised and sacrificed Xiao Wan’s happiness in exchange for the stability of the Nangong family?
After all, if the younger generation of a family offended a big force or lost a big boost, such a loss is unacceptable to the Nangong family.
Nangong Xilie is also a man who strives for self-improvement. Even if this decision is so tough, he will simply suppress the opinions of all people, and there is no other way.
But this denunciation made the Nangong aristocratic family feel like being splashed with a basin of sewage face to face!
The Nangong family is good at hiding, sneaking, attacking, killing and assassinating. Over the past few years, many experts have been assassinated, and even some people in the Nangong family mansion have been able to sneak in.
Suddenly, the console table made of ancient ebony was smashed into pieces, and Nangong Xili went to the height of the mansion more than ten feet in a flash and roared, "Where are the villains who dare to sneak into my Nangong mansion, I will kill you!"
At present, a white shadow slowly appeared in front of Nangong Xilie.
Suddenly, Nangong Xilie was surprised to the extreme, and the tone was disordered. "Are you?"
More than one person smell speech drama shock hurriedly looked to the right side and then all showed doubts.
Because there is a big gap in the appearance of that person, especially this person’s left eye has no eyes and his right eye is covered with a layer of fog, which generally looks like a lost person.
Otherwise, the man didn’t look at Fang’s eyes, only his right eye remained motionless, and his tone was fierce. "The Nangong family used to be free to go in and out like my own backyard, and even aristocratic women could be sent around like objects. It’s really admirable!"
These words were harsh and aroused the Nangong Xilie’s great anger. In a flash, a cold light dagger appeared in the palm of your hand and stabbed at each other.
Snow, a splash of blood, the nangongshan city, looking at the people in front of him, showed surprise.
Because the white man didn’t dodge at all, the dagger of Nangong Xilie pierced his chest and passed through his heart.
It’s too late for blood to splash until Nangong Xilie reacts.
"He, he is a layman?" The Nangong city was so terrible that it was unexpected that the other party turned out to be a layman that he didn’t realize it until he stabbed him for a moment.
Is he from Nangong Xilie? He is the head of the Nangong aristocratic family, ruling a state and so on, but he has never seen a battle, but there are several things that Nangong Xilie will never do, and there is one more thing that is killing mortals.
Although it is necessary to achieve success, Nangong Xilie often tells Nangong aristocratic men not to kill ordinary people, including himself, and he will never kill ordinary people unless he has to.
At present, people look a little similar, but the strange eyes surprised Nangong Xilie. At the same time, the other party had also vaguely exuded a breath of heavenly repair and was stabbed by himself into the other body. Nangong Xilie discovered that the other party’s roots had no repairing power, but it was a thoroughly ordinary generation.
Godsworn, even if it’s just the Godsworn, has a lot of strength compared with ordinary people, especially if the strong column such as Nangong Xilie wants to slaughter mortals, even if tens of thousands of people get together, he can kill them all with a few moves.
It can be said that it is a master of the right path or an evil monk. Except for those unscrupulous demons, few people will slaughter them wantonly. Because of this, ordinary people will aggravate their sins, which will make their doom extremely difficult. Many evil masters are doomed because of this, although killing and other means or magic techniques make the ascension faster, but this is the price.
Looking at this person’s violent death, the Nangong City froze.
The nangongshan colorful clothes is another way: "The householder can be a common man, but it doesn’t make sense. Is he sneaking into my Nangong mansion and overhearing our conversation? As far as I know, there are not many people who can sneak in unnoticed and eavesdrop on people smoothly. "
Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Nangong echoed, "Good master, is this man sent by a master to kill chickens and respect the sea to warn us not to get too close to the fire Lord?"
Nangong Zheng is not a cold-blooded person. After all, Nangong Xiaowan is naive, lively and unusually clever. The Nangong aristocratic family still enjoys the favor of your elders. Today, many people in the Nangong aristocratic family are very dissatisfied if they say that they will send him to the wrong person.