16, Jun 2024
Tokifat patted the golden statue on the cheek and sighed with satisfaction.

"I have long wanted to see you show this expression … panic is not expected.
"At the end of the day, you are just human, right? You were not noble before the destruction of the old world thousands of years ago, were you?
"It’s better to say that you are closer to the’ mundane’ side than we are carefully selected, aren’t you, old things?"
He said airily
The young man who always closes his eyes slightly and wears Buddha-like divine silver hair can’t help but raise his mouth gently.
Show a smile that can’t be suppressed and will be creepy and gentle.
Tokifat did not leave directly.
Instead, he took out a crimson halo and slowly lifted his mechanical tentacles.
The tentacle rotate like a drill and directly hit that left eye of the golden statue, reaching the depth of the retina. A large amount of golden pow scattered and scattered in the air-the cruel scene that should have been bloody pieces now seem to create an art..
The three holes are on the right back of the brain, just like wiring the brain. He absorbs the halo at one end of a special magnetic pipeline and directly probes into the deepest part of the hole at the other end.
"I know you’re conscious, Ms. Zefar."
Tokifat looks focused, elegant and gentle.
Zefar responded naturally, but Tokifat didn’t care.
He said softly, "Do you know what I do?
"I think you should know the monkey-faced eagle program. It was I who sent it to Tongshen Island.
"There are monitoring happiness islands everywhere. Residents of different Tongshen Islands are isolated from each other and refuse to understand each other. Their hearts are frozen by indifferent society, and they are trapped in cages made of steel forests. In daily life, even their desires are dying, and there is no heart. What misfortunes have those people outside themselves met?
"People are eager for’ excitement’, for big news, and for destroying this life at the expense of self-destruction. It’s like a happy island where people are dark and twisted, expecting the hero to fall-they also have this desire to destroy themselves.
"If the elves leave the monkey-faced eagle alone, it is destined to spread all over the island. This is exactly the stage I prepared for the monkey-faced eagle."
He revealed a pure smile. "The chairman of the board of directors of Theron returned to me at that time to recreate the’ second mother tree’ … This is of course reasonable. It is completely reasonable for me to be devastated by this incomplete body, tortured by the fear of’ fake’ and eager for eternal life like a real elf, and their healthy bodies that deserve to be deduced logically.
"-but I’m not a cold-hearted guy like you."
Tochifath replied softly, "I don’t want that kind of eternal life."
"I want to die with you.
"Although the original model’ Monkey-faced Eagle’ was killed later, my painstaking efforts were not in vain … Pope’ Ascension-12′ inherited this technology and iteratively issued a new one … This virus will destroy your ability to occupy others’ bodies without fear … and the whole matriarchal system will be destroyed as you remember it.
"Unfortunately, our Pope’s adult is also a careerist and has a cold heart, but these things have been mine.
"It is enough for human beings to do something that ordinary talents and short life span can’t do.
"The world continues mankind’s future papal ambitions, which are all great topics-I think so, but what do I care?"
At this time, a gentle and deep woman suddenly appeared in the room. "Is this why you betrayed them?"
"You are … Ms. Kubler, right?"
Tokifat easily guessed the identity of the other party.
There can’t be any living people here, and ordinary psionic hackers can enter this deep network. It’s fortunate that the owner of the Fukushima network, the Kubler Dragon, will be here and say these words to himself from this position.
"It’s me"
Her voice rang again. "Come here and let’s talk … Don’t worry, I can’t run away.
"I am a little curious to know what you want to do."
"It’s quite artificial intelligence flavor answer …"
Silver-haired boy laughs at one
But he was not hostile to the dragon, but obeyed and went in.
A huge screen wall guarding the room behind the golden statue suddenly lights up.
That’s a beautiful woman with a bright green snake pupil. She has long dark brown curly hair and some wet hair. She wears a princess crown and a white lace dress like pajamas. She has deep facial features and can see a little snake scale expression at her three-dimensional temples, showing a melancholy expression.
"… so the dragon looks like this."
Tokiffat looked at the image of Kubler carefully. "It seems that it is no different from us. The elves’ long ears are completely different."
"Because your image is shaped according to us now, the new generation of human memes are closer to us from this point of view."