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The four emperors’ level masters have changed color!

On this occasion, there are four figures, each of which bursts into a breath comparable to the wind burial of the ancient emperor. The leader laughs wildly. "Outsiders are so arrogant that they dare to take a seat!"
Heart emperor one leng unexpectedly difficult words don’t know what to say.
At this time, the emperor said, "Don’t worry that these four are our allies who have come to help!"
Heaven, yellow earth, crazy prison and shadow killing are the four evil spirits in the evil cloud magic field!
Chapter 26 The Four Demons
"Sit down!" Day wave palm is directly through this large array that a vast edge force is far hit!
Shadow killing eyes slightly narrowed is also a condensation of murderous look, which makes the heart emperor heart-pounding. I didn’t expect this master to have such terrorist strength. How did he experience killing?
That a murderous look gathers but does not disperse, or the murderous look is not very accurate. It is a kind of killing breath that embodies murderous look, resentment, Shaqi and rage. It is inevitable that people who have gone through poor killing can’t be compared with ordinary masters.
Crazy prison smiled coldly. The strong man with amazing fighting spirit was wearing heavy armor, and his hands were holding a lance. It was extremely difficult to provoke people at first sight.
Shadow killing is similar to terror, but crazy prison exudes another kind of feeling. Whether it is the double-edged axe or mace or the unsheathed double knife behind it makes the crazy prison’s fighting will radiate to the extreme.
Death is still indifferent, not saying much, but watching the sky strike.
The ancient emperor who was buried in the wind knew that this star’s defensive large array center was occupied by himself, but the actual control was in the hands of the emperor. It was obvious that the emperor had made a gap in the large array in an instant, and the sky cooperated with the sky to sew the gap. Just before the gap was closed, it was just struck by an instant.
A cold smile, the worn-out broken beads are still full of blood, but the blood seems to have just dried up, and generally I don’t know if he killed many masters before.
A drama from outside the star was shocked and killed slightly, and then the breath was immediately taken back, and it was not attacked by itself, which formed a fresh contrast with the previous loss of the emperor.
The emperor’s face is serious, and his face is as deep as water. He is afraid of these people, but his heart is better than feeling, "What are these four people?" I am afraid that few people except Chu Yungen can fight them hard. If the Emperor fights alone, can these four people win? "
Crazy prison strong heart emperor but impressed that double-edged tomahawk flew a Jin Xian overlord with a wave of his hand. Few people in this world can do it.
The evil emperor glances at the heart and the emperor nods slightly. Neither of them says much. The four evil spirits actually help. Obviously, the emperor has reached some kind of agreement. No one will say much, but no one will think that the emperor has made a mistake in judgment. After all, there are more experts in conquering all walks of life than one party in the world.
Although it seems to be a tiger seeking skin, no one has said anything.
All of a sudden, the 33-star array Guanghua has become more brilliant than the brilliant masters, gathering like an extraordinary lotus flower to bloom, emitting excellent strange light, and each Guanghua has formed a sky-high light column, which has suddenly formed a scene of a once-in-a-lifetime wonder that shocked many places!
Xiao Liu, the evil wind ridge in the ancient land of Xuanhuang, suddenly looked up and opened his mouth in surprise. "It’s so rare that the colorful light is reflected in the sky and even the sky is almost overshadowed by it!"
And the wasteland people Kyushu Nangong family several expensive or discuss such as handling the Nangong small wan things. On this occasion, the Nangong Xilie suddenly sounded that these people also walked out of the purlin together and also saw the colorful light, which was like a rainbow, but it was an ordinary rainbow.
Many monks have talked about this wonderful scene all over the world, but most people think that this strange light symbolizes a certain significance, and many people tend to think that it is a kind of auspicious omen.
There are also a few people who have made a variety of things, which are inferred from some kind of conspiracy omen, but they are rejected by his monks, but they are not taken by others.
Xuanling Tianjing didn’t make any sound at the moment, and it was repaired immediately because the four evil spirits helped the large array. There is not much to say about the yellow credit.
The ancient emperor who was buried in the wind in the grave can also carry a spiritual pulse with him, but the spiritual pulse carried by the grave looks even more severe as if some kind of ancient pulse contains an amazing aura.
Besides, the yellow reversal of the Heart Sutra has reached a state of terror, and the throughput is to be able to transform poor forces into true elements, which are the essence to the extreme.
For example, a monk in the early days of an immortal, although breathing aura can already benefit a lot, still loses a little aura to a certain extent, which is also inevitable.
And the fairy master wave reiki is even more, and so on. The more humble it is, the less it will be absorbed into its own reiki. On the other hand, if Jin Xian overlord absorbs a lot of reiki, it can benefit itself, and the reiki is even more pure.
This shot down day grunted coldly, "How much does this man weigh? Only twelve gravity roots can’t shake this big array, right?"
Heavily cold hum a yellow tone dissatisfaction tunnel "today this way don’t want to kill Chu Yun again? Day you can want to have a good performance "
When the ancient emperor was buried in the wind, he quickly said, "How many repairs are extraordinary? This time, I don’t know how many Taoist friends have opinions?"
Day smell speech then laughed, "Twelve gravity surpasses the general Jin Xian overlord, even if it is less important for Jin Xian to emphasize people through the occult arts to break out such a power, such as yellow, such a Uber master can do it."
"What? Can the yellow world explode like twelve gravity? " Free and unfettered emperor is terrible. He has the ability to fight against the mad prison in the first world war, but now it seems that he is bound to lose in the face of this death.
Judging from the star Guanghua alone, even though the cultivation of Xiaoyao Emperor is much better than that of the Heart Emperor, it is another matter to compare with the four evil spirits.
However, the master of the emperor level can say that everyone in the emperor has his own special bearing on the four evil spirits. If the emperor is desperate, it is not the general bully who is willing to fight recklessly. Most of them are not worth the loss.
It’s hard to imagine the strength of a great master combining horizontal and vertical forces. To some extent, even a great boundary force may not be able to resist it.
However, it seems that all this is not over yet.
Chapter 27 Broken
Dajinxian occupied the square star for a while, and the edge of the square star was in a very special state.
There are too many secrets on the edge of this star, which only a few people can know, and some of these few masters have fallen.
Only the overlord of Jin Xian is qualified to know the secrets of the stars. Otherwise, even Jin Xian will only guess the secrets by relying on a bit of broken books or ancient ruins.