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I suddenly think of my dead comrade-in-arms, and I feel quite heavy.

But now there is a man sitting next to him with a heavier heart, and his heaviness gradually turns into sympathy and he feels that he should comfort himself.
However, it is still the same reason that the words come to my mouth. If you expose yourself to know Song Tian, it will be easy for people to find out that he is a police cadet and then expose his undercover identity.
I suddenly thought of one thing when I thought of this.
After he decided to be undercover, he was very careful not to take photos with the police academy, and the original photos were also recycled one after another. I wonder if there is any left in Matsuda Jinpei.
I hope not, otherwise his situation may become very difficult-only recently did he realize that Song Tian, the younger brother, was not as worried as he seemed.
Chapter 157 This man … There are hordes behind him (by mistake)
After Miyano Shiho defected, an assistant in the drug research and development department found that several disks filled with drug information were missing.
Those disks were originally owned by Miyano Shiho. After checking her mailing records, she learned that she had recently mailed things to Miyano.
This time, Gin confessed to recycle the disk filled with some medicine materials and R&D personnel from Miyano sisters.
Although there is a virus in the disk, when it is read by the brain outside the organization, it will automatically destroy the data. However, in case any computer genius cracks the virus, it will bring great losses to the organization. Of course, we should try our best to recycle this data.
Gin gave this job to An Shitou.
Anesthesia usually eats so much tissue, and of course it has to be done hard after receiving it.
The first step of the investigation is to look for clues from Miyano Beauty. It is reasonable to say that after her death, her home will be carefully checked by the organization, and the materials will be destroyed and brought back to the organization.
An Shitou read the information of the tail sweeper, but he was surprised to find that there was no record of Miyano Meijia’s "cleaning" inside.
I haven’t seen any of her relics, as if all the members in charge of cleaning up had tacitly ignored this person.
An Shitou certainly won’t ask the mop-up team what didn’t sweep Miyano’s beautiful home-it wouldn’t be good if that group of people happened to forget what important clues were swept away after he remembered it again.
After the disappearance of Miyano’s body, An Tong became more and more sure that there must be something hidden in this incident that he had not yet discovered.
He decided to go to Miyano’s house to check it out himself.
This investigation revealed with horror that Miyano Mei was still alive and aboveboard-during the tracking period, she even went shopping with her classmates and then planned to drop out of school and move.
An Tou couldn’t imagine that the organization would make such a big mistake, and he also wondered who planned this incredible fake death.
It turned out that the biggest suspect in his heart was Akai Shuuichi and his group of FBI teammates
But the surveillance footage brought back from the morgue made An Shitou notice another person-Song Tian Heiye.
There was no figure in the surveillance at the earliest, including the administrator and the poked around cat.
An Shitou still felt warm and funny when he saw the administrator high-five the stray cat. Who knows, when he finished high-fiving, he couldn’t afford to fall to the ground immediately. There was definitely something wrong with the cat.
Then, judging from the shadow on the ground, someone entered the room table and stayed for a while, then avoided surveillance and went to the morgue.
The mysterious figure Cheng didn’t show his figure in the surveillance.
However, there is a wall opposite to the monitoring, and a figure is faintly reflected on the smooth stone surface with a marble skirting at the root of the wall.
The resolution of the camera is not high, but he is experienced in the room. He quickly intercepted the footage, enlarged it and blurred it through special processing to see the mysterious man’s back.
The mysterious man stopped at the administrator’s desk and browsed through the room. Guess he was looking at the location of Miyano Mei’s body.
I want to give the picture to the Japanese public security assistant and try to cast a net nearby to find someone. Suddenly, he saw the mysterious man knocking on the back of the chair with his fingers, and then the man got up and walked out of the room.
An Shi Tou froze at the picture.
When keeping an eye on Miyano Mei, he would occasionally be in the same class as Song Tian Heiye. Song Tian would knock his hands like that while reading and remembering his eyes.
….. With this breakthrough point and the combination of the mysterious man’s figure and physique, there is a bold guess gradually.
That night, he struggled with brain monitoring for a long time, and finally deleted the draft email he was going to send to Feng Jianyu.
He has found someone-stealing the body is the one who is particularly taciturn on the surface, but honest and frank is secretly … Song Tian has black leaves.
The clue gradually connected with An Tou, and he soon remembered to kill Miyano. When Chianti strongly suggested direct sniper, Song Tian insisted on bomb.
Now I think that explosion can better destroy the characteristics of the body. "Blowing up Miyano Mei" in the plan of suspended animation is bound to be a very important link.
In addition, it is not something that can be done alone, whether it is to replace the body during the explosion or to erase the traces of Miyano beauty in the organization afterwards.
Song Tian Black Leaf must have an accomplice. He is secretly working with other forces-in other words, he is sent undercover by forces!
In this world, Japanese police undercover doesn’t pay attention to the one-way joint office. An Tong can confirm that Song Tian Heiye is not a Japanese police officer.
If it belongs to his influence, his friends and enemies are unknown.