9, Jul 2024
And this nail is branded with Xu tui’s spirit.

That is to say, there are many spiritual coordinates in this large array.
Then the theory should allow a nail body spirit mark to be removed from the activation and then it can be teleported in, or the difficulty of sending entangled energy will be doubled.
The possibility of success will be higher.
Moment Xu back inspired the nail body spirit mark spirit move left eye Kurome teleport.
Xu back the whole people fall cycle division defense large array of energy screen a face of embarrassment.
This face hurts enough.
Once again teleport away and reincarnation SiShouJun has found the large array of abnormal spirit fluctuations.
General Ma, who presided over the large array of horses, was instantly furious and asked several ghost commanders to pounce on the ghost commander and kill him on the spot.
Xu retreated from this critical juncture and tried again to send entangled energy to the Excalibur.
Excalibur was blocked by the defensive curtain of reincarnation division in an instant.
Still failed.
At this moment, the name appeared, and the ghost handsome was directly culled
A wisp of true spirit was instantly led back to the reincarnation department by the will of Been Earth.
Today, if Xu tui can break the cycle division, it’s just that.
If it can’t be broken, then after the war, this ghost handsome true spirit will be tortured by the hell in every way, and it is impossible to die directly.
However, I don’t think so much when I retire.
Several times in a row, the attack cycle division defended the large screen, but there was no sign that it could be broken. Xu retreated and knew that he was running out.
Looking back at the black sun, the earth statue and others over there, Xu retreated with a steep expression.
In this moment, the war situation changed again.
The former is Heiyang, Chuling, and Yuan, who are pressing hard to cope with the siege. It is also very difficult to create and find fighters.
But now, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan will slowly spread the circle of war away from the earth statue.
This is the retreat rhythm.
If these three people retreat, they will definitely retreat if they are finally pitted.
Respect the law to kill one of Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan in a short time, but it can kill Xu tui in a short time.
Especially this super home.
Looking at this scene, Xu retreated with a grim look. It’s time for life and death. All things are exposed, right?
"You start printing!"
Xu back abrupt exclaim for an instant blue star expeditionary force camp will fly up more than three hundred all kinds of star official seal package quite oulare department is god seal.
Three hundred stars of all colors, the official seal, a breath of great power, gathered into a flash, which impacted the large screen of reincarnation defense and made a ripple.
Presided over the large array of horses will still have some worries, but the distant war is a face of disdain.
His little heart lamp is transformed by the will of refining and reincarnating the small universe.
What is the will of the earth?
It’s six royal levels!
It is equivalent to the six royal orders of heaven.
Is it possible that a group of celestial stars, monarchs and officials want to threaten Liuyu?
Absolutely impossible!
Not by quantity.
Don’t say that it’s not enough for this ordinary star, Jun Xing Guan, to make a retreat and shine the former imperial seal.
Been is also six royal one.
Six kings and one pair of six kings and one.
No one can overwhelm anyone
Therefore, Zun is very confident in the large-scale screen for reincarnation defense.
It can’t be broken by the strength of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force.
In an instant, the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor flew up in an instant, and more than 300 stars, kings, officials and priests sealed the seal. It was like having a backbone. The seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor was placed in the center of the great power department, and then slowly pressed against the orange screen of the careful heart lamp.
However, when Shenwei held a small heart lamp, the orange screen trembled for a few times, and then it died with the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor and the official seal of the 300-star monarch. Shenwei did not move.
Still impregnable
The statue of cold hum a face of confidence but also glanced at the Bluestar Expeditionary Force and he also saw the intentions of Chuling and Heiyang.
Once these people retreat, he must give the Blue Star Expeditionary Force a bloodbath!
Far away, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan were disappointed again.
It seems that the Blue Star Expeditionary Force is really impregnable.
That impregnability means that they are doomed to fail in this big war.
Then they have just made a temporary plan and it is time to implement it.
But it was only at this moment that the distance suddenly became steep.
Another majestic breath rose from Xu’s retreat to the sky again, and the eyes of Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan suddenly widened.
Imperial seal!
See the imperial seal again!
Is Xu back to the arctic Zhongtian purple emblem emperor seal to put out.