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"Yes!" Jiang Xue nodded

"What about garrison headquarters?" Qin yuwen
"Yu limit surge always supervise their headquarters has been empty" Jiang Xue immediately replied "which line is Fu Zhen with …"
"Inform Fu Zhen to find the opportunity to do it" Qin Yu turned to look at the little funeral "bring us equipment and take care of the old man to do the bad things for the governor himself"
"Are you going, too?" Jiang Xuemeng immediately persuaded, "Commander in Chief …!"
"It’s not safe for me to wait here." Qin Yu waved and said, "Give us a nod. You must keep the news of my return strictly confidential, and even people around you can’t say it."
"I said Meng Xi how to let me come in to see you alone" Jiang Xue nodded slowly "I know what he meant …"
Zhengyangmen war zone
Guzheng has been completely blocked. More than 100 soldiers are fighting for the last time along the street.
At the height of the fierce fighting between the two sides, Gu Zheng once wanted to bury it himself, but he didn’t expect the other side to attack the rear of the troops and suddenly a gun sounded.
"Chief Gu is here, and we have garrison headquarters’s support!" A special police officer shouted very excitedly.
On the front battlefield, Gu Yan drank with a straight face and asked, "How many people came behind?"
"One or two hundred people," the head of military intelligence replied in a low voice.
"Lao Jiang hasn’t touched the right spot yet. He asked us to give Gu Zheng a chance." Gu Yan ordered, "Organize a small-scale stormtrooper to continue to fight, which made Gu Zheng a little stressed but felt that he had a chance."
"white!" The head of military intelligence immediately called for people after hearing the order.
After about 30 seconds, the small-scale stormtroopers pressed forward to make an attitude of destroying Gu Zheng before garrison headquarters troops rushed to the battlefield for support.
Pressure has hope, and Gu Zheng dialed his father’s words again.
"Dad, I can’t carry it on my side. There are more than 500 people encircling us near Zhengyangmen." Gu Zheng said quickly. "Now garrison headquarters people have just arrived, but it is also very difficult for us to withdraw …"
"Didn’t they send a battalion over there?" Gushouchen shouted to drink and asked
"Yes, we sent a battalion, but we were separated, and the ammunition consumption was serious, and there were a large number of wounded soldiers. It was too difficult for us to get out, but if we continue to send more troops and encircle the periphery at this moment, we can fight out and capture him alive." Gu Zheng truthfully reported the battlefield situation.
"Mom!" Gu Shouchen thought for a long time and then replied, "I know, you wait."
Thirty seconds later
Gu Shouchen chose Lianyu for the first time to let him continue to send more troops to Zhengyang Building, but Yu said angrily after hearing these words, "The general supervisor of the battlefield is glued to me and I have been sending more troops there. Now there are less than 300 guards around me. You still want me to send more troops to Zhengyang Building? Why don’t you fight? Where are the people around you? !”
Yanbei messing around with this job, everyone’s mood is impatient and uneasy, and there is also pressure from space. After Gu Shouchen requests more troops, he can adjust his own people.
Two minutes later, 300 deputy armed police officers were dispatched from the No.1 patrol compound of Yanbei Nankou Police. At the same time, more than 200 people from Hequ Explosion-proof Brigade, not far from here, also rushed to Zhengyang Building for support.
Minfang yard
Jiang Xue received the news at the first time and spoke very fast at Qin Yu and said, "They have sent troops at two points."
"Which two points?"
"Patrol No.1 compound and Hequ explosion-proof brigade are all police officers and men" Jiang Xuehui
"Where people don’t move, there is a problem." Qin Yu immediately waved his hand. "Let’s call Gu Yan and let him pick peaches."
"Yes!" Jiang Xue nodded behind Qin Yu with his face covered and asked, "Commander-in-Chief, when you come out, what about Huo Zhenghua …?"
"I ran out by myself," Qin Yu emphasized.
"… you are the commander in chief, I believe everything you say" Jiang Xue left the pie mouth.
Chapter DiErSi67 Three points to play
The garrison headquarters motorcade of Yanbei Junmin Road is rushing to the exterior battlefield under the general supervision.
Yu rode with a huge military message and reported to the World War II District Command that "in 20 minutes at most, I will definitely break through the general supervision compound."
"What is so slow? You are more than 20,000 people! " Command there urgently drink asked.
"Liu’s chief of staff, I have my difficulties! Half of garrison headquarters’s 20,000 people are stationed in the city. Otherwise, if Teng Pangshi has any changes, our troops are not enough, and the situation in Yanbei, the gate of the city, will be completely out of control. And the total supervision of the two guard regiments is hard to defend the soldiers from dying and never going to the front line. Every step we take will cost us blood. "
The chief of staff of the headquarters can also understand the difficulty of Yu. After thinking twice, he said, "You hurry up and let Huo Zhenghua’s troops move on and stare at Teng Pangshi over there."
"Roger that!"
With that, the two ended the call, and the chief of staff of the command directly contacted Huo Zhenghua. "General Huo asked you two regiments to move forward and block the siege angle route of Teng Pangshi."
"I said that when I went in to fight, you had to believe me. A garrison headquarters army took so long and didn’t take the general supervisor." Huo Zhenghua shouted angrily, "My son is dead. What are you doing to prevent me? !”
"The letter is to accumulate slowly, please transfer troops." Chief of Staff Liu answered very succinctly.
"Do what you say" Huo Zhenghua directly hangs up and orders with a frown at the genus "Move the two regiments forward"
"They are so cautious!" Military staff low replied
"Let him go cautiously. We must not miss our position until the last moment." Huo Zhenghua sighed and said, "I believe that the governor can make a comeback in Yanbei City. If it really doesn’t work, we will fight with Laoteng troops."