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Look at the muddy ground and simple houses ahead, and show disdain to the east.

"It’s true that the government has a good heart. If there is no way, they can’t wait for the refugees to die. It’s the most important thing that they are all right."
"Small six, you have to remember that being at the bottom will be squeezed."
"The yamen beadle embezzles dozens of taels of silver, but the demoted handler may be killed by a disorderly stick if he steals a steamed bread from his family. This is the difference."
Xu six dazed nod.
"I heard that …" He Dong asked first.
"Some time ago, you caught a refugee who didn’t pay his income by picking mushrooms?"
"Do you have a grudge against that man?"
"Does it count?" Xu was all excited.
"There were some contradictions before, but after I caught him, I gave him a good lesson and let him know that Xu Liu is not what he used to be."
Ever since the whale gang met their long-lost uncle Xu Liu, their fortunes have changed, and the refugees from the residence have become the whale gang.
Still a little leader!
Never want to Dong He is cold hum 1.
"Now that you’ve grasped the handle, don’t be merciless and exterminate the roots to get rid of the future trouble. Is that person dead now?"
"This ….." Xu six show hesitation.
"He is seriously injured and should be dead?"
"Should?" Dong He glanced at him.
"Do you think he will hate you in his heart if he doesn’t die, and he will let you go if he has a chance to get revenge?"
Xu six face a heavy.
Dong He with the wave.
"Take someone to collect money and let me see what you can do"
Xu six should be a wave of his hand.
"Come with me!"
Go to the mountain to harvest mushrooms every five days on Monday, and give half of them to the giant whale gang, and there will be about twenty or thirty dollars left.
This is normal.
If you encounter valuable mountain products such as mushrooms and truffles, you will secretly avoid the avenue and secretly handle the harvest
In order to avoid repeating the mistakes of two dog, he is very careful. If it is inconvenient to handle, he would rather eat it himself than take risks.
Stable income makes life more stable.
Even from time to time, I can buy some meat and taste it.
After eating well and drinking enough, the brown face gradually faded and became ruddy, even the height rose again.
The swollen flesh also becomes firm.
"Crash …"
The clutter and noise from the outside also made Zhou Yi, who was practicing knife cutting, push the door tightly and look out.
At this time, Jimin Lane has been in a mess.
More than a dozen giant whales with knives and swords rushed to each house and shouted for protection. If you hesitate, you just punched and kicked.
"Thirty dollars a person?"
Someone shouted
"We are refugees, and we lived on rich businessmen’s porridge some time ago. How can we give you so much money when we stopped for a few days?"
After saying his word, the man was smashed by the handle and nosebleeds flowed into the mud in the street.
"If you don’t have money, then you can find a way to do it yourself. We whales are short of work for mines and mountains." Xu Liu paced forward slowly
"How about mining and logging, not only eating and drinking, but also protecting you?"
"Don’t, don’t!"
A woman rushed out of the house and threw herself at the man’s side, saying,
"We have money and money!"
The whale helps the mine to be a miner and carpenter in name only, that is, to be a slave. Once there, it is almost impossible to come back.
But I won’t go if I can.
"Don’t take it out quickly if you have money." Xu Liu was cruel.
"It’s not easy for a refugee to help the Lord to collect 30 big bucks a month. I’ll tell you 50 big bucks a month from next month!"