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Dong Xuan, who dares to delay and nag again when he meets Amnesty, got up and left, turned around and flew away. When he came, he didn’t say hello to the Red Elder, but also said goodbye to Su Jing …

Things come to an end and smell very annoying.
Su Jing beckoned the sword tip and the sword spike, and two maids flew side by side and devoted themselves to "respecting the law of grandfathers and grandfathers"
You Jianjian’s corner of his eye has been aiming at the direction of Dong Xuan’s departure, and she immediately drew her sword and chased her past with a nod.
Red Crane Star Peak is the territory of Elder Red. Nothing can escape Elder Red. She just didn’t come forward. What should she do? Nine scales star peak to please Su Jing, maybe she will fight for it? This kind of thing is up to Su Jing to make his own decisions.
The tip of the sword and the ear of the sword also knew that Dong Xuan was coming, but the red elder told them to leave it alone.
Su Jing got up and walked to the courtyard. He wanted to practice well and was too lazy to pay attention to this seemingly simple and confusing situation. Is he qualified to take care of other things? But Su Jing didn’t ask the elders and Dong Xuan who they were, and ordered the two maids, "I want to practice meditation in recent days, and you can help me stop this kind of chat again."
Shuang Shu Qi should be Su Jing and said with a smile, "And we can’t be so rude like him."
Jian Jianer nodded and smiled. "Granduncle, don’t worry, let’s go to other star peaks to find other disciples to play outside the metropolis, climb mountains to greet our elders and leave."
The fragile interface of Jiansui is slightly wronged. "We never neglect it, but sometimes the elders are too tired to answer us."
Chapter 51 Wu Mian Xin
The sword Sect is so far away from the mountain that it is impossible for a horse to run around the clock for more than ten days.
It’s only a day since Jianzong was away from the mountain. Su Jing’s return to the mountain has covered all the ethereal star peaks and carved stone cliffs.
Everyone outside the school knows that a young man named Su Jing, Lu Jiuzu, collected it, and Lu Zuqin came back from the outside and directly became the head of the school. The younger martial uncle was very advanced, but he was extremely poor … It is especially ridiculous that this man has been practicing Heaven for five years.
It’s reported that those younger brothers around Fan Qiao did not dare to denigrate their elders, but they all hid a lot of disdain from tone to implication. Who knows this matter and can’t figure out how such a figure, even a "mediocre man" can’t be classified as a "waste", could be in the phase of Lu Laozu?
Except for the one who got the baby first, the two brothers were afraid that few people really respected Su Jing, but they looked down on him and looked down on disrespect when they met. That’s a dare not to hear that he gave the gift of natural materials and treasures to the silly little party, and then received Fan Qiao, who offended him, at the door … and dispersed the repair.
Some quick-witted younger brothers can probably guess some clues. Su Jing is new here, but his position is high, but his strength is poor. It is impossible to get respect from his younger brother. Later, he may be embarrassed by someone who contradicts him. At the same time, it is impossible to always bother the elders or the real owners because of this trivial matter.
It’s this little granduncle who came in to bully first. I have to say that this prestige is really not for nothing. Who dares to disrespect him again? Yu Fan Qiao directly hit the blade, which was too bad luck, but then again, if he was honest and quiet, he wouldn’t have caused this accident.
Hongze Xingfeng Fan Qiao knelt upright in front of the elder Fan, the ancestor of seven generations and also the master, and burst into tears. Since the crowd dispersed yesterday, he has been unable to afford to kneel for a long time and begged the master to find a way to save himself.
Sometimes Elder Fan ignored him, but after a long time, he felt a little uncomfortable. He came out and lifted Fan Qiao up with a wave of his hand. The latter said, "I know my mistake, Master, save me."
Elder Fan shook his head. "Who is that man? That man is my little martial uncle! Now that the nine ancestors have never left the mountain, is there anyone higher than him? What he says is different from what he says. How can it be changed? And the owners have nodded and promised to die. If you change things again, I’ll scrap them for you later. "
"Wow" Fan Qiao burst into tears.
Elder Fan hates "if you want to cry, go outside and cry! Your heart is too arrogant. I also want to find a chance to file a file for you. Now it’s a relief to punish you by the younger martial uncle. "
Fan Qiaoshou, bitter endure dare not cry again.
Elder Fan sighed slowly. "But don’t despair. How can we try to find the way of heaven without encountering some disasters and difficulties? Think of it as an exercise. After worshipping my uncle’s door, we will be receptive and sincere, and we may not be unable to learn the true teachings. Although the ancestors died, the Sun and Vientiane Taoism are by no means taken lightly."
Fan Qiao was anxious and angry. "But that … that person is cunning, and how can he really punish me before I offend him? I am afraid that he will torture me to death within a few days!"
Elder Fan suddenly looked at Fan Qiaosen with cold light. "Do you dare to say that again? I’m going to have to kill you before you join my uncle’s door! "
Master and ancestors, regardless of themselves, even if they don’t care about themselves, they don’t have any partiality in their hearts. Fan Qiao is suffocated, but how dare he say disrespectful words again?
Fan’s voice is still cold, but his tone has slowed down a lot. "You are talented but stupid as a pig. What kind of person is Liu Jiuzu?" How can his old people include a despicable person in the mountain gate? Little Martial Uncle’s means are really sharp, but his heart will never be bad. Don’t you trust Uncle Su and Lao Zu Lu? "
Fan Qiaoyan is right
Elder Fan continued, "Remember what I said. If Junior Martial Uncle thinks that you have really corrected nature, your true law will not give you any more injustice …" Then the elder suddenly jumped up and slapped Fan Qiao in the face with a slap in the face, cursing, "The little beast is not bad-hearted. When he was a child, he always did some good deeds. Why did he develop a pair of arrogance and deserve it?"
Hongze Xingfeng cried and beat Jiufen Xingfeng, but it was silent. Dong Xuanbi prostrated himself, crawled to the summit, and waited quietly without saying a word.