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So we kill weird, absorb weird, spread meta-energy, and evolve strongly after death.

Remember that you go back and eat more meat.
The first three jobs were changed quickly and the fourth was difficult.
Go home quickly. Your father may not even be home. Go after him quickly. Besides, it’s getting dark. Don’t spend the night outside even though you are a nightmare! "
Chapter 10 The darkness protects me!
Thanks to Xiao shopkeeper Yang Xiu holding mutton strode towards home.
The body evolved once, although there was no night bonus during the day, but it was twice as fast as before.
Yang Xiu saw his father far away from his home.
Yang Dejun looked back and couldn’t believe it!
"Third, who are you?"
"Father, I changed my job successfully!"
"This this also too fast? Are you sure you’re okay? There is no variation in the body? "
"It’s okay! The science of uniting the room environment is good, I’m a little faster. "
"Then this is too fast."
"Ha, ha, ha, father, this is a dish of goats that Uncle Xiao gave me."
"This is a good thing. A catty is worth less than 50 yuan. Let’s make some good cakes and send them to thank him."
During the conversation, the two returned home.
The family were very happy to hear that Yang Xiu had successfully changed his job.
Yang Xiuchun shouted, "Big Brother changed his job successfully, and Third Brother changed his job successfully. I want to change my job!"
Yang Xiuxia followed and shouted, "I also want to change my job and have mutton to eat."
The whole family is happy to eat instant-boiled mutton at night.
Yang Xiu felt that ten catties of mutton was not enough for him to eat alone.
It seems that my father has already lifted ten pounds of mutton, and he bought three roast chickens, ten pounds of meat and a pot of good wine.
In the end, all these were eaten by Yang Xiu alone.
It’s very gratifying to watch my mother eat so much.
"The boss was like this in those days. At that time, we didn’t understand that meat was prepared less, and as a result, the boss ate all the steamed bread at home and shouted that he was hungry all night."
"Yes, that’s how the boss scared me and he mutated."
Second brother Yang Xiufeng looked at Yang Xiu and suddenly asked.
"Third, can you deal with the cellar keeper?"
Yang xiu did not answer his father and said
"How is it possible for the old to change your job, but it’s a heavy one, and it’s less than extraordinary five-fold strength.
Old three can’t practice for a while. "
What did the second brother want to say? He didn’t say anything at last.
It’s getting late at this time, and the watchman is playing outside.
"It’s getting late. Lock the door and sleep. Don’t move at night when it’s dangerous."
Everybody act at once, block the door and shut everything down.
Yang Xiu did the same, and then rested in the main house.
It’s getting dark, and the strange whining sound outside appears again.
The wailing scared the fifth sister trembling. She was just afraid of catching her mother and not letting go.
The second brother said, "Fifth sister, don’t be afraid to slap the big brother when he comes back."
"Yeah, yeah, I’m not afraid, but I don’t know what. I tremble when I hear howling."
Yang Xiu felt himself silently. In this dark night, he had a feeling that he quietly resurrected several forces and slowly appeared.
But the power of the main house lights seems to be isolated
Type "Nine Changes in the Heart of the Whole Life" …
Name Yang Xiu
Life span 16/73
Excellent blood spirit
Ling Yunzhi is a toad.
The realm is extraordinary.
be innate
magic power
The achievement method "Nine Transfiguration Strategies for People’s Living and Deciding Their Hearts" (II)
Everything is in the palm of God’s hand (the first part)
The verdict is plain.
Yang xiu’s frown has hardly changed except that the realm has become extraordinary.
Then the verdict became mediocre.
Nightmare’s ability to change jobs shows nothing, as if they don’t deserve it …
Yang xiu silently felt the change of himself, and suddenly he was leaving the main house for the night.
"Third, who are you?"