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Li Chengzhu, hey hey, smiled and told the two ladies about his plan, but he didn’t say anything about going.

Finally, Li Chengzhu took out a jade slip from the ring and handed it to Gu Linglong. "This jade slip is for the master to meet him out. I can’t go. You need to give it to him. I will explain it to him when I come out." Then I took out four or five hidden rings from my pocket. "These things are all refined materials that we bought from the sky. Your refining level is not as high as Xiaoying’s. I left. Let Xiaoying teach you some refining techniques to strive for these things. It’s all right if you are a fairy."
Chapter VI Each has his own thoughts
On the following day, Li Chengzhu stayed in the city hall all day with his wife and daughter, and the little girl became more and more naughty. Those low-level spells became more and more skilled, and Xiaoying, a bad mother, taught Boss Li, but she suffered enough from her daughter.
At the beginning, this girl hasn’t landed yet. The first target of attack is that although he was physically exhausted with Li Chengzhu at that time, I have to say that my little girl’s talent is really high. Now, with the support of two old ladies, Li Chengzhu’s means are becoming more and more diversified and arrogant.
Watching her daughter play with her heart, Li Chengzhu also let her go. Although those spells are not enough to threaten herself, she still has to pretend to be defeated by her to coax her into giggling.
Li Chengzhu didn’t inform too many people about the child’s full moon, but there were only a few people staying at the Duke’s Mansion. Let’s catch the child for a week together.
The original grasp of Zhou was only carried out when the child was one year old, but Li Chengzhu felt that he might not be able to come out in one year, so he gave it to her when the child was one month old. And people who have lived in the celestial world for hundreds of years naturally don’t understand these earth customs, and even Gu Linglong only has a vague impression on this kind of thing.
The holding of the week was not assured by everyone.
My little girl sits at a table filled with all kinds of things, such as Lingguo, elixir, magic weapon and flying sword. Li Chengzhu also specially found the autumn wind to borrow his Changhong Suojia broken bone hammer and lied to the child to get a good luck. Facing a little girl who loves herself very much, Qiu Feng showed sincere generosity and took out two fairy pieces without saying anything.
Li Chengzhu also contributed his meteor sword and the nine-day Luo Ding. Even the ancient exquisite butterfly and the treasure mirror can’t be lucky that a table of fairy pearls lingers and dazzles everyone.
Li Chengzhu squinted at the daughter’s movements on the table, and when she grabbed the autumn wind, changhong cable or broken bone hammer, she announced that her daughter’s things belonged to her.
Gaga, this abacus is really loud enough for her daughter to have a familiar impression of Changhong cable and bone hammer. Li Chengzhu also specially found two similar things for her daughter to play with for several days.
My little girl stared round with big eyes and looked at many things around her. Little things took advantage of everyone’s attention to secretly take away a few pieces of cat stones and a few spiritual fruits and ran aside to hold them and chew them.
Slowly, my girl’s line of sight was finally attracted by the strange hammer. Her hands trembled and she climbed over there step by step with her desktop. Brother Qiu, the corners of Li Chengzhu’s mouth became curved. Don’t blame me for being cruel. I have to get a high-order fairy to defend myself when I go to the fairy forbidden area.
My little girl’s chubby little hand has been lifted, and her legs are kneeling on the desktop, and her pink and tender little ass mouth is drooling, trying to make the hammer good.
"Come on" Li Chengzhu couldn’t help cheering her daughter up in her heart, and even her breathing became rapid.
Suddenly my little girl leans over and falls down.
It fell short!
Li Chengzhu sighed in her heart, Xiaoying lifted her daughter up from the table and then stretched out his hand and wiped her mouth saliva to look at her with relief.
My little girl’s mouth looks like a goldfish spitting bubbles. She looked up to see her mother and then looked around until her eyes looked away. Boss Li’s head suddenly smiled and even pulled the corners of her mouth to look for the direction. Step by step, she climbed to the table in front of Li Chengzhu, and the magic weapon of the fairy was jostled by her. Lingguo elixir was squeezed all over the floor.
Step by step, the saliva dripped down the steps to the table until I climbed to Li Chengzhu’s eyes. The little girl leaned back with her little head short of breath and a few yellow hairs on her head, and smiled at him as if she had accomplished a great thing.
Boss Li’s eyes are wet
Bone blood is thicker than water. Wipe off the corner of your eye without trace, and then bend your arms and wait for this clever girl to jump into his arms.
The daughter fell down again and crawled forward slowly, step by step, into the arms of Boss Li.
"Good" Li Chengzhu picked her up and kissed her pink face hard.
"Let’s go," Gu Linglong said with a smile. "Girl found her favorite thing." Say that finish and Xiaoying smiled at each other.
Li Chengzhu felt sour nose, which was touched by my little girl, and her arm itched. She had a small mouth with no teeth and chewed him with saliva.
There is a green bow totem where the little girl is gnawing.
Autumn wind face with a smile will pick up Changhong cable and broken bone hammer while others are not looking, raise your eyebrows at Li Chengzhu, and then gently wave Changhong cable and broken bone hammer with one hand, and a little light flashes to calm down and he takes it into the ring.
Boss Li’s tears are really flowing. Autumn wind is cheating his mother …
The girl’s name has also been decided. Let’s call Li Yanran.
I haven’t given people a name, and my family tree has long forgotten to be clean. A generation of ghosts still know what generation it is. Li Chengzhu can make one up.
The news that the autumn wind will leave in the next two days has already been distributed. A fairy messenger came out of Rainbow City, which was revealed when Uncle Cai later bragged about Daniel.
This effect is equivalent to telling others that there was a champion in your family in ancient times.
Rainbow City is boiling again, but this time the protagonist is autumn wind.
The last two days of autumn wind were extremely busy, and everyone who came to visit was too late to receive the news. Everyone hoped to connect with the fiftieth fairy messenger in these two days. It was because Xiaoying wanted to give birth and set out to catch up with Zhou that the city government refused to let guests come to visit. As soon as the ban was lifted in these two days, autumn wind immediately became a sweet potato.
While Li Chengzhu took out the film left before and asked Yuanmu to take some photos of his family, especially the powder doodle.
When Yuanmu left, Li Chengzhu furtively asked Gu Linglong to pose a few noble and gorgeous gestures and said that he would give her a few pieces of elephant husband’s request that Gu Linglong naturally blush and agreed.
Li Chengzhu Gate looked for him the night before the autumn wind set out.
After a lot of things, Qiu Feng and Li Da’s boss can’t say good, but they can’t say bad. Even if he comes to borrow fairy wares to fill the facade, Qiu Feng readily agrees. Although he has moved a little, he still gave Li Cheng a cylinder.
The two men discussed the autumn wind room for a long time as if bargaining, and no one knew what they discussed.
Then Li Chengzhu non-stop went back to the room to find Gu Linglong and Xiaoying confessed something, gave each of them a kiss, and finally kissed her face and grabbed it. She also played with her horse and never went back out.
With the autumn wind gone, the residents of Rainbow City lined the streets to see off the fiftieth messenger.
However, it is found that even though the ancient city lords of Gu Linglong came to send the autumn wind, Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu didn’t show up, and their hearts wondered if there was any contradiction between the autumn wind and these two people. Until a long time later, the residents of Rainbow City didn’t find any trace of Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu. There were Gu Linglong and Xiaoying, and sometimes the two ladies looked in the same direction outside the Lord’s house.
The flight speed of autumn wind from Rainbow City to Fairy Forbidden Area is only ten days at most, but the autumn wind can’t wait.
There was already a bunch of people waiting for him before he came to the boundary of the overwhelming array. After he checked the jade waist tag, a group of people expressed a warm welcome to the autumn wind. This was arranged by Ye Zhiqiu Ye Dashuai to guard the large array of immortals here, led by an immortal.
It’s difficult to get out of the array easily, otherwise Li Chengzhu wouldn’t have jumped out of the array directly, but when he wanted to go back in, he was bounced back by the array.
Moreover, only once in a hundred years has a large array been opened, and those with jade on them will not be attacked and confused by the large array, and the waist tag will disappear at the first moment when they enter the array.
The opportunity to enter the array once.
And Li Chengzhu’s grasp is this opportunity.
The autumn wind waited for nearly ten days to pick roses at night, and Yuan left his love before he appeared from the large array. This immortal made the celestial world more famous than some immortals, not only because he was charitable, but also because of his potential. Many senior immortals thought highly of him.
There was no opponent in this competition. When his hand passed a wick, even the first one in this competition, his hand only took three moves.
It can be said that Yuan’s ability to micro-control spells has reached the realm of magic.
At the sight of Yuan’s parting, waiting outside the array was actually a hundred years ago, when Hu Ma, the defeated man, became warped up and smiled "Brother Qiu".
"Brother Yuan meets again." Autumn wind has a hint of nai. Both the master and the apprentice call him Brother Qiu. Which is the seniority?