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Then came the long hope …

Like most knights, Yin Senyong hopes that he can get three magical skills corresponding to offensive magic and defensive magic, and it is better to have an adaptive magic. For example, Chen Yi’s "freedom of movement" is an extraordinary adaptive magic, whether it is to kill dragons in magma or to attack and kill troops in the vast mountains across Qian Shan.
However, three magical powers mean occupying three belief positions, and at least half of the magical knights in the western continent can get one or two magical powers, which makes the combat effectiveness of different magical knights vary greatly.
How many fighting knights can become gods? There is no such statistics in the western continent, and it will always be counted by law. It is a city-state that can achieve happiness after decades of efforts.
Yin Senyong was extremely unconfident and said, "Really … but?"
This has always been different from his performance. In fact, it is too important for him and his family to be a magical knight.
Chen Yi shrugged and said, "This is not a promise, but there is a great opportunity."
"Om" in Yin Sen Yong’s mind seemed to have stopped for a moment.
At this time, he just remembered that Chen Yi is a paladin with "honesty" attribute. He could never lie about such an important thing, otherwise withholding his faith would make him "proficient in language" even worse than konjac.
"I … I … I’m a member of the Yinsen family, and I must believe in the Wooden Dragon Temple." This is the only problem of Yinsen Yong, but he then added, "If you don’t get the favor of the Wooden Dragon, you can choose another temple. At that time … I can … You know that there are many people in the Wooden Dragon Temple Department. Tens of thousands of temple knights participate in it every year, and three or four people get the title of magical knight …"
"You don’t choose to be loyal to the temple belief." Modern people have a little experience in dealing with religious lunatics. Chen Yi bypassed this question and said, "You must choose to be loyal to the oath belief and make a strict promise. If you like, I will try my best to help you become a knight of divinity."
Yin Senyong’s eyes are bigger than the pupil, and they are a little protruding. It seems that the number of magical knights a temple gets every year is a certain range, which is usually determined by the number of believers. Although there is a little difference, holding a large religious meeting with 10,000 people in a temple with millions of believers may not necessarily get two magical knights. The Wooden Dragon Temple occupies more than three city-States, and nearly ten million believers can also produce three or four magical knights every year … Because the number of magical knights is so scarce, the sacrificial root will not put you in unless the knights choose the belief of "loyalty to the temple".
Chen Yi’s words clearly broke the conventional understanding of Yin Senyong.
"If it’s as you say, I promise you." Yin Senyong promised to blurt it out without thinking too much.
Chen Yi turned his back and took out the "strict promise" from the property ring. This is a 26-page contract written by a professional lawyer. Every word has been carefully considered and scrutinized. It has all the properties of harsh legal documents. It is so detailed that almost every noun has a specific explanation, and it is detailed to the level of sentence-breaking. The appendix considers almost all possible ways to deal with conflicts of his beliefs, not just principles. It is more specific, more rigorous, more extensive and more shameful than the "loyalty to the temple" magic.
Yin Senyong’s pupil bulged out completely, just like a good-looking eel to be slaughtered.
Page 26 Promise-Yin Sen is brave and sure that if he completes it, his faith will rise a lot.
When I look at Chen Yi, Yin Senyong is not so grateful.
Chen Yi shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "You see, gratitude will dissipate naturally sometimes, but the promise will be different. The sacrifices will have the requirement of loyalty to the temple. Although I said that the temple is not loyal to its requirements, I have this requirement. If you agree, you may get another belief."
Yin Senyong blushed and bowed his head.
There is no qualitative difference between loyalty to the temple and loyalty to the individual, but years of education have made it difficult for him to change his mind.
Yin Senyong gently leafed through the same thick agreement, saying, "After all, I am a child raised by the Yin Sen family. If I stay on earth, I am afraid it will be difficult to serve the family."
"You don’t personally loyal to the family don’t they have developed to the point where they need a magical knight? You and I will naturally get resources here to give your family this little doubt. "Chen Yi replied thoughtfully." The ultimate value of a magical knight lies in deterrence. Deterrence comes from the forces he is loyal to, not just his force. Otherwise, most magical knights will starve to death, right? "
"We don’t know what faith you will eventually get, and whether you can effectively bring your family is uncertain, but one thing is that you will have a chance to become a knight of divinity if you are loyal to me."
Very straightforward explanation, but right. Yin Sen is brave in spleen and stomach.
Knights are used to going straight because most of them believe in "honesty" or "consistency in words and deeds". Although it adds a little restraint, sometimes it can help them to drink on credit without worrying that their bosses will cheat like gambler and drunkards.
Yin Senyong stopped looking at the thick loyalty and asked, "Where is the oath? When can the meeting be held? "
"Should I give you more faith and compassion first?"
"pity?" Even Yin Senyong himself was surprised that "compassion belief is very difficult to ascend and it costs a lot of money"
"It’s different here," Chen Yi shrugged. "The earth has a foundation."
"Is it a temple?"
Chen Yi laughed and led the young people to see it.
next day
Chen Yi’s search for Jiangning’s religion is not as powerful as the Vatican Pope’s adult. You need a big temple to promote Yin Senyong to the Knights of Divinity.
Yinsen Yong people are already ready, and the two foundations are wandering around Jiangning City.
China Foundation is semi-official, which not only means that its managers may be established by the state, but also means that its sources of funds may be official-not necessarily from state grants. In fact, China Foundation usually has its own assets, and national or local compulsory fund-raising is regular. For example, the Red Cross has a world name, but it is actually independent of Chinese institutions and has the qualification of blood collection. Whether it is to earn the difference or to pay for advertising is enough.
To some extent, it is only necessary for charities to earn enough money to spend. It is natural for China or American foundations to spend 9% of their money. Who can bear it?
Fang Manyi’s control foundation also consumes 6% of its own funds, mainly from the bloated staff structure. This is the reform of her law. Because these wage earners do not appear for no reason and are by no means from proper recruitment, they are usually in exchange. If the foundation wants to get money from an organization, it may not be necessary for them to approve it, then the foundation must help them solve several manual problems, and from the perspective of foundation employees, they are not corrupt. Instead of paying for a job, they hope to get the salary equivalent to that of ordinary civil servants and the bonus of central enterprises. If they are on a business trip or working overtime, they hope to get three times the salary stipulated by the state, even if it is a hotel dinner party. In fact, if it is a dinner party, they usually scramble to pay the bill. It is stingy to give money to anyone.
Chen Yi is not prepared to reform such institutions. If they don’t pay for it themselves, their corruption is a matter of the state.
The point now is that the foundation gives money to everyone. If you can give "pity" through Yin Senyong, it may be a good belief.
Chapter four hundred and seven A barber (1)
Yin Senyong first came to Wuxin County.
Accompanied by Xi Chang Chen Yi, the manager of China Jiangning Poverty Alleviation Foundation, he told him that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has a non-designated fund of 70,000 yuan, which will be sent to whoever is efficient. Xi Chang believes that Chen Yi decided which foundation is efficient because Vice Minister Li of the Ministry of Civil Affairs was the martyr of Chen Zhongguo’s old comrade-in-arms, and Fang Manyi brought it all the way with him after Chen Zhongguo’s death.
Because Yin Senyong was limited by the light curtain with a kilometer radius, after the expressway, Xichang took him to the nearest miners’ gathering area and said to him, "Being a miner is hard, tired and dangerous, not to mention the low salary. These miners are married and have children, but making money is just enough. They can get through it with a little headache and brain fever …………………………………………………………………….
The director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wuxin County also habitually said, "We try our best to solve the difficulties of miners, but you know that many gold mines in Wuxin County have been shut down recently, so we can’t tell those bosses that there is no money without work."
Yin Sen bravely looked up at the miners living in shabby shacks, which were made of wood and poles. There was no window in the dark room, and a faint light flashed to illuminate the roof less than 2 meters high.
His eyes are focused and careful, full of thinking brilliance.
Xi Chang’s great excitement gave the workers’ leaders a thumbs-up sign. As far as experience is concerned, if leaders show this expression, it is usually a precursor to showing compassion and saving money.
The camera of Jiangning No.2 Observatory has been erected.