2, Jul 2024
"That broadcast directly grabbed all our receivable frequencies, which is incredible. They said it must be very important!"

Four people in a circle watching Sam press the radio and then a slightly mechanical sound came out.
"This is the Navigator. At present, the weather conditions in the globe are bad and the weather is deteriorating very fast. We are here to help the people who have not evacuated from all areas of the globe."
"First, please look for a higher ground …"
Sam took out a pen and paper to take notes while listening, and the three of them were absorbed.
Even JD, who just behaved quite well, looked serious.
He’s a little convinced, too
The radio is played in a loop, and four people will soon listen to a round and remember a lot of points. Laura could not help but ask.
"Do you know anything about this mutual aid organization?"
"I’ve seen their climate conference performance … well, maybe it’s magic? It is said in the vision. "
Brian was the first to answer.
Sam also shook his head. "I have also seen their climate conference videos … and received several orders from them."
JD raised his hand and said, "My father once said something. It seems that they won the trust of most European countries in a short time. He and my stepmother were skiing in Europe, and then those countries were going to prepare for asylum."
Brian felt that things didn’t seem so good, but he still asked, "What about the connection?" Where did your father go? "
JD said, "He didn’t return to China, but he refused to enter the shelter. He should return to the villa now."
"I hope he didn’t have an accident …"
Four people didn’t talk until Sam turned on the camera and saw it at first sight as an old acquaintance.
"How is this visual speaker again?" Sam frowned and picked up the remote control to change channels.
Brian reached out and stopped him. "Wait a minute. This speech seems different!"
Chapter 262 Rainstorm sin
Hearing Brian’s words, Sam realized that this speech was really different from those he had seen before.
The background, costume and Baker’s face are all different.
In the previous speeches, Baker’s face was very excited, but now it is extremely depressed.
"Listen to what he wants to say."
Laura is holding a cup of hot tea in her hand, trying to make herself less afraid.
JD hasn’t spoken since he said his father was behind.
In the apartment, except for the thunder and thunder outside and the sound of rain beating on the window, Baker was the only one left to talk.
"… there have been many unexpected abnormal meteorological events abroad recently, which have caused serious disasters."
At first, we were optimistic about these frequent abnormal weather, and it was not until the tornado in California that we gradually realized that maybe we were really wrong.
Baker’s eyes have turned red as he spoke on the podium, and his words have become stuttering with a speech in his hand.
"Maybe … maybe it’s when nature retaliates against us that today we have to admit that … the planet we were born on is undergoing some changes that have never happened before, and it is getting cold and angry."
"Although we have missed the best opportunity now, I still call on all people here to prepare for the climate change. People in the north should look for a safe place and wait for rescue … In addition, we have begun to organize the evacuation of the country, which is expected to start from south to north in sequence …"
Along with Baker’s words, it was released, and there was a schematic diagram of the action, which impressively showed that 40 degrees north latitude was even the north.
Sam couldn’t help but be shocked by Baker’s shame.
"This line root is drawn with the location of Washington, right?"
As we all know, the latitude of Washington is 3 degrees north latitude …
And they are now in new york, which is just stuck in the 4 th line
According to the picture, this is already the north.
Brian also felt incredible. His eyes were as wide as glass balls. "Does he mean that he is not going to organize the evacuation in new york?"
"So many rich people in new york …"
"No" Brian’s words were interrupted by JD Shen. "My father said that new york’s richest people are now on vacation in Australia or South America and Africa."
"Well," Brian patted his forehead. I didn’t expect this one.
It’s that he is shallow in knowledge.
"We should have left a long time ago …" Sam suddenly said with a glassy stare that all eyes were on him, but he listened to him and continued, "My father asked me to leave Washington for Miami to take refuge."
"But I didn’t go …"
Brian sighed. "Now that we’ve given up, it’s not that easy to go to Miami again."
Laura patted Sam twice and gave him a smile.
JD also became anxious and walked back and forth in front of the camera. "They asked us to stay where we are, but is this really true?"
He looked at the three of them. Although they were questions, the facts already knew the answer.