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Yu Sunhao and Tong Li Shen Yu didn’t arrange it.

Chapter two hundred and fifty Thank God you’re here
After listening to Shen Yu’s opinion, XuanYuanHong frowned slightly or asked, "Where is Sun Hao’s child power?"
"They?" Shen Yu’s face smiled and said, "They don’t have a scooter to estimate the speed with the sword alone;" They don’t even have a half-weapon to estimate the attack power, and it’s enough, martial sister Xuanyuan. What do you think they are suitable for? "
XuanYuanGong confused eyes look at Shen Yuxin said, how do you know the somebody else speed? How do you know that people are not attacking enough? There was a meaningful look in his eyes, but Shen Yu’s words didn’t contradict him. Instead, he stopped and said, "Since it is not appropriate to grab the elixir and meet the team, let them cooperate with the Five Tigers and take care of each other …"
Shen Yu ha ha a smile "school sister, you are really soft-hearted for fear that this monk will have a problem, but it’s better for them to enter the five-element mixed array early, so I’ll arrange someone to take care of them. Well, it’s a deal. I hope they can appreciate the painstaking efforts of school sister."
Xuanyuan blushed and smiled. "I hope the senior brother’s arrangement will work, and I hope that we can take the advantage when we meet the magic cultivation. I wish the senior brother every success."
After the consultation, Shen Yu called everyone together to arrange that Shen Yu bring his own team to take charge of grabbing medicine. One team is responsible for stopping the magic repair and meeting Shen Yu. Li Xin is responsible for leading the team to patrol for everyone.
After Shen Yu’s arrangement, Sun Haoma found that he followed XuanYuanHong to meet his younger brother, although he also accepted it with a smile, but his eyes were somewhat dissatisfied. He slightly thought that Sun Haoma had hit the middle key because he didn’t know whether it was intentional or intentional in the whole process. Shen Yu forgot to say that whoever grabbed the elixir should return to him if he didn’t say it. This arrangement is true, but this kind of physical action is very wrong unless it is five tigers and XuanYuanHong who are careless about the elixir and points. Generally, his younger brother is afraid of some bad feelings in his heart.
Because just recognized Sun Hao, the boss, a few people received the patrol Li Xin Li Laoda said with a wave of his hand, "Sun Haosun, the boss, you are our eldest brother, and now we have the final say in this group. I ordered you to be the team leader. Hahahaha …"
Sun Hao.
Not far away, his mouth was chanting "The spirit of heaven is shining, and the spirit of the earth is too old, the old gentleman Xuan Weiling …" XuanYuanHong heard the words and laughed, and his eyes smiled like a crescent moon.
About two hours before the second treasure light, Shen Yu arranged Qingyun’s younger brother and scattered away to restore the true qi and adjust to meet the upcoming battle. Because three of his younger brothers fell, Qingyun’s younger brother was generally in a low mood and the atmosphere was somewhat depressed.
Shen Yu and nature walked with XuanYuanGong to find a topic to strike up a conversation. XuanYuanGong confused his eyes and answered casually, but he didn’t drive him away.
Sun Hao, the temporary team leader who was ordered here, picked up chicken feathers as the direction and really began to think about the problem.
Want to XuanYuanGong is also thought of this possibility to push yourself to the five tigers, so Sun Hao thinks he should do something.
After thinking for a while, Sun Hao tried hard to find information from it to find the first chance to win. After that, Sun Hao clapped his hands and called the five brothers and Tong Li to the side and said, "Why don’t we play a simple game?"
"Play games?" Li Xin’s eyes looked forward to it, but he said, "Dad said that adults don’t play games and don’t let Jebel take us to play."
Li Sen "But Jebel often takes us to play quietly."
Li Miao "is good for physical and mental health to play occasionally."
Li Yan "I don’t like games, but they all like them."
Li Yao "What game? Is it fresh? How to play? "
Corleone smiled. "Our game is called Thank God you’re here. Suppose one of your five brothers is absent at this time. What should I do? At this time, just one person was present to fill the gap and help you fill in the law, so you said thank God you came … "
Li Xin: "This is very fresh and creative. It’s fun. How to play Sun Hao? You arrange it."
Sun Hao winked at Tong Li, and the two men took their five brothers and walked away to find a relatively remote place to play.
Two hours passed quickly.
Seven colors of brilliance suddenly rose to the sky in the southeast.
Shen Yu drank a cup of "Bao Guang Seven Colors Xuanyuan pool". This time, it is very likely that there will be dragons, gazelles, Zhang Wen and Zhang Wu, and all of you will come with us … "As Shen Yu drank, Zhang Wen, Zhang Wu and other Qingyun disciples have waved their hands, and aircraft of different shapes appeared, and everyone jumped forward as if they were in a hurry to point directly at Bao Guang area in fireball.
XuanYuanGong also drink a "dream yao, room age you also come with us" Sun Hao found QingYunMen several female brother XuanYuanGong this group led a little slow Shen Yu a line of rapid.
Before XuanYuanHong took off, it sounded "Be careful of Sun Hao"
Sun Hao smiled faintly and answered "Don’t worry, Xiaohong", then threw out the agarwood sword and said "Let’s go" to the five brothers and Tong Li.
Lee’s five tigers looked at each other and shouted "hot wheels is now". Two huge feet appeared on each person’s feet, as if burning flames exceeded their waists. Five people at the same time urged hot wheels to start rushing forward in order.
Unlike his younger brother Qingyun’s platform aircraft, which is elegant and elegant, hot wheels, the platform of Five Tigers, is really powerful. The five people are screaming and rolling forward like five clouds of fire, except that the speed is not high enough from the ground, which is beyond most younger brothers Qingyun’s platform.
Running five brothers and chatting at the same time.
Li Xin "ha ha ha sun eldest brother don’t know to don’t? If you can’t keep up with this boss, you’ll be ashamed or I’ll be the boss … "
Li Sen: "We want to grab the elixir, but we can’t wait for people."
Li Miao "When the hand is fast and the hand is slow, it waits for no one. I hope that Boss Sun will be a little more competitive."
Li Yan "Boss Sun doesn’t seem to be left behind"
Li Yao "children’s big also followed …"
It’s not Sun Hao and Tong Li, who are the five brothers, who are behind them by half a point.
Sun Hao and Tong Li have extreme instruments. The ambassador is not a professional means of transportation. Sun Haoxiu’s depth is a bit overwhelming to keep up with Wu Hu Tong Li. However, Tong Li has Sun Hao’s flying grass technique. He ran away and took a picture of this flying grass technique. It is wonderful to move with the help of aura in the wood environment, which not only makes Tong Li closely follow the speed of Wu Hu, but also saves a lot of effort. Tong Li looks calm and carefree.
Chapter two hundred and six Thank goodness for Sun Hao.
Although you can follow the Five Tigers without flying grass, Sun Hao still used flying grass, just like Tong Li, like fallen leaves fluttering in the wind, chasing behind the Five Tigers.
Li Xin saw a little doorway and said, "Boss Sun, this move is simply opportunistic"; Li Sen "steals rape and plays tricks"; Li Miao is "despicable"; Li Yan is "shameful"; Li Yao is "smart"
It is so said that Sun Hao and Tong Li can no longer converge with their five tigers, and hot wheels urges them to roar to the extreme faster.
Many younger brothers in Qingyun couldn’t outrun the Five Tigers. When they saw the Five Tigers standing on the wheel, everyone went away like five rolling red clouds. These brothers could not help shaking their heads and sighing that these five tigers were good or not, but they just didn’t listen to Brother Shen’s words. At that time, they fell on deaf ears. Every time Bao Guang was alive, these five people rushed forward and robbed the elixir. Brother Shen also took their measures.
But when they saw Sun Hao and Tong Li, they couldn’t help but be a little surprised that the speed of the five tigers was not slow. Can these two guys talk to each other? After reading it for a while, everyone shook their heads. These two guys are simply typical parasites. It’s really hard for them to fly with the help of five tigers. They belong to the affiliated clan. It’s commendable to have this wonderful technique.