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"Watch out for dead dogs!" Khufu is obviously more than will not take partial mouth shouted out the word dead dog.

The roaring dog gave him a white look …
Then the dead dog turned to the ground one by one!
The four wolves directly pounced on khufu them!
Chapter 137 Drink back the wolves
Khufu, they have come to criticize women. Pull the trigger one by one and shoot the four unstable wolves on the spot.
On the other side, I saw the roaring dog scurrying around like a tiger into a flock of sheep, bumping his head, patting his paws or sweeping his tail, and sweeping a wolf like a paper dog flying all over the sky, losing his fighting power.
Die on the spot …
See such fighting capacity khufu couldn’t help but muttered "this m is a dog? Tiger in dog skin? "
Bobby Chen suddenly realized, "No wonder Yu Hui will take this lazy guy feeling. This is bodyguard treatment!"
They all nodded …
Tan Yuan looked back at Yu Huifei. She didn’t understand Yu Huifei with a dog who didn’t work, eating and drinking.
Because of the field rescue life, every material is very precious.
With a big-bellied dog, their supplies will be consumed faster.
Especially after the dead dog doesn’t eat dog food and eats people, she has a bigger opinion.
But now she has no opinion at all.
Instead, I re-examined this man again …
At this moment, she felt that this man was full of mystery, and it was no longer the same place.
When a wolf howled, everyone saw that the wolf king finally couldn’t sit still and went out directly!
With the wolves flocking to the roaring dog, it is obvious that this cargo is the biggest variable opposite this time!
Once he’s done, everything will be easy.
"Look out!" Everyone shouted
The roaring dog is surrounded, but the goods are not afraid of raising their eyebrows and muttering, "Mom, don’t make me find a stick to give you a set of beating dog sticks!"
In the distance, the Wolf King came. He ran very fast without making direct moves. Instead, he immediately mixed into the wolves, and the wolves ran around and disturbed the vision of the roaring dog …
At the same time, some wolves forced them to the thirteen Pacific Insurance and the captain of Dahuang Song.
Obviously this is to prevent them from saving the dog!
Just when Xiao Tian’s paw pressed a fire stick to prepare to use the dog stick method …
As the wolves approached Captain Song, they were ready for a body cull.
Just when Captain Song and his men were ready to fight hard …
Suddenly they saw the wolves’ eyes changed!
They all looked behind them and then their eyes kept shaking and retreated one by one!
"What’s the situation?" All one leng.
But no one dared to turn back, because these wolves were too cunning to be a thief. He took advantage of Tan Yuan’s turn to launch a surprise attack directly …
They are afraid of being calculated by wolves again.
And they know very well that there will be no one else behind them. The cave behind them is blocked and nothing can come in.
What can a surplus club have?
Never scare these wolves.
So they firmly recognize these wolves, so they put a puzzle on them to fool them back?
Khufu couldn’t help cursing, "I want to lie to me and turn around!"
Just then a figure appeared beside him.
Khufu still glanced at consciousness and said in astonishment, "Little fish?"