29, Jun 2024
Zhan Claw’s heart complained bitterly that his god rat army could ambush the enemy at any time by this secret technique. This huge fierce rat root is not here to fight. Looking at Wang Foer’s commanding presence, Zhan Claw’s heart was depressed and vomiting blood, and he barely managed to cope with it for a while, and then he retreated.

As expected, the people of xi he had a tough folkway. When Wang Foer struggled with the rat army, they didn’t move. But when Zhan’s claws were defeated, they each picked up farm tools. Some of them even took out the weapons in the Tibetan salute and killed them together. Fortunately, the Xiqiao army was well-trained and the rat army was quite elite. After a melee, they fled for their lives.
During World War I, Wang Foer’s position was suddenly a little higher. When the townspeople stopped cursing the scum of the Rat Army, several prestigious people in Pingsu town suggested to Wang Foer, "We are still a long way from the rebel place. If there are at least seven or ten small generals who are interested, can you straighten us out?"
Wang Foer ha ha smiled and immediately agreed. After a little deployment, the marching speed was really fast.
The ancestral mountain of xi he clan is the same as the bird with three claws and the sun. After the seven days of Archaic Birds, Xihuang’s temperament is violent. Even if the name of Archaic is the most fierce, the beast will not dare to lose its edge. Although the xi he clan is not as prosperous as the Aheluo feather clan among the five demon clans, it is the only one among the seven feather clans that does not rely on the same clan to live independently.
It’s that the ancient blood gradually faded. Today, the xi he clan has never had any martial arts genius since the era of the Ten Emperors and Five Emperors, creating a kind of mythical martial arts like Nirvana Volume, so that it can be trapped in a corner.
Wang Foer, with a big stick on his shoulder, has a wonderful demeanor. He has repeatedly helped the older and weaker people to carry things, and sometimes joked and played with the children of the town. However, in half a day, this group of refugees has established a good image.
When the second army of western disambiguation appeared, Wang Foer had become the leader of this fleeing army, and it was easy to force his opponent back to make these people admire him even more.
In the evening, when everyone settled down to raise a bonfire, many young xi he brothers gathered around Wang Foer. Listening to Wang Foer casually talking about some interesting things they had never heard of, suddenly a teenager said, "Brother Shifang, please teach us to learn martial arts!"
"Yes! Yes, Brother Shifang, please teach us to learn martial arts! " There is a self-mature, prudent young man who drinks his companion and says, "Ten eldest brothers are Bai Yue people, how can they teach us martial arts?"! You still don’t make trouble! "
The young man who spoke the most didn’t call out, "Didn’t Dalan Tuo Temple say there were classes? You can teach any race if you are willing to join the teacher! "
The self-serious young man shouted, "Do you know what the Dalai Lama Temple claims to have a teaching class, but if you don’t finish it for nine years after you get started, you will be expelled from the temple. After ten years and less than seven years, you will never have a chance to study a higher level of martial arts. Those superficial skills are not as good as my xi he martial arts!"
Wang Foer looked at the quarrel between the two teenagers with a smile and suddenly asked, "What are your names and what are your martial arts?"
The young man who spoke immediately replied, "My name is Flying Fish, and it’s a family of five arrogance. He’s a buddy at Zhangji grocery store in our town, and his name is Zhu Youmu Xuexi."
"Can you explain your martial arts to me in detail?"
Flying fish heard that Wang Foer intended to instruct him to learn martial arts, and immediately explained his martial arts in detail with great excitement, and regardless of Zhu Youmu’s frowning, he also told Wang Foer in detail the method of repairing the sky by Xihuang.
These two martial arts are all five superficial martial arts. Although their names are good, they are not very powerful. xi he people are very popular. Wang Foer’s martial arts cultivation knowledge is far from his skill. It is impossible for him to revise these two martial arts and promote them.
However, it is not the idea for Wang Foer to play. After he understood these two martial arts practice methods, he immediately summoned the flying fish to come over, stretched out his hand and pressed the flying fish to Mingmen, and a soft qi slowly passed by.
It’s not difficult for him to simulate the magic Buddha’s skill formula, which is consistent with the flying fish’s attribute. It’s also very common for him to improve his martial arts with the help of external forces since he came to China in Middle Earth. It’s natural for him to raise his hand by breaking through a small teenager’s meridian with the skill of a god.
Wang Foer this move makes all the teenagers suddenly envy than flying fish and know that this opportunity is rare. Although it does not belong to its own true qi, the meridians in the body are swollen and uncomfortable, but it also grits its teeth and insists on abruptly enduring it.
This method can be used only if you are a master and a disciple and belong to the same clan, because you can’t change the true qi at will. If you are forced to fear that the meridian will not be opened, it will be broken. However, even if you are a teacher and a kinsman, this method is still very dangerous. An improper one will cause permanent damage to the patient’s weak body, and no one will do this unless absolutely necessary.
Wang Foer is courageous and self-sustaining, with profound artistic skills. The real fire is the same as the five-arrogance, light, bone-refining and martial arts. This is the only way to start work. Bo Yi, the five-knowledge avatar of Daluotuo Temple, can recognize the flying fish body. His eyes are like blood and bones, and Wang Foer dares to do this adventure and rely on it.
The five-flame-light bone-refining tactic opens the meridians, and then the bones are calcined by real fire, which makes it more light and convenient. After the practice, the body method is much more flexible than the ordinary method
Wang Foer intends to get through the meridians and stop it, but when he savors this martial arts, he finds that as this kung fu is only a seven-martial art, it also has its own unique features. After the three meridians of flying fish flow smoothly, it is poured into the young bones bit by bit.
Seeing the flying fish gradually emitting a faint yellow flame, all the teenagers suddenly exclaimed. This phenomenon is very familiar to them. This is a sign of repairing the nine signs. There are also three adults in the town who have this repair. Seeing that this ten-party eldest brother is not several years older than them, there is such a magical power. Wang Foer’s eyes suddenly became tall and far exceeded their parents and elders.
"all right! Flying fish, try your strength, don’t be too fierce, just six minutes! "
After listening to Wang Foer’s words, the flying fish reached out and patted a palm. Suddenly, it blew up a layer of soil on the ground. Such an earth force made him suddenly shout, "I have a second layer of martial arts … I have the second strength … I’m going to tell my parents!" Then he also forgot to say goodbye to Wang Foer and ran away.
Wang Foer turned to Zhu Youmu with a smile on his face and said, "Please, little brother, please tell the flying fish that this power is from outside. If I practice hard for a few days, my true spirit will gradually dissipate. It depends on his diligence to keep a few points!"
Zhu Youmu promised a look of some complexity to chase the flying fish to Wang Foer with a cold sweat in his heart. He came to want this means to accept two teenagers. Now he has tried it, and he is afraid to do it again.
"It’s no wonder that despite the popularity of soldiers in China, it’s rare to hear someone pouring qi into the younger generation. It’s far more dangerous and bad to force through the meridians than to input the qi into the auxiliary means of training, and it’s also more dangerous to see the individual’s method. If it’s not the five-arrogance light-tempered bone tactic method, it can be done at most."
After leaving Zhu Youmu, Wang Foer smiled more. After chatting with these teenagers for a long time, he urged them to take a rest. When the teenagers were reluctant to leave, the tearful city asked, "Do you want to ask Senior Bai and Senior Xiaolong to create a method to give to xi he people?"
Wang Foer sighed and said, "xi he’s martial arts naturally have the refined skills, and that’s all. It’s just a very shallow introduction. The main idea of kung fu is to refine the horizontal bones and become nimble, and there’s no room for it. I heard that it’s the highest methods of the xi he family-that is, Zhu Youmu, who has won the ordinary teaching and can’t understand the advanced methods. The methods created by two predecessors may not be higher than this door!"
Tears of the whole city smiled and said, "Bai Yue’s ancestral evil is not only a wild god, but also a martial arts wizard’s creation of a ten-square frozen magic road. The grandson’s descendants have created a formula to repair the sky, but the descendants of xi he have created it with Gu Xihuang. It’s only the second martial arts. The two predecessors can’t create a better method, but it’s not a problem to be promoted to one!"
Wang Foer said with a smile, "Then someone has to contribute the art of this martial arts department. I heard that the leader of the xi he clan, Caigu, is also called Xihuang, and all previous dynasties were women. It’s not easy to deal with such tough women!"
Tears swept through the beautiful eyes and gently angered, "I am also a tough woman. Do you think it is difficult to deal with it?"