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"I’m illiterate, and I’m also asking saints to read Cang Haoshengde …"

Everyone appeared and fell to the ground one after another and worshipped the young man standing on the rock. His face was less thoughtful than piety. Not only are many mortals ten miles away from them, but they also worship at the top of the South Mountain, recognizing that they are immortals. This scene is spectacular, and they are worshiped by heaven and earth.
Chapter 2 Ancient League Details
These people who bow down are all from the ancient League. They never thought that the clown they scoffed at had reached such a horrible level.
Holy land, what a horror it is, it is truly beyond the power of the avenue.
And the sacred land is full of ants. It is also because they speculated that Liu Yu’s identity can kill people, and anger can make the sky move, bones pile up and blood flow. After Qin Huang completed the great cause of unifying the six countries, he thought that he was no better than the three emperors and five emperors, and the crowned emperor called heaven.
There is a saying that the sky is full of anger and blood is a river.
But Liu Yu is now a great man, and he has such ability when he enters the holy body.
Liu Yu didn’t bother to look at these miscellaneous fish and said, "Go back and give a message to your ancient alliance. If you continue to dig the earth and Long Mai, I will definitely visit Liu Yu tomorrow."
"I am waiting for the sage to teach me."
These people looked up slightly and then worshipped deeply.
"get out!" Liu Yu thundered against the sky behind him. For a moment, everyone quickly evacuated from the top of the South Mountain until they fled all the way back to the alliance, only to find that the clothes were wet with cold sweat.
At this time, the ancient alliance is a big barren mountain in Li Jiang, and it is still very primitive to put an end to all foreign things, and even the satellites can’t photograph it.
It is worth mentioning that from time to time, there will be some news reports that satellites suddenly take a group of photos of the new continent, which are not marked in the world map. So does this suddenly appear? Of course, it’s not because these places are all hiding places of the ancient monks. After they move out, the big array will be taken away and the satellite will run on Sunday.
In a vast hall, this hall is gloomy, and it seems that there is a wall like the flow of gas. There are several big flames hanging there, and this flame tugs at it from time to time, which is a bit weird.
Those monks who fled back reported this to the ancient League, which has been closed for many years, and everything is under the care of an elder.
However, although the alliance is very strong, they had to panic when they heard that Master Liu of China came back ten years ago and probably walked from Kunlun Mountain a few days ago.
"The elders such as decision now? The earth’s aura is thin, and the leader has closed the impact on the sacred land for many years. This urgent head cannot lose its spiritual source. "
An ancient monk told me
"Liu Yu is a strong person in the sacred land. It doesn’t make sense. Ten years ago, he was just a teenager. I also checked the information and qualifications of this person. Later, I didn’t know that if it became overseas, I guess there was another possibility."
The old man sitting in the second place slowly said that he came to the earth farther than people, and his qualifications were not simple, so many people were willing to listen quietly when he spoke.
"Elder, you said"
Many ancient scholars are eager to know the text.
The elder is unhurried. "In recent years, our ancient repair alliance has been able to surpass this star because our heritage is strong enough. In addition to taking in the local indigenous brothers, we have 749 ancient repair talents, but the former leader of the ancient repair is not the current leader but a forest fairy …"
Many monks mentioned by the old man know in their hearts that their ancient repair alliance is not a foreign monk, but they also have human seedlings selected from all over the world to let them participate in the cultivation of immortals. Although these people have limited achievements, they can fight a country without going out.
Yes, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s not a problem for those who cultivate immortality to fight a country alone when they are strong enough.
"As far as I know, this Liu Yu has been to the grave of Lin Taixian, and I suspect that he should have been guided by Lin Taixian. Then when this disappeared for ten years, he mostly went abroad and entered but came back by stepping into the ancient road."
The old man decided to scrutinize these things later.
However, Liu Yu’s return from holiness really made several people bend over.
"But he told us to stop digging Long Mai … I’m afraid we can’t promise!" The elder said that at the end of the day, the corner of his eye could not help showing a cold mountain.
The sacred land … is not the strongest blue sky!
There is one thing that the leader of this ancient alliance knows, that is, an extraterritorial monty accidentally fell into the earth, and its realm is probably a sacred land. After a long period of cultivation, it will come back to the peak. It is to continue to travel abroad, but it is attracted by the opportunity here. This double-reverse Dacheng agreement will get the treasure together.
"Elder, as you said, what shall we do if we take it?"
An ancient repair asked
The elder didn’t answer him directly, but turned his attention to Tian Mang, the patriarch of Tianzong, who had just withdrawn. "Tian Mang, how many Long Mai did you get by the time you were forced back from Huayun School by Liu Yu?"
That day, Mang got up and said, "A total of articles."
"Tribute for several days"
The elder is overjoyed.
When another person asks, "Does Liu Yu know that we won’t stop and find another day to deal with it?"
"Ha ha to find? Maybe he will weigh the facts. Our leader has already met him in Kunlun Mountain. "
When the elder said this, others were shocked, but he didn’t understand what he meant.
Everyone in the field knows the battle of Kunlun very well, but their leader actually appeared in Kunlun Mountain?
"Yes, it was chaos in the virtual world that day."
They didn’t react until the elder told them so. When Liu Yu left, he said, We have plenty of time … I didn’t think that virtual chaos was their leader! !
"Is there any change in Taishan Xianbao recently?"
The elder inquired about Tianmang again. Mount Tai is a great treasure that they have discovered so far.
"Recently there are faint signs of breaking birth …" Day mans eyes hot said.
"Well, just wait for the leader to break into the holy place, hahaha!"
"Liu Yu is not afraid to continue … secretly explore Long Mai!"
When Liu Yu was sitting in an elegantly decorated restaurant, they and others.
Of course, this person is Wan Jing Tuan Shaogong Pijiwan.
Their patron was lost by Liu Yu. Considering his identity, he can’t come forward to protect Lingyun Middle School. Doing so will make others question the small things and it’s better not to kill them.
From time to time, an open car stopped at the gate of the restaurant, and a man in a blue suit came in front of it.
Chapter 3 Master Liu of China is back? (four more flowers ~ ~)
Pijiwan looked up lazily, and the restaurant couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of her mouth.
It happened that he wanted to find fault with grades, but he got it.