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This problem was solved before the birth of pyrotechnics, which were already the product of the industrial revolution.

It can be released.
Su Yonglin returned to Tai ‘an Prefecture to start prisoner digestion and military prestige propaganda while maintaining a considerable scale of intelligence exploration and work.
Captives have to digest military power and publicize that he has a lot of work to do.
But just because a battlefield war is over does not mean that it is also over.
A big war can’t be decided by one or two local battles.
Just because Su Yonglin won doesn’t mean that the Guangfu Army won.
At the same time, more than 30,000 people in the main force of 8 Jin Army are heading for Yizhou, and the leader of 8 Jin Army is to learn from others.
After sending the military documents to Jia Gu A Su, I was forced not to send troops. It was not 20,000 people but 30,000 people who dispatched military forces.
On the eve of the invasion, ten thousand people finally arrived from Daming Fu Road to help the army.
The ecstasy of the tiger immediately put the ten thousand people into the punitive army and announced their March.
Chapter 12 Zhao Kaishan is full of pride
Of course, it’s a pleasure to have a large number of troops.
But Yelu Chenghui was unhappy.
He is in charge of logistics, and he hopes that he will not take so many people with him, otherwise there will be some gaps in the preparation of military supplies for 20 thousand people, which is not good to supplement.
Moreover, there is no river like Wenshui in the direction of entering Yizhou, which can help them rely on land transportation, and the efficiency has dropped sharply.
For Shandong West Road, which has just suffered chaos, the pressure is really too great. Many officials have complained to him, and he hopes that he can understand him by trying his best.
"It’s not too difficult for local administrations to provide logistics supplies to tens of thousands of troops before they have finished their recovery. It’s not too difficult to hope that the whole army will consider our difficulties more and not impose them."
Yelv Chenghui said that he was very humble and his posture was very low.
However, Shu Hu Si Ji did not intend to understand their difficulties, but angrily pointed to Yelv Chenghui’s nose and severely reprimanded him.
"State affairs can make a choice because of the amount of consumption? State affairs should be done at all costs! How can you assume an important responsibility if you don’t understand this truth?
You have a big problem, but I don’t have a big problem? Shandong thieves are everywhere, and there are thieves everywhere, killing people all the time! Is it important for people or your little food and wealth? "
It’s like ignoring the army, embezzling the army and military supplies for personal enjoyment. It’s not him.
Accurately speaking, this guy is greedy for fame, and the whole Shandong area is famous. Officials of all sizes are quite familiar with his greed
Every year, how many real troops are allocated to the Shandong Army by the imperial court, and what is the level of the Shandong Army? Everyone has a steelyard in his heart.
It is a fairy tale to say that the situation in Shandong has been eroded to this point.
However, this does not prevent the new bureaucrat from throwing pots with great skill.
Yelv Chenghui Kenai can crustily skin of head and work overtime to ensure the logistics of tiger thinking and economy, and at the same time, he has to clamp some thoughts on the logistics of Valley Speed.
But it’s quite time-saving compared with the skill of grasping the grain and grasping the speed.
Therefore, Yelu Chenghui handed over the things over to the deputy, and he concentrated on preparing the logistics for the tiger and the economy. He continued to intimidate and make it difficult.
While doing things, Yelu Chenghui was also dissatisfied and resentful, hating himself for being inferior to others, and being able to passively suffer such oppression and humiliation was humiliating to the extreme.
I didn’t intend to go out personally when I came here, but because the foreign troops came, it was convenient to unify the command and there would be no chaos, so he temporarily decided to unite the army and make an identity to go out personally.
So that no one will have a command contradiction.
It is normal that there are contradictions between the formed troops in different areas of Shandong West Road and Daming Fu Road. The soldiers are different from Meng’ an and Mouke, and they are not contradictory and easy to understand.
We need someone who can keep his word, and everyone listens to people to give us unified command.
I can think about myself.
Before leaving for the war, he gave orders to Tu Shan-jing to rectify more troops to Dongping Mansion as soon as possible and then go to Jinan Mansion to promote the actual three-way March, crush the Guangfu Army as soon as possible and restore Shandong to its original state.
Shu Hu Si Ji led the 30,000 main forces to March in the direction of Yanzhou, ready to go through Yanzhou and pounce on the lair of Yizhou Guangfu Army, killing him with great ambition.
Of the 30,000 troops, 20,000 are Han Chinese signatories, but there are also 10,000 women who are real soldiers, and 4,000 of them are cavalry, and the remaining 6,000 are infantry.
That is to say, it is urgent to collect more horses for military supplies, but each of these 4 thousand cavalry is one person and two horses, which is much better than one person and one horse over there in Jiagu.
With an army of this size, you don’t believe that you can get rid of the thieves in Pingshan East.
Zhao Kaishan, who is similar to him, now feels that he can’t fail.
After he drove Su Yonglin and Sun Yi to the north through his "superb" political skills, Zhao Kaishan relieved his guilt by giving Su Yonglin a lot of military supplies, and then began to expand the army on a large scale with peace of mind.
He announced the formal reorganization of Su Yonglin and Sun Yi, the original recovery army, which was slightly chaotic. He didn’t care if he arranged his own side a little.
He also knew that the armed forces of the landlords and squires who took refuge in him were not very reliable. He mainly expanded his own army, which was the first to have the Yue family army bugle.
For example, Zhao Yucheng, the commander of the Rebel Army, expanded to 10,000 people and was equipped with more than 2,000 war horses.
He carefully selected a tall and strong soldier to enter the Qianbei Army and tried to strengthen the equipment and strength of the Qianbei Army in an attempt to make the Qianbei Army the strongest army in the benchmark Guangfu Army.
He didn’t mistreat the rest of the troops, but he can strengthen them all. Of course, the quality of the army is not so good, mainly the number of people.
Zhao Kaishan’s army expanded rapidly during the period of forcing people to join the army and actively investing in soldiers.
Because Su Yonglin’s suggestion that soldiers’ faces and bodies should not be tattooed was adopted, the Guangfu Army did not have the tattooing system of Song Jun, and soldiers’ faces were not tattooed, so they actually took the initiative to vote for soldiers.
Of course, the surrender of the Han nomads after attacking the city is definitely something that the Ministry will incorporate into the team and then pull the able-bodied men, and some areas will do it.
However, it must be said that the overall image of Su Yonglin’s early announcement of his involvement in the Guangfu Army in Shandong is still very positive.
When Su Yonglin and Jia Gu fought a bloody battle, Zhao Xiangxuan’s front army expanded to fifteen thousand, Zhao Kaihe stepped on the white army expanded to twelve thousand, Chen Qiaoshan broke the enemy army expanded to seventeen thousand, and Li Xiao Youyi army expanded to sixteen thousand.