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How can there be magpies in the world?
The woman in the temple seems to be able to see through Su Jing’s mind. The smile is a little light. "If you want fairy friends, you will have them. Do you want magpies?"
When the other party said this, Su Jing naturally thought of magpies. This idea has just turned and suddenly I saw a grey magpie jumping out of the air, flapping its wings and flying around the stone platform for two weeks, and I couldn’t find a place to stay at one time.
Su Jing wanted to say that the idea of "climbing branches" did not fall, and he stretched out a root. The green magpie fell off the branches and looked at Su Jing and called a few times.
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-six All wishes come true.
"You can have whatever you want?" Su Jing made no secret of his surprise.
The woman in the ancient temple said, "Well, if you don’t believe me, you can try it several times."
Su Jing, whose heart was on the alert, turned to think that it was two treasures, and he felt a slight sinking in his right hand. At the same time, the left wrist was slightly tightened, and the golden fire wrapped the bracelet around the wrist.
Both treasures gave Su Jing a general change of life. When Moyer killed Mo djinn, it was destroyed. Now the broken stick and bracelet are returned to Su Jing’s bag, and the "new treasure" reappears.
For a moment, Su Jing suddenly disappeared without joy. The staff was poked and a flame appeared next to the ground staff-the golden fire wrapped around the treasure bracelet gave Su Jing a real fire change.
When he first got this bracelet, Su Jing could turn into a bean fire. Now he has transformed into a real fire the size of an ordinary bonfire.
The flame jumped. Su Jing returned to human form and checked the bracelet. He picked up the arhat baguette again … Su Jing changed his smile again and his eyes were clear. The young monk gave his baguette a gentle meal on the ground, and the evil wind roared in the distance. Suddenly, he jumped out of a brilliant palace in the sky. Fourteen kings perched on the platform of Aguwang.
It’s not unreasonable to think about these two treasures. A stick and a bracelet are hidden and mysterious. If you test a long stick and a gold bracelet, they can all be true! Treasure is real.
"Come up with" two treasures is not finished yet. Su Jing wants to listen to this movement again. I didn’t jump out and listen to it for half a mile.
Su Jing moved.
It’s more real to think of something than to think of something that shouldn’t appear.
Su Jing’s eyes flashed for a moment and looked back at the ancient temple. "Where on earth are immortals and people here?"
"What place? The truth of the heart is a great achievement in the dharma world. The name of this world is all things come true and dharma is heaven! " The woman in the temple laughed beautifully. "Who am I? A chariot and horse in Chegankun district of Tianmayuan is in the middle of the seat of the shrine, that is, the person who drives the whip! I’m the driver. You can call me’ Car Boss’ if you like. "
As far as she’s laughing, the stone platform at the foot of Su Jing suddenly extends to thousands of miles away from Baizhang Fiona Fang. I can’t tell whether it’s the sky or the abyss. A series of thunder and thunder sensations have caused the ruined temple to explode and crack. The mottled roof tiles are bursting with green light, and the old pickled wooden doors are shining all over the sky … Just three or two breathing efforts are thousands of miles away!
A little ruined temple turned into a magnificent Lingxiao Fairy Palace!
Su Jing people are as small as ants in front of the huge palace.
Before Su Jing’s surprise door rang, the giant Yue-like vermilion palace door in front of him was brilliant. He let the door ring, not when the ordinary door closed, but when the magic weapon was drawn and the treasure was born, there would be … Long Yin!
The palace gate is misty and hazy, and the charm of fairy light is the only thing that makes it shapeless.