24, Jun 2024
And there are many illusions floating around these objects

This platform illusion is the largest number, and Lin mainly observes these illusions here.
Most illusions look like a pile of more than ten centimeters of balls together to form an object, and the whole pile of balls is several meters in size.
They are actually’ coincidence’
These coincidences generally look like this. A bunch of spheres get together to shape.
The main reason for their modeling seems to be that they will hide their’ history’ in these spheres.
Each coincident person simulates their own life and after experiencing it, they will hide their life course in a ball.
Therefore, it seems that the more balls a coincidence person gathers, the more … experiences it has experienced.
And one of these balls can be called a’ core ball’, which is what it thinks.
It is said that these spheres can be separated and each sphere can become a separate consciousness, and all the memories of this consciousness are related to the experience data hidden in it
And in their integration into a common group consciousness, that is, all the coincident people come together to become a huge … spherical aggregate.
At this time, it will connect all sphere experiences into a consciousness with great wisdom and knowing everything.
At present, Lin doesn’t know anything about this kind of creature. The main thing to study now is their’ plan’
This is what the doppelganger said about the remains of the Coincident Project.
The coincidence person never knew that he wanted to connect everything … but then at some point, he suddenly recorded the whole plan in this relic, and then he saw the whole plan of the coincidence person in this relic through the’ future observation’ ability of the times.
That’s what the doppelganger said in general, but he didn’t elaborate
At present, Lin hasn’t seen anything planned that can perceive the thoughts of these coincidence people around her.
They are all in a state of imminent collapse.
They all think they are going to die, but they are still trying to support themselves not to die.
But … I don’t know what caused them to die. Maybe it was what attack they suffered. They all showed very painful emotions here, and they kept saying that they were going to die and could not simply die.
"Take it away …"
At this time, Lin found that a special coincidence approached the pompon, and its’ words’ were somewhat different from those of others.
"You can’t do that? Give it to … Take it … "
It suddenly stopped and looked in the imaginary direction in the distance.
Although I can’t see where its sensory organs are, Lin can feel its attention in one direction
So do those who don’t overlap around. They look in that direction.
At this time, Lin found that there was a "small pipe" in the distance before she saw it.
This kind of pipeline is hundreds of kilometers long, which is the same as Midgart, but much smaller.
I didn’t study it carefully before, but now it appears again.
At the moment when the small pipe appeared, Lin found that the illusion around her changed a lot.
Like a coincidence illusion, it appeared around the original black floating ruins, but now it is full of surrounding emptiness
In addition to a large number of coincidence, there are many large … things that should be their warships.
These warships are all black, each hundreds of meters in size and different in shape, like a group of huge black stones.
Lin felt that that various relic floating here were part of these warship.
They all point to the little pipe that appears.
The small pipe flew up quickly, and it moved instantly. All the coincident warships immediately … fled.
They didn’t fight. They didn’t want to resist at all.
These coincidences are scattered, and the small pipes also fly to their groups.
Some people who didn’t run away from each other were swallowed up by small pipes.
Lin can see these coincidences falling into the small pipes … all the spheres that make up their bodies quickly disperse and fly away for a short time before they explode.
It seems that entering a small pipe is a fatal outcome.
And it’s not so good to escape around. How many spheres fall off the body of those who fly and overlap?
These spheres fly quickly to the small pipe and will blow up instantly when they touch the surface of the small pipe.
Small pipes didn’t deliberately chase the overlapping people around them, but they flew over … which made many overlapping people smaller.
Those warships seem to have no influence, but they all fled far away.
After the small pipe flies far away, these reclosers return to the former state … that is, they cry out to die.
The former special one continued to talk about what to take away in front of the pompoms.
But Lynn didn’t see what it said it was going to take away.
Or, like when the small pipe appeared just now, there will be more illusions at certain times.
At present, Lin can’t see the illusion that it said it would take something away.
"This … how can …"
This coincidence keeps going, and finally it … touches the pompoms.
Because it is an illusion, it goes straight through.
But his mood suddenly changed, as if the fluffy ball had affected him.
"So that’s it. Only you can take it away."
Lin found that a ball floated away from her body and flew to a position on the ground in the distance.
Then the ball disappeared.
Lynn also noticed that the ground suddenly hit a crack.