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But Su Li insisted on coming.

After nearly fifty minutes of fighting, he gained amazing results and gained more than 700 spiritual sources.
Su Li had 1,136 spiritual sources, and the number of his spiritual sources has reached 152 after the war tonight.
Now he is 14 spiritual sources away from promotion.
Chapter 432 Thirteen Saint
Wait until the day you need to find some monsters to hunt, and you can easily break through and be promoted to level 5 holy knight.
After the battle, Su Li has been thinking about what kind of psychic skills the holy knight will realize if he is promoted to level 5.
It can be said that it is important to obtain what kind of psychic skills.
If you get a top psychic skill, you may get a great promotion. If it is an ordinary psychic skill, the promotion will not be great.
Su Li can grow up to this point today, so it can be said that he has a great understanding of the first spiritual source "devil muscle"
This "devil’s muscle" ability made him change more and more. It seems to him that this ability is definitely the top spiritual power.
Compared with "devil’s muscle", he realized that the second psychic skill "devil’s enchantment" is a fairly well-behaved defensive psychic skill. The purely defensive ability is not particularly outstanding. The advantage is that it can defend in a certain area and fight back at the same time.
And now he is most looking forward to is going to understand what the third spiritual source will be?
The southeast of Longqiu Mountain is about 120 kilometers away in a straight line, which is Qingshan City, a fourteen prefecture-level city in Jiangdong Province.
Qingshan city economic province ranked lower than Nanjiang city, and the whole city has no more than 40-story buildings.
Although there are far fewer high-rise buildings in Nanjiang City, Qingshan City is very high-lying, and there are mountain cities in the province. It is said that this time, even the lowest-lying western part of Qingshan City has flooded to four or five floors.
The west part of Qingshan city belongs to the newly-developed area, and there are relatively many high-rise buildings. The east part has the highest terrain, and most of them are six or seven-story old buildings belonging to the old city.
At the moment, there is an area in the old city east of Qingshan City, and the ground is exposed. About one or two kilometers of Fiona Fang has not been flooded.
At the moment, this area in the night is full of human beings.
Of course, they are forgotten terrans.
These forgotten terrans are surrounded by countless monsters.
The army of terror monsters almost drowned most of Qingshan City, while the forgotten Terran side guarded the one or two kilometers regional exhibition in Fiona Fang to fight back.
This war is very tragic.
Suri’s previous guess is that every night, if they are not human settlements, they will be attacked by monsters, and so will the forgotten Terran camp.
Perhaps Qingshan City is very large, or these monsters hate forgetting Terrans more. The scale of monster attack in Qingshan City far exceeds that of the ancient city of Guanyuefeng, and it lasts for an hour and a half.
There is a small group of people in these endless monster armies, and there are eleven people, each of whom is extremely terrible in strength. They are United and crushed all the way, and almost no monster can stop them.
Even if the most powerful six-level rare beast will be surrounded by them tonight, it will be instantly blown into a dead body.
Until the monster army broke up, the eleven talents stopped one after another and watched the monster army retreat in the night.
"Shao Mingjie and Qiu Hu haven’t returned yet. It seems that something really happened."
One of these eleven people, a woman in her twenties, suddenly spoke slowly with a low voice.
She has a pair of purple pupils, and the purple light is faintly scattered in the night, which is a bit weird.
This woman with purple pupils is surrounded by a thin man with a scar on her face. When he heard this, he said, "Listen to them, Shao Mingjie and Qiu Hu are chasing an old human riding a blue mount. Is it an old human who can hurt and get two saints?" Although the two of them ranked tenth and twelfth among our thirteen saints, I still can’t think of any old human being who can deal with our saints, let alone kill two saints. "
Hearing this man’s words, another man wearing a set of leather pants suddenly said, "Although Wang Xiaolu is the sixth saint, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stronger than the lower saint."
Wang Xiaolu, who was called the sixth saint’s face scar, said, "Ke Zhang, it seems that you are dissatisfied with your position as the eleventh saint?"
This section was about to speak when suddenly one of the eleven men looked sven with glasses and said, "Well, two saints are dead or alive, and you are arguing here?"
Wang Xiaolu and Ke Zhang don’t deal with each other, but they both seem to be in awe. The middle-aged man with glasses immediately shut up and stopped talking.
The girl with a pair of dark purple pupils looked at the middle-aged man with glasses and said, "Boss, what do you think of this?"
It turns out that this middle-aged man with glasses looks like the first saint among all, and the sixth saint Wang Xiaolu and the eleventh saint Ke Zhang are all in awe of him.
The middle-aged man looked calm and light. "You have always underestimated the old human beings. Today, how can human beings be weak if they dare to rush into Qingshan City alone? The tenth and twelfth saints are still too impulsive. "
The purple pupil woman said, "So the boss thinks that Shao Mingjie and Qiu Hu were really killed by that human?"
The middle-aged man nodded slightly and then pushed his glasses before slowly saying, "It is very likely."
Most of the saints have changed their faces.
"How powerful is this human being who can kill two saints at one stroke?" Wang Xiaolu couldn’t help taking a deep breath
Ke Zhang seems that Wang Xiaolu can’t cope with hearing him say this. He immediately said, "That’s hard to say. Maybe he succeeded in playing some tricks or ambushed Shao Mingjie and Qiu Hu somewhere. It was a group of people who made moves. If he was really that bad, he wouldn’t have rushed to Qingshan City at that time, but he quickly fled out to show his fear for us."
Purple pupil female nodded, "this makes sense. Even if this human being is strong, it should be limited. If it is really so strong, it will not be so afraid of us. I think he may have benefited from some means, which has harmed our two saints."
"Let’s just follow the breath of the tenth and twelfth saints, and you’ll know when you see it." The first saint with glasses gently heaved a sigh and murmured, "If there really is such a powerful old human, it’s worth looking forward to."
Purple pupil female chuckled, "Boss, we are lonely without our opponents. As a result, these old humans are almost vulnerable. The only one who met a powerful role in Dahe County is’ medium’. According to the guide, the strength of a person at the same level can be divided into four levels:’ weak’,’ equal’,’ medium’ and’ equal’. Most of our saints can evaluate the guy as medium. I remember that Qiu Hu and Ke Zhang joined forces at that time.
Ke Zhang heard that there were some floodlights in his eyes, and he said with a smile, "Yes, Qiu Hu and I joined hands and couldn’t get him for a short time. As a result, the boss killed him in an instant. The guide once said that there is a boss in our thirteen saints, and you said that you have the’ waiting’ power."
As he spoke, Ke Zhang was full of envy and admiration for this first saint. He was very angry with them. After all, according to the guide, they were all rated as "medium" in terms of combat effectiveness. It seems that the middle-aged men in plane are the "equal" ones.
"One in a million ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
There are ten thousand forgotten terrans in Qingshan city. They are the absolute strong among the ten thousand forgotten terrans, but they have an equal strength. It can be said that this is really one in a million.
"Can make the boss interested in him? If this human knows, he doesn’t know whether to be honored or afraid. Haha-"The sixth saint Wang Xiaolu laughed.
The first saint, the only forgetful person with equal combat power, smiled and looked into the distance. The monster appeared tonight has completely disappeared on the water, and the monster attack is completely over tonight.