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"Once I had an epiphany, Xuanyuan jingled and died, deified Monty … among the true demons of the heavens, there were nine hundred and eleven Xuanyuan statues with three magic names. He was worthy of ten articles, calling himself’ Ten Literators’; He is determined to repay him. Your magic deities respectfully call him "the magic of heavy gratitude". He gave away his great fortune for fifteen years and worked hard to make a wedding dress for the benefactor and others. My senior Monty Sect also called him a wedding dress demon. "The story is finished. The Devil is sitting quietly outside the hall. At this moment, the world thunders and thunders, and the six Heavenly Sect thanked the floor for its efforts to meet the disaster.

The demon king turned to his beloved brother Xiu Xiu without looking outside. "What?"
In front of the master, Fu Xiu replied proudly and respectfully, "Please teach me."
The demon king suddenly laughed. "I’ve taught you a thousand times. Today, I’m playing the same tune again. Is it worth millions of dollars or ten words?" Do I care more, or do I care more? Heaven and earth or practice? Which one I like is heavy. "
"Don’t crazy fix the magic? Crazy is not extreme, crazy is not crazy? "
"I beg you to turn him upside down; Ask me to ask even if it is earth-shaking! "
"I beg to find what I am crazy about and what I am paranoid about … where is my ten pence?"
"I don’t know how to practice in six hundred years; Three years’ fish news will ruin the world, but now my heart is ecstatic … My ten pence is the star of zenith! "
"I already want something, even if someone else makes a wedding dress!"
In the laughter, the Devil waved and placed an ancient piano in front of him, with ten fingers in a hurry, and the magic sound in the wedding dress piano could not directly hit the meteorite, but it had already launched many large arrays to add strength and prestige …
The Monty Sect thinks highly of itself, even though the Taoist practice is not stronger than that of the Tianzong Sect, the devil’s brother looks down on the Tianzong Sect without exception, which shows that they are arrogant and must steal the limelight in everything.
When the meteor comes, monty’s brother won’t do nothing, but their style will be exhausted. Not only will they have to fight against catastrophe, but their array will be surprisingly brilliant to surpass other spells. But the demon king changed his usual style and he was willing to help those who he despised.
It’s not because he found his own "ten pence". Those ten pence people are proud of winning and humiliating, but they are not proud of others. If I think about it, I value my ten pence.
Qin just moved, and the blood of the demon king was sprayed on the strings. There is no doubt about it, but he wanted to play the piano to help those forces … Tianzong tied the knot with fellow practitioners for a long time, and the large array was powerful. It was a gladiator’s arm that bombarded the star, and now the demon king tasted it, didn’t it? How can you be free from setbacks and self-attack if you insist on doing something that is beyond your limit and can never be done?
But the demon king is still very happy and graceful, and he has never seen a master as happy as he is today for hundreds of years! The magic sound of the magic harp is loud and clear to him!
The magic school is really extraordinary. With the help of the magic sound, the power of the seven arrays has increased, and the power of the cage has increased. Although it is far from confronting the Star Star, the power of the large arrays has indeed stabilized.
Seven mouths of blood spilled on the harp before and after the seven magic kings moved. Suddenly, the magic prince told the demon king of North Road to hum with his right hand, and his fingers grew like a long and narrow sword and poked straight into the shoulder of the magic king. At the moment, the monty of North Road was also spouting blood.
Patriarch, are those hypocrites doing wedding dresses?
Then why don’t my patriarch make a wedding dress?
The demon king in the North Road was hurt by the demon king’s strength. After the north demon king’s nails, the demon king in the West Road waved his big braid and tied it to the demon king’s rib. The king in the South Road connected himself with the demon king’s eyebrows with a long shuttle with sharp ends … Everyone in the Temple of Monty managed to hook up his body, repair it and hook up his life!
Magic Qin moves heaven to marry clothes, and the northern part of the country comes to the mountain, and the monty Sect is the first mantis.
The Demon King doesn’t like to turn his back on anger and scold, "I’ll get out of here for ten pence, etc." But the words haven’t been finished yet, and there is an earth-shattering frog croaking in the distance. A dark red sand spurted out at the junction of the East Land, the Han Land and the South Wilderness, and greeted the second hot sun that day.
The devil’s curse turned into a hoarse laugh. "There’s still business to pick up!" It’s even more urgent to say "Qin" and spell out a magic rhyme to support the foaming sand.
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Xiuse now who else?
Is there a Great Sage besides eroding the sea today?
This question is temporarily solved, but there has always been a doubt in Xiaojinchan’s heart that the old clam who was hiding at the border between China and Turkey and the south and lost a piece of jade for destroying her money treasure would be the Great Sage? This monster’s collar is so big that she doesn’t even realize that Qiu’s mother-in-law has strayed into her abdomen.
After the news of the catastrophe came, Xiaojinchan first went to the West Sea and then returned to the "Gea Mountain". From then on, he couldn’t afford to kneel down and mumble a prayer. "The catastrophe will ask the Great Sage to move the immortal family to eliminate this robbery."
I have read a word over and over again for many times, and finally I am tired of the old clam. Not long ago, suddenly, a strange force swept through the little golden toad’s room for resistance, and I felt very dizzy and was held hostage by that Machamp into a swamp.
Where is the swamp? Qingyun didn’t know to stare at those eyes that were quite far apart and look around suddenly. The figure in front of him flashed a wrinkled face, bulging eyes and a big mouth almost to the ears of the old woman. "I, no, yes, big, holy, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"
The old woman’s speech is deafening, and it is even more terrible to jump every word. However, because her mouth is too big, she naturally seems to laugh, which makes her a lot of gas.
"Beg grandma to eliminate the robbery that day! Even if it is not the Great Sage, your old collar is not inferior! " How can Xiaojinchan not know who she is? Fortunately, she met Yuan Shen. Otherwise, the old clam moved so slowly and couldn’t say ten words. The skyfire meteorite had already hit the world.
Qingyun was in a hurry and knelt down, but her eyes rolled and her tone became more and more confident. "But … you can’t fly out of the sky because of the limit of the realm … Heaven and earth will be destroyed. Even if you destroy yourself, you must always hit that fucking star!" Said Qingyun’s hand pointing to Tianyi, only to find that there was nothing in the sky.
Or in the world where the demon body and ancestors are always muddy.
The old clam grinned and looked at her expression as if she were laughing, but her eyes were impatient. "I know that the younger generation has long been a’ god, body and mind’. I am Fa Fei, but even if the world is destroyed, it will destroy my skin. I can continue to practice without being hurt!"
I’ve never heard of this profound method, but it’s probably possible that the old clam is "fascinated by heaven and earth but involved in heaven and earth". It’s not afraid of catastrophe. The old clam has long seen clearly that the meteorite will destroy all living things in this world, but it will not completely smash the world and practice spiritually. So-called! Will wave strength to resist the doom.
Knock, knock and smash Qingyun’s forehead with thick mud. "Little grandchildren, please be merciful …"
"You and I barely consanguineous and not acquaintances! Second, an old jade lost your money long ago. You came to beg me and bother me to practice well. It makes no sense to go and find a place to die. "Old clam is impolite, and then a few malicious words are exported to see Qingyun wait for a while’s silence. Old clam dismissed her extravagant hopes and turned the conversation." An old woman is not a lover, but this doom is far from me … So you can stay here and save your life. "
Unexpectedly, I suddenly burst into tears in front of me. "I don’t want to live by myself!" I’m not afraid to die, but my seventy-three children can’t die … I promised my husband to take good care of them, and everyone died. I’m ashamed to say goodbye to Ping An Lang. "
Here cry louder and louder "my husband fix true dragon testimonies closed the west sea, I learned that catastrophe came to the west sea to find him immediately … but he’s gone! The old turtle in the sea told me that this is Long Yin’s practice in the world, and he will disappear for a long time, unless this situation is broken, it will be hard to find a trace … I don’t know what to do. Ping An Lang had better face the catastrophe of Kun. This kind of thing needs him to know that he will kill the star even if he tries his best, but others don’t know … I can’t find him … I’m afraid that others will laugh at him for his fear of death. I told his aunt and his classmate that Ping An Lang went to join my family with me. I also told my grandfather that Ping An Lang went away from the mountain with me … This lie has been exposed long ago. I have no place to go to many of my good friends and relatives, but none of them dare to see my children … I am looking forward to the fate of the children … Everyone is fine … I will see them later … Wow … What should I say! "
Xiaojin Chanji sat in the mud pond and howled, "Beg grandma to do it … they can’t die … I have to wait for the man at home to come back … If you refuse to take care of me, let me out … I can’t live alone in the yellow road. I have to look after the dolls to prevent them from being bullied by evil spirits."
A tear drops from the old woman’s eyes unconsciously. Her eyes protrude high and the tears fall seven inches in front of her … Hesitate again. At this time, Xiaojinchan has stopped begging her to let herself out and the old clam stomps her feet hard. "When our generation owes you this girl doll!" Immediately, the huge old clam man at the edge of the Southern Wilderness stood up, his belly swelled several times, roared fiercely, and the latosolic red toad sand sprayed directly into the sky.
The old clam is not a lover. She is far away from people, and she is not alone. Because she cries and smiles every day when she walks and looks at people, and she can’t stand the torture. Only then can she come to a lonely place without thinking … Destiny takes a hand!
Wow, wow, crying has risen to a higher level. Miss Qingyun threw a big splash and did all her repairs to enlarge her crying.
The old clam moves to meet the natural disaster!
But after the toad sand was rolled up, it took only three or two breaths, one, two, three times in the eastern Han territory … Before and after eleven magical powers sprang to the ground and blasted into the extinct meteorite … The splendid landscape of the eastern soil never lacked genius, which was orderly, vast and beautiful. The earth was far more than the seven heavenly sects and the demon clan, the spiritual leaders, some of whom were unknown and secluded in the mountains. Some people play the world of mortals, hide in the temple, and overhaul the temple. There are countless beautiful generations. When three years of fish news spread all over the world of practice, these people either entered the Tianzong array illegally because of their line of work, or were withdrawn and unwilling to practice orthodoxy. But they are by no means doing nothing, negotiating with each other in three or five ways, and connecting with each other in series. At this moment, the array blooms in their splendid glory in the bustling people!
To be fair, the power of the old clam’s resurgence after these eleven times is far less than that of the patriarchal clan system, but they also hit the meteorite with their strength. Even when they hit the meteorite, their strength of mosquitoes and flies was still their glory. They practiced and regretted it!