20, Jun 2024
A sword is cold and bright. Kyushu Longyuan Sword is powerful and poor. A sword cuts out a virtual generate and hits two blood dragons with golden light.

The blood dragon exploded and several thunder storms surrounded Mr. Long Yuan.
Although Mr. Long Yuan stopped the dragon, he was in a terrible mood at the moment. I’m here to kill Pluto. Why should I stay with Pluto, Du Jie? What kind of thing is this?
Incarnate Hiderigami, but the power of the blood dragon has increased and the number has also increased. Even Hiderigami is careful when facing these two Lei Long.
Hiderigami growled at the two blood dragons.
One blood dragon crashed and exploded, while the other blood dragon crashed and collided with Jiang Tai, and Jiang Tai crashed into the earth instantly.
Hiderigami hit the earth, the earth was instantly smashed out of a huge pit, and a large lake was swept around.
"My room!"
"That’s my home!"
Outside the capital, the people shouted wildly.
Mr. Long Yuan looked coldly at the keeper in Fang Leichi. This is doomed by heaven?
On the other side, the four servants are also like Jiang Tai, hitting a huge cross-field.
The servants are dying.
A large number of mosquitoes suddenly pounced on fierce suction.
The four servants who were hit hard by the blood dragon have no resistance at the moment
"Master, help me!" Four servants cried in horror.
Mr. Long Yuan’s face changed and he wanted to rescue him, but in the thunder pool of Hades, Hades came crashing into the sky and rushed out. There were several flames and Lei Guang shining around him.
"Not dead yet?" Mr. Long Yuan’s face was gloomy.
"roar! Ji Longyuan will come again! " Several flames around Hiderigami roared.
"Hum!" Mr longyuan face a cold sword to cut again.
In the fierce but firm but gentle storm, Jiang Tai didn’t deliberately fight Ji Longyuan. It wasn’t that Jiang Tai didn’t dare, but that sword in Ji Longyuan’s hand was the biggest disaster.
Jiang Tai quickly hid from the sword Gang and broke the shock wave storm around him, and then hid in the past.
"Cough cough!"
Jiang Tai’s cough was obviously hit hard just now in the face of Armageddon. At the moment, Mr. Long Yuan led the war but gave it to mosquitoes.
In just a short time, the four servants have left four skins.
A large number of mosquitoes came at Jiang Tai.
Mr Long Yuan’s face changed.