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"What things! When did our 133rd Brigade suffer this anger? They said that we have to move if we want to move? " The deputy captain of the 133rd Brigade looked unwilling and complained behind the captain, "Look at his appearance, I can’t wait to walk sideways!"

"What can I do? Disobedience? " The battalion chief glared at his deputy, then turned around and followed him to visit the airport facilities with the cocky officer behind Hans School, which is the completion of this handover.
"You also don’t be angry! I’ll tell you one thing. Ask your company yourself. "Hans School seems to see that two people who accompanied him around behind him are not very friendly. Suddenly, he said," The flag of the army is cut into a shield. Ask if you don’t understand. "
Behind him, the two officers of the 133rd Brigade looked at each other without saying anything. They secretly remembered this strange sign of Hans School-a national flag cut into a shield. They really haven’t heard of this unit. After all, they have been training in Poland since its establishment and only recently transferred to Norway.
After seeing off Hans’ school, the captain of the 133rd Brigade couldn’t wait to dial the headquarters of the United Front. Finally, his leader sometimes asked mysteriously, "I said, sir … have you ever heard of the flag army with a shield shape?"
"hmm? Do you mean that you are from Berlin to move local troops? " It seems that even the tone changed when the United captain asked me over there. Obviously, the other side is a well-known force and the United captain knows it.
"I didn’t say I came from Berlin, but I heard that the flag of the troops here is a shield-shaped flag." The captain of the 133rd Flying Brigade quickly explained a sentence.
There was a moment’s silence, and then he said, "Don’t ask any more questions. I know that those troops have shot down an enemy plane. The trump card is to defend the capital flying troops … Since they are here, you should pack up and get out!"
Everyone is an ace pilot? Is it the ace flying unit to defend the capital? No wonder people are bullish. No wonder people’s defense can disturb the battalion chief of the general staff. They swallowed a mouthful of saliva and promised their leaders a few words and then hung up in a hurry.
"See what see! Move quickly! People are not comparable to us! " The battalion chief sighed and hurriedly arranged for his men to move all their things away from the truck quickly-the fighter plane can fly away directly, but many things can’t be carried by the fighter plane, and the truck can be arranged to take them away.
At noon, the whole airport was left with the garrison guarding the spacious runway. One person was on the noisy apron, and one person had a brand-new refueling truck parked there.
On the contrary, the airport landing runway is full of technicians and apprentices waiting for troops to arrive. These people want to repair and maintain these equipment from afar after landing, ensuring that most of them can be put into battle in the shortest time.
Suddenly there was a rumbling noise in the sky, and soon those black spots on the horizon expanded into one fighter after another, and these fighters did not seem to have the same shape as those flying in the sky.
The commander of the wing directly under the 133rd Brigade has some secret things that he didn’t tell his family too much, because he heard that the flying unit of the Sky Ace fighter, which guards the capital Berlin, has changed its latest generation of super fighters and kept it secret, which may be the reason why they drove away his troops.
The first German first-generation jet fighter e239 with swept wings and jet engine slowly lowered its landing gear and aimed it at the airport runway, and continued to lower its height. Soon the fuselage came to land, shaking the cabin, and the pilot tried to stabilize the aircraft posture and stopped the super plane with amazing speed in the middle of the airport runway.
"No.1 landing!" Captain Hans, the commander of the airport control tower, grabbed the walkie-talkie and commanded these valuable equipment to land safely. It was also the first time that he took a man to fly outside Berlin. This unit is about to face Norway and may come again. Allied bombers and reconnaissance planes.
The ground crew retreated the landing planes to the tarmac runway, one after another. Compared with the ordinary fighter units, the number of their planes decreased, but the combat effectiveness increased. They had 44 jet fighters and several nearby defense 16 a152 fighters.
Of course, because of the speed, jet fighters must be the first to reach the designated place. After all, the most proud performance of these new planes is their unparalleled speed advantage.
"If the Allied bombers dare to come in the daytime, we will definitely surprise these idiots." As the last jet fighter landed safely on the runway, Hans put his telescope in his hand and said to his adjutant with a smile, "Two airports and two brigades can definitely kill an enemy plane easily."
After that, he smiled and walked behind him to the front of an SS school in charge of installing the airport. He solemnly charged, "Everything here is the top secret of the empire, Fuhrer. You must make sure that there is no danger nearby!"
The SS man didn’t speak, but stood at attention with a crunchy heel, then raised his right hand and made a German salute, then turned and walked out of the headquarters.
Chapter 112 113 Firm support
People in the spacious and bright streets enjoy the warm feeling brought by the sunshine in June. A newspaper boy waved his newspaper in the street and peddled it. For him, it was a profitable job, and his family was still waiting for him to sell it in exchange for money and materials. In wartime, it was not enough to get a bite of food.
"Read the newspaper! Read the newspaper! I * * team in the Middle East won a great victory over the Axis countries! " The little boy shouted hard, and this newspaper was really shocking enough. "batman, the AU team, panic in the Turkish 30,000 elite! Sirte captured 10,000 Germans in World War I! "
"Come to a newspaper! Children! " A middle-aged man in a very decent suit handed the money in his hand to the little boy and then grabbed the newspaper from the other person’s hand. Immediately, the huge photo caught his attention.
I can’t see where a group of American soldiers are standing in front of a group of American soldiers in yellow sand, but the photos are blurred and there are no decent landmarks.
This is not a real photo from the battlefield in Turkey. Now it is not a photo of the 21st century. It can reach the other side of the ocean in a few seconds after being broadcast on the Internet. This is 1939. It may take more than ten days or even a month for a photo to reach the United States from the Middle East.
However, the allies have no leisure to wait for such a long time. Since the victory is real and the results are real, those propaganda means can be satisfied by the technology in hand.
To be exact, this is a remake of a fake photo. There are some places in the western United States with similar topographical features to Turkey. We need to find such a place and arrange some German fires to arrange a few American soldiers who look handsome and look good, so we can "make" a batch of fake photos that are difficult to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood-this is not comparable to the ps technology of later generations, because the photos are really ps traces.
Of course, for American businessmen to read newspapers, this middle-aged man has no ability to identify photos. He takes it for granted that photos come from distant Turkey, from that remote and smoke-filled real battlefield.
The news that the United States has won a great victory in Turkey can be judged to be accurate. After all, telling a victory lie in a distant place at this time has no incentive for the people. If the United States lacks a victory, it will be easier to fight from Japan.
So the middle-aged man didn’t speak. He turned into the car waiting for him in silence. I have to say that the quality of everything seems to be getting worse during the war. Listening to the light collision after the door was closed, he frowned involuntarily.
"Sir, we have to go to D? Farr Street? " The driver looked back at his boss and asked
"What refused? Car! My old friend, "the middle-aged man closed his eyes and waved his hand to signal his driver. The car soon shook until it reached an unknown street in Washington. Fa’ er avenue
This street is not as famous as the United States, and few people know it, but everyone familiar with it knows that it is a street that connects many people. It is more important than Wall Street and carries many stories behind the United States.
The middle-aged man in the car seems to be an ordinary businessman, but who would have thought that he controlled a lot of railway transportation in the United States, and like the ancient Morgan family, he relied on railways to make a fortune in the United States. When joking, he once boasted that he didn’t even know how much money he had.
Shake the car from side to side with the road slightly potholes? A magnificent building stopped in front of Farr Street. The middle-aged man pushed the door and left his car. He waited at the door for the housekeeper to guide him and pushed the door into the private building.
In the living room, there are already several big businessmen who look very important. They are all dressed in decent suits. They all look tailor-made. Some people have heavy fingers and big gold rings. Some people have cigars in their mouths. The whole room is filled with choking smoke.
The first man’s seat Everyone knows this decent gathering place, which is actually the man’s flag industry. If railroad tycoon, who just walked into the room, is rich, then he can be regarded as a small businessman before his master.
The owner’s name is Bowman, and he is the chairman of the entire American Jewish Chamber of Commerce. He is also the actual helm elected by American Jewish businessmen. Like German crehan, they are all super tycoons in the Jewish circle.
Bowerman, the leader of American Jews, once reached an agreement with Roosevelt to establish a Jewish state. Like Germany, Americans also agreed to this proposal and used it to counter the advantage of Germans in obtaining Jewish resources.
"I’m sorry to invite you here," Bormann said in a hoarse voice after taking a sip of coffee on the coffee table. Recently, he got a newspaper from the other side of the ocean, which is very simple. The Germans have fulfilled their promise to the Jews.
This article from Germany has kept him awake at night for two days in a row. After all, he and crehan are competitors for the founding of the Jewish state. Now he has got the news that his opponent has made a significant lead, which is absolutely unbearable for other methods.
"From the German side, it is confirmed that crehan and their Jewish state-building have already been shipped." Baumann said the information he got.
His information immediately caused everyone to panic, and everyone talked like a frying pan. After all, this is a great thing for every Jew. They have lost their country for so long that they have forgotten that they should face their own country.
"My God … the Germans really fulfilled their promise." A businessman with a cigar between his fingers sighed in shock. "If so, there is no reason for us to be enemies with the Germans."
Another Jewish businessman nodded and agreed with his friends. "I have always said that they are not enemies but allies! Remember that German Nazi? Even if the German head of state was killed by the Great German Party, he was very fond of the Jews and I also appreciated the domineering man! "
"This is a newspaper I bought early today. Maybe you will be interested in it." Finally, the middle-aged businessman railroad tycoon put his newspaper on the coffee table in the room and said, "I don’t think the situation of Germans is as good as we all look."
"Huh?" Bowerman frowned, then picked up the newspaper from the coffee table and saw the headline, the eye-catching headline, and the smiling picture of the American soldier caught his eye as if it had brought him light
"Is this true? It should be true … "Bowerman looked at the newspaper for a long time and finally asked himself and answered it again. He knew that this might be his last chance. If he grasped good words, he might delay the founding of a Jewish state.
"If we all believe that this is true, then this is true!" Middle-aged railroad tycoon squeezed out a smile and then said, "If we let Enrique and others build the country first in the Middle East when we need it, then we will always be supporting roles."
A businessman who just retaliated and took refuge in Germany took the copy from Bowerman. After reading the newspaper for a few minutes, he took a gasp. "Psst … this news is really a timely rain. We just got the Germans to start the Jewish state-building plan, and they started the battle in Turkey."
It would be an insult to say that there is nothing deliberately creating a taste in it. These financial tycoons certainly know that this is a time when American high-level officials have wooed themselves through a campaign, and these people certainly know that this campaign has continued the chaos in the Middle East.
"Sometimes I really don’t know what to choose. Because we are struggling and unwilling, we have postponed the reconstruction of our country …" Just now, we also said that we appreciate the great businessman in arcado. Some Nye said, "How will history record us? Or how will Jewish history remember us? "
"In order to ensure the founding of the Jews, we must pay attention to both sides! This is that price we must pay! " Another man said, "even his compatriots will be vain of our good intentions!" It is still too early to shake! If the Germans fail, then we are the last saviors of the Jews! Isn’t it? "
"You are always so reasonable!" Bowerman laughed, and his bad mood has faded by half these days. He knows that he is far from giving up the gamble, which is the best news for him. "I will call President Roosevelt of the United States! Show our position-the Jews will continue to support him to win this war! "
Chapter 113 114 Foot Canal
Alexandria has just been restored to a port dock, and a German merchant ship slowly approached. The sailors skillfully threw the fixed ship cables to the dock workers, and soon these cables were wound and welded into piles, and the ship stopped shaking and became stable.
This is a German merchant ship from Italy, full of large-caliber artillery shells urgently needed at the front and 15-mm howitzers for maintenance. After all, this tonnage transport ship dare not get too close to the Suez Canal, which is full of mines laid by the two armies during the confrontation.
If it is sunk by a mine or silenced for any reason, it will be irreparable for the Germans who are not rich in resources. In addition, this ship has brought many important guests, and the port finally chosen is relatively safe in Alexandria.
A group of businessmen in suits and suits left the transport ship from the humble ladder to look at this relatively strange world for them. There are yellow sands everywhere, and even though the greening is good, Alexandria is still khaki.
"This place is really humble. If I hadn’t heard that it is rich in oil and there is a famous Suez Canal, I really couldn’t understand that the world’s troops would come here to compete for this place." A Jew in his thirties squinted at everything in front of him.
There are anti-aircraft guns in the port to prevent enemy planes from attacking, but the number is not large. These slender tubes are cold and pointing to the sky, which brings a little tension to this port city.
The whole port is busy, including Marshal Rommel’s L regiment and General Schellner’s K regiment, General garibaldi’s African regiment, and hundreds of thousands of African legions. Most of them rely on this famous port to have patrol guards passing by from time to time, but more of them are loading and unloading lifting equipment and busy workers.
At last, the transport standard formulated by Germany showed its valuable value at this time. Large-scale packing made transportation and loading and unloading so simple for the first time. This standardized mode of transportation was replaced with dazzling brilliance in the war immediately after the first shipment.
The speed of material distribution was more than doubled, and the Third Reich saved a lot of time and money because of this improvement measure. A Jewish businessman in charge of shipping stared at these being hoisted and put in a trailer, and then they were shipped out of the dock and boxed, with gold coins in his eyes.
Pointing to the different colors to distinguish ammunition, materials, equipment and food, he said to the old man behind him, "If the Fuehrer is bent on business, I really can’t find anyone to compare with him."